Well. First post here in . . . five months, is it? Something like that.

I could jump right back in with Scent Diary posts, but that seems absurd. A lot of things have changed since April. So I’ll borrow a tactic from the late and much-missed Gaia of The Non-Blonde and give you a “Currently” summing-up post, with joys and banes of the month.

Bookworm has quit her lab-chemist job, after months and months of being increasingly worried about exposure to substances that might affect her health in the future. (It didn’t help that my aunt, a career chemist, developed an unusual type of cancer a few years ago. Aunt Cindy is in remission, but health issues remain.)
A few weeks ago, Bookworm began her online pursuit of a MS in Law degree through Northwestern University. This particular program is one of the oldest MSLs in the country, and is focused on the study of law for those with a STEM background who do not want to obtain a JD and practice law. It seems just her thing.

Gaze spent the summer working for a local landscaping crew, making some bank, and has begun his senior year at Virginia Tech as part of the Corps of Cadets. He’s still a member of the regimental band, and continues to thrive as a member of the Army ROTC, New River Valley Battalion. He could in fact have finished his degree this past spring, but since the Army was paying for four years, his advisors recommended that he add a minor or two. When he graduates in May, he’ll have a major in Geography, a minor in Geographical Information Systems, one in Political Science, and the Leadership minor all Cadets obtain through their required Corps classes. (Whew.)
We expect that he will accept a commission as an officer sometime next year, and his battalion commander has recommended him for his choice of field.
This all assumes, however, that classes continue without disruption at Virginia Tech — which may not turn out to be the case.

Taz, on the contrary, has taken a semester off from his small college, Emory & Henry. The ODAC canceled all fall and winter sports, so he wouldn’t have been able to run cross country anyway, and he has in the past struggled with excelling in an all-online class format, so his decision made sense to me. He spent the summer volunteering at our local history museum, and will shortly be working as a counselor/homework assistant at a youth center daycare.
His beard continues to confound me (how, how can my round-cheeked baby be GROWING MANLY FUZZ UPON HIS FAAAAACE?) and secretly delight me (it’s so fuzzy!).

The CEO continues to teach agribusiness classes at VT, albeit in quite different circumstances, and to be involved in multiple aspects of county government as an elected official. He is v. v. busy.

My sweet MIL is increasingly frail and requires daily care. My parents are likewise dealing with medical issues. These situations can only become more pressing in the future.

Hunter-doggle has entered his annual Distressingly Itchy Phase, which requires 10mg of Zyrtec administered twice a day. He comes running when he hears the pill bottle shaken, because he knows that once he’s swallowed his pill, he gets a T-R-E-A-T.
My dog . . . has seasonal allergies. This phrase continues to amuse me, a human with the same affliction.

Oh, me? I’m writing. And self-publishing.  Under a pen name. (No, not sharing it. Sorry.)
And making some money. However, I spend a lot more time marketing/ advertising than I do actually writing. Some days it feels like I’m earning 10 cents an hour.
In other news, I got a haircut last week. Precautions taken: only one customer in the shop at a time, cleaning between customers, everybody masked. Monday morning I heard from my hairdresser that she had tested positive for COVID19. So I’m strictly quarantining for another week and hoping I don’t get it. Taking some extra Vitamin D, too, because I have hypertension and I really worry about living through coronavirus. So far no symptoms.

Um. Well, the competition, for research purposes.

The Cars’ greatest hits album. Mozart. The Skyrim soundtrack.

Made it through two full seasons of “Once Upon a Time” with Bookworm and Taz before it left Netflix. Wish we’d started earlier.
The CEO and I are watching “The Crown.” We’re in Season 2. (Thus, Mozart. They keep playing stuff I know.)

Ralph Lauren Safari.
Parfums de Nicolai Le Temps d’une Fete
, which takes on a golden glow in early autumn. So beautiful.
Mary Greenwell Plum.
I’m not sure when Plum was discontinued, but boooooooo.

Squash casserole. You know, the kind with onion and sour cream, topped with butter-soaked cracker crumbs. (Whoops, is my Southern showing?)
I broke my cold-brew coffeemaker. Since regular coffee bothers my stomach these days, I need the cold-brewed stuff. Gah. I’m making do with a mason jar and a strainer, and ordering a new cold-brewer.
Also, WordPress’s newish Block format is annoying and counter-intuitive. Bleah.
October is Birthday Month for all three of the Woodenshoes Boys. Glad to have them in my life.

A bicycle sturdy enough for heavy people like me.
I hope I’ll be back with more posts. If I’m being honest, I have to admit that it’ll be sporadic and when I feel like it.
But I changed out my current perfume rotation this week and I feel like I have my ‘fume mojo back, so. There’s that.