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Test Post Jan 20, 2020


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I changed some stuff around; this is to test if the site is reachable by mobile.


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  1. mojojojo

    Ostara penhaligon’s and Romanza masque milano are the best fragrance of narcissus as for me. I don’t try never Le Temps d’une fete PDN but I read a lot some blogs it says that he is wonderful.

    • mals86 Post author

      Hi, mojojojo! Those are both really lovely. Le Temps d’une Fete is my very favorite, but maybe you’re better off not trying to find it, since it is discontinued. (I’m so sad!) Another narcissus one I enjoy is Dame Perfumery’s Narcissus soliflore. It’s an American company and I don’t know if they ship worldwide or not, but it’s really nice, as well as being inexpensive.

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