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September Start


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Here-Comes-September-August-2013Yay, it’s September. Have I mentioned how much I hate August? I hate August.

On the other hand, somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature that the calendar flipped over, and it is mizzzzerably muggy around here. They’re even letting the kids out of school two hours early today because of the projected heat index.

(I’m quite sure all the Floridians are laughing. However, I bet all the schools in Florida are air-conditioned. They’re not, here. Both county middle schools and at least one elementary school are un-air-conditioned.  Heat on the upper floor of the middle school where Taz goes has occasionally topped 85F, and it is even worse at the elementary school all three of my kids attended.  The elementary school – built on the cheap according to plans drawn by an architect who specialized in strip malls – has tiny, tiny windows, and its halls are not constructed for air flow. The heat at DES can be over 90F. The school board has been trying, for the last two and a half years that The CEO has been on it, to convince the county Board of Supervisors to build a new consolidated middle school to replace these badly-aging structures and to substantially renovate that one elementary school. I think everyone agrees that something must be done at the elementary school, but there is ongoing argument about what should be done with regards to the middle schools. AAAARRRRGGGHHH. If  one new school had been built in the 1990s and another in the early 2000s, as planned, we wouldn’t be in this mess. However, it was apparently felt that the buildings were “adequate for now,” and construction/substantial renovation was put off until renovation is no longer a good and inexpensive option. But nobody wants to spend the money to build a new school, even though renovating two schools is nearly as expensive as building a new one, centrally located near the high school.)

Gaze is going to go to cross-country practice with Taz – there’s a meet on Saturday – for the short workout Coach O has planned, then come home, shower, eat something, and zip back to the high school around 4 pm for a trombone sectional before the band has their pregame practice at 5.  The football game will start at 7 pm, assuming that the storm seen approaching on the weather radar misses us.  I’m supposed to help sell pizza on the visitor side of the stadium – I cannot imagine that it will be any more comfortable for us than it will be for the band, or for the football team, tonight.

plumNow Smell This has a scent challenge going on this weekend: Wear the same fragrance for four days, starting Friday, and see if you notice something new about it, or simply describe the experience. Most of us fragheads switch every day, and sometimes wear more than one fragrance a day (I frequently do), so this ought to be interesting.  I’m going to go with Mary Greenwell Plum, which I love.

Incidentally, it is getting tough to find Plum in the US nowadays. If you go to the Mary Greenwell website, it’s still listed, but clicking on  the picture takes you directly to Harrods. Harrods, in case you don’t know, is an iconic British retailer, and they don’t ship perfume to the US. LuckyScent no longer carries Plum (they still have Lemon), and I suspect that Ms. Greenwell’s low brand recognition in the States has led to a loss of US distributorship.  It’s a shame, too.

Hunter Dog is kind of driving me nuts, just Being a Puppy.  He’s a funny thing – but he came into the bedroom this morning and sort of flopped his head down in my lap so I could pet him. It was sweet. He’s still doing weird stuff like licking the carpet and the dishwasher, ripping covers off paperback books (my blood pressure just spiked, writing that), and whining like a baby when he wasnts to go sniff things, but he’s sweet too. He went with me in the car to drop Gaze off at school today, and as soon as Gaze got out, Hunter commenced the pleady I want to get out! whine. It lasted until we got home, too.

Hope your weekend is good.  Feel free to share plans, if you like, and your scent of the day.


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  1. Undina

    I hate the weather you described and hope it’ll get better in your area soon.

    People keep making the same mistake of putting off things until it’s too late for simple measures, too expensive, etc. I’m sorry that your kids have to suffer from that.

    I missed that NST’s challenge and I don’t think I’m in the mood of doing that with the perfume I’m wearing today (AG Nuit Étoilée) but from doing something like that last year I remember that on the forth day I enjoyed the perfume more than on the second and third days.

    • mals86 Post author

      It POURED DOWN RAIN for about two hours before the start of the football game tonight. The visitor side pizza tent was a damp place to be for awhile, but the rain slacked up about half an hour before the game started, so it was bearable. Also, we sold completely out of doughnuts (Krispy Kreme does “fundraiser” boxes of a dozen that we can buy for $3.00 each and sell for $5.00 each) AND out of pizza. 60 pizzas (sold by the slice) and 100 boxes of doughnuts… Good night for the band boosters.

      My youngest child is in his last year of middle school now. He won’t benefit from a new school, for certain, but I believe that education is vital in such an economically depressed area as this. We have really good teachers, but the facilities are lacking.

      Haven’t tried Nuit Etoilee – it doesn’t sound like my sort of thing – but I know already I’m going to enjoy four day of MG Plum. How interesting that the fourth day was more enjoyable than Days two and three.

    • mals86 Post author

      Thanks, Portia! I should have said, I did find a bottle at Net-a-Porter, and for slightly cheaper than Harrods had it, given the exchange rate the date I looked. But always good to have another source.

  2. Nemo

    I hope cooler and less humid weather comes along soon for you! Our summer has been abnormally cool until about a month ago when it suddenly decided it was supposed to be disgustingly humid all the time. I look forward to the possibility of rain this weekend. What with the weather and general end of the week malaise, I needed a bit of something to kick me into higher gear, so Le Labo Santal 33 is doing just that (I hope).

    Hunter dog’s lap flop made me smile 🙂 At least he isn’t like my friend’slabrador who thinks he is much smaller than he is, and likes to sit on your lap if you give him a chance! As a full grown lab, he can be a tad heavy for that, and your pants smell like dog butt for a while afterward.

    • mals86 Post author

      It’s raining again now, on Sunday afternoon… hope the cool stays so the humidity won’t kill us.

      Yeah, it is something when a full-grown Lab sits on you! Hunter’s only about 40 pounds, so it’s not that bad. It was kind of sweet.

  3. Vanessa

    I missed the challenge too, but am happy you went with Plum. I have a teeny bit left which seems almost ludicrous in such a big clumpy bottle – I should just use it and throw it away. Not enough for four days, even!

    I haven’t worn anything four days in a row in living memory, but I have been wearing both Attrape-Coeur and Songes a lot lately.

    • Blacknall Allen

      I wonder if I would wear anything for four days- except by accident.

      Actually Plum sounds like a nice candidate for the challenge-if you were going to be doing a long perfume weekend.

      I’ve worn a bunch o’ Guerlains lately, today Bois d’Armenie. Smells like very close up over a bottle of vanilla extract. Not sure I’d go there four days straight.

      • mals86 Post author

        As it turned out, I only made it three days with Plum. The weather got chilly and wet, and Plum seemed quite silly at that point. Funny how much the weather affects my scent choices.

    • mals86 Post author

      I don’t particularly like that heavy gold-plated golf ball cap on the Plum bottle, no. It’s awkward. Good thing the fragrance isn’t, for me.

      Attrape-Coeur is so nice. I still have a tiny bit in my decant bottle.

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