Unconscious theme of the week: drying hay.

Well, another Scent Diary post. I’ve missed doing these.

Monday: Ralph Lauren Safari. Green notes, grass slowly drying into hay, polished wood, and vanilla. It’s so perfect for this early fall weather.

Tuesday: Safari again. What I love about this is that it smells wonderful top to bottom, and the far drydown is lovely.

Wednesday: my beloved Parfums de Nicolai Le Temps d’une Fete. Green notes, narcissus, jasmine, sandalwood, woody notes, and opoponax … feels like sunlight filtered through green leaves.

Thursday: Le Temps again, #notsorry. I love this almost as much in fall as I do in spring. The haylike aspect of narcissus has shone through today.

Friday: Lubin Epidor, which is the fragrance I originally chose the above image to highlight. Plum, jasmine, sandalwood, and tonka bean somehow combine to smell something like drying hay, with somebody baking plum tarts nearby. (Reminds me to try to pick up some more plums at the grocery. All the jars of cherry-plum jam I made some years ago are gone, but I need to make some more, I think.)

Saturday: Epidor again. It’s almost a delicious smell, but not quite edible. The drydown on yesterday’s shirt is wonderful.

Sunday: Original Fendi edt doesn’t smell like hay. Fragrantica calls it a floral chypre, and that’s sort of a bare description. I get a lot of that chypre base (patchouli-oakmoss-sandalwood) and not much floral (carnation, ylang-ylang and rose), but it feels very classical, and the spices give it a bright russet color in my mind. So beautiful.