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Scent Diary, July 2-8, 2018


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Not literally my class at the Y, but yeah, it pretty much looks like this with all the fabulous old ladies (including my wonderful MIL, who is about to be an octogenarian). Stolen from Faster In Water blog, click through for link.

Monday, July 2: Overcast today, but humid. I think it’s definitely going to rain. I made it to water aerobics with the fab old ladies; I’m still finding it very easy and trying to really work hard at it. Afterwards I like to swim for 15 minutes or so — I started with 200 meters, then went to 300 meters, and now I’m up to 400 but it makes me winded so I need to keep working and move up. I have no memory of how fast I used to swim a 400, back in the day, but I know for sure it was faster than this.

Post-shower, SOTD is Moschino Funny! It is so muggy, and the zippy grapefruit-rose-tea-cassis of Funny! is helping.

Tuesday, July 3: It never rained yesterday. Heard thunder, saw lightning, saw rain over toward Parrott and Fairlawn, but it never rained on us here at the farm. Today is just as muggy. Ugh. (To all those people who were posting pictures of the beach on Facebook in January, and talking about how much they missed summer: I kinda hate you a little bit right now.)

Stationary bike at the Y today, plus a short stint on the Nautilus machines that work arms. My high school friend George, who runs a gym, would sneer because there are only a few free weights, but hey. It’s what the Y has, so it’s what I have.

SOTD was Arquiste Flor y Canto, which is just the prettiest perfume name, “Flower and Song.” Gorgeous tuberose with a dash of marigold; a sunny, happy perfume.

The CEO water-sealed the deck, porch, steps, and porch swing, plus his mom’s brand-new birthday-present porch swing! By dinner my back was stiff. Clearly I need to be doing the weight machines more.

Wednesday, July 4: Happy Independence Day! We went to a nice cookout/potluck gathering with some friends from church. Wore Van Cleef & Arpels California Reverie, because I’m still trying to love it, and I still don’t. I really enjoyed my sample of it, and I remember the gorgeous orange topnotes taking my breath away, but this bottle is mostly jasmine with a tiny edge of citrus — nice, but nothing compelling, or at least not to me. I wonder if this got seriously reformulated before they discontinued it; my bottle from Fragrancenet was deeply discounted. Shrug. Dunno.

The CEO got tickets to the local baseball team, so he took Bookworm and Gaze. I was completely exhausted for no good reason, so I stayed home with Taz and rested.

Thursday, July 5: Hot again. Muggy. Exercise bike at the Y again today. Did 40 minutes and 8 miles but no weights. My feet hurt. I am unaccountably tired. SOTD was Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Yuzu. Which is nice, yeah, but honestly? far too much in the line of a traditional eau de cologne like 4711 Kolnwasser for my taste. I mean, sure, it smells good, but I frankly find it pretty boring. Maybe this one needs to get pushed over to my eBay sale too. (Wonder if I still have the box…)

Friday, July 6: Muggy again. SOTD was Guerlain Floral Romantique (Bookworm said, “Ooh, you smell pretty.” That’s what I go for most days, I tell you: to smell pretty. I’m not judging those of you who want to smell like a smokehouse or vanilla cupcakes or a garden overlooking the Nile  😉 but I am nearly always a sucker for just smelling pretty.)

Grilled some chicken and veggies for dinner, while the air became increasingly humid. We had a free HBO weekend, so we sat down as a family to watch “Dunkirk” again. And then, finally, rain. Pouring rain. So glad!

Saturday, July 7: Still cloudy and humid, but I think we got all the rainfall we’re going to get. You value every drop you get in July! Hay is up in the Pond Field; it smells wonderful.

Testing Oscar Flor, which was one of the Calice Becker frags given a 4-star rating in the 2018 Perfumes: The Guide. My initial opinion was that it’s nice, and it smells a lot like Tommy Girl, when it’s not smelling like Moschino Funny! Not that that’s a bad thing at all, but why wouldn’t you just buy Tommy Girl or Funny! instead?

My revised opinion, two hours after the single spritz, as I left the produce stand with a Vidalia onion, two garden cukes, four Better Boy tomatoes, a pint of blueberries and an enormous canteloupe, is that the drydown is extremely attractive and quite fresh, in a real, just-picked, melon-and-cucumber sort of way. I was nearly home when it finally dawned on me that I wasn’t smelling the produce, but myself.

I didn’t get tired of that ubiquitous melon-cucumber thing in the 1990s, probably because our budget was limited and I wasn’t buying anything scented at all back in the day, though I expect people who were into it at the time are probably really tired of it now! IMO, Oscar Flor is excellent for summer, y’all. Also likely to be a cheap thrill like Tommy Girl and Funny!, so that’s a plus.

I am unaccountably tired again. Doctor visit on Monday, a follow-up about my feet (and also, probably, a mini-rant about the lack of referral to the endocrinologist).

Photo from JapanConsidered.com blog; click through for link.

Sunday, July 8: Cooler than it’s been lately, and that’s awfully nice. Week 2 of Worship at the Lake this month, which usually I suffer through because where we have set up in past years — near the gazebo — doesn’t have enough shade to suit me, though it’s pretty and you get a great view of the lake. However, this year we’ve been at two different shelters at the state park, both of which had more shade, so hallelujah! Paleskins like me rejoice. Besides, I could still see the lake. SOTD was DelRae Wit, another one of those just-pretty florals I can’t resist.

The boys tended to mowing and weed-whacking today; The CEO tended to laundry. I tended to some sewing. All in all, a nice relaxing day.


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    • mals86 Post author

      Oops, just saw this, Blacknall! Sorry. I do like Wit, very much. I have a bottle because another fumehead gave me hers — she can’t deal with the drydown either. White musk, she says. I begin to suspect that I may not be able to smell this particular musk. You know how I thought No. 5 L’eau smelled like laundromat? THAT white musk, I can smell. (Bleah.) To my nose, Wit gradually whittles down to a bare fresh-floral thing, and then it’s gone. No plastic, no laundry. So it’s possible I just can’t smell whatever-it-is.

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