Photo by from Pexels

Monday, Jan. 13: Y’all, it’s still warmish. I hate it. The FB perfume group theme for the week is Armchair Traveler, which I was excited about in theory but am not inspired in practice. Don’t know why, except that I’m still trying to use up decants and samples, so maybe that’s it. Decant of the day was CdG Incense: Zagorsk, which I bought a 5ml split of after looking forward to it for months, and then promptly went off it because there was a vegetal celery note in my decant that I didn’t notice in the sample. The celery seems to come and go. Today, it was there, so bleah.

Tuesday, Jan. 14: COLD. (Well, finally!) SOTD was lovely Shalimar Light. I was going to add “the blue juice” to clarify, but to be honest this one has been out of production so long that there’s no point in clarifying. Either version was good, and they’re both long gone. Sigh.

Wednesday, Jan. 15: Chilly but not ridiculous. Took The CEO’s mom to her doctor’s appointment today; she is getting around *so much better* this week. SOTD was DSH Le Jade, a pretty green-floral chypre that I would probably like much more if it had more presence. As it is, it goes faint within an hour and I might as well not have applied any.

Thursday, Jan. 16: Warm again. Dang it, this is dumb. It ought to feel like January in January! I was busy, and forgot to wear anything.

Also, I miss Taz. 🙁

Friday, Jan. 17: Still warm, thought we’re supposed to get wintry mix tomorrow. Wound up taking MIL to her doctor for a re-check of some blood work; rented that Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie on Redbox. (Our verdict: disappointing movie, but Joaquin was pretty amazing.)

SOTD was Prince Matchabelli Potpourri, from that $5 1-oz bottle I bought on eBay. (BARGAIN. Super-pretty spicy carnation amber scent, a lot fresher and less dry than one would assume given the name.) Made shrimp scampi and mahi-mahi with lemon-garlic butter for dinner — YUM.

Saturday, Jan. 18: Well, now it’s cold again. Cleaned the house, served as Bookworm’s sous chef as she made a Catalan beef stew from her Culinary Institute of American cookbook, wrote some stuff. SOTD was Shalimar Light again, not sorry.

Sunday, Jan. 19: Up early for worship team at church. Member meeting/lunch afterward, to amend the bylaws (a matter of some terminology changes and clarifications). SOTD was Cloon Keene Castana, an almost-gourmand thing that I really like.

Came home, wrote, had calzones from Verona’s for dinner, hung out with Bookworm and Gaze and Gaze’s girlfriend. Virginia Tech starts classes on Tuesday, so he will be back at his dorm tomorrow.