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Scent Diary, April 20-26, 2020 (Coronavirus Edition #2)

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Claude Monet, Iris Garden at Giverny, 1899.

This seems to be another weird spring. At least it’s staying cooler longer, but when we have these long cool springs, they’re often also rainy/windy/unspringlike. I don’t really mind this kind of weather, but it’s not the ideal. The CEO is complaining, but that’s a farmer for you: never happy with the weather. Never.

Monday, Apr. 20: I have to say, this watching church service online is weird. Not bad, just weird. The whole week seems shapeless. SOTD was Penhaligon’s Orange Blossom, which I mentioned last week so will not describe again. Except to say that it, like my favorite OB scents, smells like both flowers and candy.

Tuesday, Apr. 21: Sunny. Windy, but sunny. I grilled burgers for dinner and made yummy homemade fries (thin-cut the potatoes, added just enough olive oil to lightly coat the cut fries, sprinkled with salt, pepper and paprika, baked at 450F for about 23 minutes). Plus green veggies, always.

SOTD was my brand-new mini of Serge Lutens Fleurs d’Oranger, via eBay. I’d tested this and liked it but never got the “sexy” vibe to it; I think that by the time I tested it from a manufacturer spray in 2011, the cumin had been toned down a great deal. It’s really pretty. Lots of sweet orange blossom, lots of tuberose, and no soap. Lasts for hooooouuuurs.

Wednesday, Apr. 22: Sunny/partly-sunny today. I’m in beautiful pastel Guerlain Apres l’Ondee today, even though there’s no ondee in sight. (Tomorrow.)

Thursday, Apr. 23: Chilly today, cloudy, Not Fun Outside. Well, okay, more fun than cold rain in late January, but still — not very April-y.  Wore lovely warm green Ralph Lauren Safari.

Friday, Apr. 24: WELL. Busy day today. Gaze went to work this morning at his new job with a landscaping company–except that he didn’t actually get there. He was driving down a narrow, curvy mountain road with very little shoulder when he met a semi coming up the road, “taking his half of the road out of the middle,” as my grandmother used to say. Gaze had to decide very quickly between A)  hitting the Mack grille and B) going off the side of the road.  He choose to go off the side of the road. And this happened:

RIP Sabrina.

But listen: he got out of this car and walked away. Not a scratch on him. If he’d chosen the Mack grille, I’m certain he’d be in the hospital, or worse. His guardian angel must have already had her caffeine today. My heart rate may return to normal sometime next week. In the meantime, I’m wearing soothing rose — YSL Paris Pont des Amours.

Saturday, Apr. 25: Rainy. Chilly. The CEO is still cleaning out the inside of the farm shop. Which is great, but then he wants to come in and tell me all the details of what he put where, and what’s going up to the old trailer for storage, and what’s going to the landfill, and . . . etc.  Sigh. SOTD was Lush Flower Market from a small decant, which I should love (green notes and carnation) but which I do not, and I cannot say why I don’t.

Sunday, Apr. 26: Chilly (again). CEO still cleaning out the shop. I’ve been making masks to send to my parents and writing stuff; the kids are supposed to be cleaning their rooms but I think only Bookworm is actually doing it.

Lemon Chicken for dinner. (SO GOOD SO GOOD!!! I oven-roasted green beans and whole mushrooms in the sauce to go with the chicken, and it was SO GOOD. Word to the wise chef: if you make it, make extra sauce. Trust me.) SOTD was 1000 Flowers Fleur No. 1, which is nice enough; it’s a green floral with hyacinth — and again, I do not love it. Sigh. (But trust me on the lemon-garlic-butter sauce.)

Gaze continues to claim that he feels just fine. I wonder whether learning to fall last summer when he was at Airborne school made a difference, or whether he’s just in such excellent physical shape that he’s bounced back from an impact other people would certainly be feeling. I don’t know. I’m pretty sure God had a hand in Gaze’s safety, though. I’m certainly grateful.


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  1. Charlene

    That’s amazing your son survived that crash! I hope the Mack driver stopped to check on him.
    I will have to make that lemon chicken recipe. Thanks for the link.

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