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Rant: I Don’t Want to Smell Like Shaving Cream!


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If I can manage to keep from swearing, I would like to say something about fragrance that smells like shaving cream:

I hate it with a passion.

 Shaving cream actually smells good. It’s a good clean soapy smell, on its own, and I do really enjoy snuggling up to a freshly shaven man (thank you, CEO), but I don’t want to smell like that. Really. Seriously, Perfume-Creating Folks, JUST STOP DOING THAT. Please. I’m begging here.  It ruined another drydown again today, and I’m just getting really sick of that.

A short list of scents I’ve tested – either unisex ones or those intended to be marketed as feminines – follows, delineating scents I’ve found to contain whatever-the-&*##-it-is that smells like shaving cream.

  • Pilar & Lucy Tiptoeing through Chambers of the Moon (tuberose, amber, shaving cream)
  • Ava Luxe Midnight Violet (violet, earthy woods, shaving cream)
  • Caron 3rd Homme (jasmine, woods, shaving cream) Okay, okay, this one’s ostensibly a masculine… but worn by many women.
  • Les Nereides Imperial Opoponax (soap and shaving cream)
  • Parfums de Nicolai Eau Turquoise (citrus, cedar, shaving cream)
  • PdN Cedrat Intense (lemon zest, shaving cream)
  • L’Artisan Iris Pallida (anise, florals, vetiver, shaving cream)
  • L’Artisan Passage d’Enfer (pine, lily, and shaving cream)
  • Slava Zaitsev Maroussia (spice, rose, and shaving cream)

GAH.  If I knew what note combination equals shaving cream, I could avoid it. (Lavender, tonka bean, musk? Opoponax?) I don’t even know. And half the time the lists of notes are so sketchy that even if I did know what combo creates sharp-edged-bathroom-sink angst for me, the accord might not be listed so that I’d know to avoid that scent.  Okay, I get it that not all people get “shaving cream” out of those scents. But I do, and I’m not happy. GRRRRRRR!

Fine, I give up, I’m scrubbing this off, and then I’m going to put on way too much vintage Magie Noire (two drops should suffice) and go for a windy walk.  A girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Image is “Angry Woman” at Acclaim Images (no, it’s not actually me).

4 Responses to Rant: I Don’t Want to Smell Like Shaving Cream!

  1. Daisy

    I agree completely! Freshly shaved CEO = nummy. Myself smelling like shaving cream= uck. I think it's the Opopnax. I haven't tried all the offenders that you've listed (only a couple really) and I'm not sure what notes each of your list contains—-but I CAN tell you that the times I have been inundated in the "dreaded shaving cream note" there's been opoponax in residence. Of course I can't be sure it's not an opoponax / something else combination that's doing it , but hey, I share what I know. That windy walk sounded good though. 🙂 ~Daisy

  2. Mals86

    Might be the "pop," I dunno. Oddly, the Imperial Opoponax was pleasant enough that I didn't want to scrub it; maybe the soapy part redeemed it. Today's Big Floriental, Maroussia, was quite nice unTIL… you know what showed up. Ack.MN is perfect in the wind. 🙂

  3. ScentScelf

    You crack me up!Okay, I'm going to end up spending much of the next two days tracking down this shaving cream note. You say you smell it in Third Man? Quel Horror!! (See, my french is as butchered as your experience of Third Man.) Must-go-back….Now that you've got me thinking about it, though, I realize *I* have been haunted by eau de Coppertone…some sort of lotion scent/note from my childhood. Ye gods…the rest of this week will be haunted by freshly shaven skin ready for roasting…:-0

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