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Okay, we’re back to boring around here :)


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I’m not sure what the heck is up with WordPress lately, or whether I am just picking inappropriate theme templates, or WHAT… so I am returning to an earlier theme that seemed to work fine. I’m a little disappointed because I never felt this theme looked particularly nice, but I may need to just play around with themes for a while to see how they work.

If you don’t mind commenting to let me know if you had trouble with any earlier themes – and what browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, what have you) and operating system (Windows 7, 8, Vista, etc.) you are using – I would greatly, greatly appreciate it.  Thanks so much.


18 Responses to Okay, we’re back to boring around here :)

  1. Liz K

    Ok, lets see if this works. Right now I am on Win 7, Firefox 30.0 but have Win XP and some ancient version of Chrome on the other work computer. I have also used my iPad and everything looked good from there on both newer layouts.

    • mals86 Post author

      That’s good to know – I suspect it’s partly our old computer platform/browser being out of date, and partly some incompatible plugins causing the problem!

  2. Sharon C.

    I’ve been using Windows 7 for some time, and normally check out Muse on Internet Explorer. Haven’t had problems with any of the formats you’ve used, but I can certainly appreciate your frustration.

    • mals86 Post author

      Thanks for letting me know. We’ve got an older desktop, and I’m not sure what The CEO’s work computer is running for software, but I know that whatever browser we’ve got on there hasn’t been updated in at least a couple of years…

  3. Tatiana

    The only layout I had trouble with was the previous post titled “Another New Look”. I could read it well enough, it just appeared as a long, narrow column on my page. Was that your intention? For some reason I was also not able to comment on that one. I use MacBook Pro and google Chrome or Safari or my iPad with Safari and have always been able to read and comment on your posts.

    • mals86 Post author

      That theme template was narrower than my usual – I just liked the more-modern “magazine” style. I’m not sure why people were having trouble posting comments; could have been that one of the plugins was preventing that.

      Thanks for the input. I begin to suspect that it’s our desktop’s outdated browser that was causing part of the problem.

  4. Lindaloo

    I liked the format just before this one, but it didn’t accept my comment. (Got an Error message) I use Chrome on Windows Vista. The comment that it didn’t accept was saying that I agreed with the CEO in that the wallpaper-type background was distracting me from the text, but I’d read it anyway, because I enjoy your blog.

    • mals86 Post author

      Thanks, Linda! I think I’m going to stick with boring-but-functional for now, and see how things go before I try changing the theme template again… glad you pop by to read.

  5. RusticDove

    I’ve never had a problem with any of your themes C. I use Chrome (mostly – I’ll occasionally use Explorer) on Windows 7.

    • mals86 Post author

      That’s good to know! I’ve never used Chrome… the desktop is sort of ancient. I think it’s 7 years old now. (Cackles wildly. Remembers TRS-80 computers as being among the first “portable” computers, because when The CEO and I – we were friends then – were in college, his roommate had to buy one. Virginia Tech was requiring all its engineering students to buy the same kind. We called them “luggable” computers.)

  6. HemlockSillage

    I tried to comment on the last post–but got error message as others have commented. My thought was that it was lovely on my mobile phone, where I generally read your blog (Safari), but it did not sound like you liked it. This one is great, in my book. Readable, and conveys a sense of your spirit and home. I also loved your now long ago photo theme with books and bottles. Hope that helps! Be well.

    • mals86 Post author

      Oh, I liked that one. However, it seems that some people couldn’t SEE it, and some people couldn’t COMMENT on it. At least one person found the slideshow banner distracting. I dunno.

      I have to find a way to recover that old photo, or maybe recreate it. I know I downloaded it to the old laptop (it’s busted, so all its photos are inaccessible). Most of the files went onto the desktop as well, though, so perhaps I ought to check there for it. I bet it’s there.

  7. Blacknall Allen

    Usually I get around on Firefox and never had any trouble with Muse in any of the themes. May switch out to Palemoon as the Hub says it’s way faster, but we shall see…

    I think this theme is fine, though I did like the cow picture.

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