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Off to New Zealand!


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The CEO will be leading a class/overseas trip next December & January, during Virginia Tech’s 3-week Wintermester class period between fall and spring semesters. It will focus on international agricultural trade in New Zealand, which has a fabulously diverse and strong export business in agriculture. He won a grant that enabled him to go to NZ this summer (their winter) to set up and “test-drive” the trip… and I’m going with him.

Don’t know if I’ll get the chance for sniffery, or to meet up with any perfumistas, but I’ll enjoy the trip very much, I’m sure. I loved it when I visited for two weeks in 2007, and I’m thrilled to go back. It’s a very beautiful place.

I’ll be back with posts in a few weeks!


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    • mals86 Post author

      Hi there!! Just got home.

      No hobbitses in sight. We did go check out Hobbiton, but got there after it closed for the day and we couldn’t fit it into the tight schedule. (And it’s $75 NZD for the tour. Ow.) I hear it’s great, though.

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