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Knocked Flat on My Sittin’-Place


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Very brief post today, ya’ll. Yesterday I tested Sonoma Scent Studio’s Tabac Aurea, and was absolutely knocked flat by my emotional reaction to it. I’d like to review this gorgeous thing, but I’m not sure I can be objective at all. You see, Tabac Aurea smells just like an old boyfriend of mine. I spent all yesterday in a tailspin, and I can’t manage to be coherent about the scent.

Here’s perfumer Laurie Erickson’s description, from the SSS website:
Tabac Aurea has an enticing golden amber drydown and a pipe tobacco note that is gentle enough to be enjoyed by women as well as men. It’s smooth and softly gourmand, with notes of amber, woods, spices, tobacco, leather, tonka, labdanum, patchouli, and vanilla. The amber accord combines earthy, dry notes with some sweet notes and subtle fruity notes to create a beautiful, woodsy, golden aura.

Just for the record, I am happily married (to someone else). I don’t miss this guy; I don’t want him back; I haven’t seen him for twenty+ years and I’m not about to go looking for him. But he smelled amazing – and it was just his natural smell, he never wore cologne.

I burned through my sample already, and I neeeeeed some Tabac Aurea, smelling as it does of autumn and nostalgia. If my heart stops turning over, and I can manage some objectivity at some point in the future, I’ll review it. In the meantime, though, just go visit the SSS website and order a sample:

Thanks to dear Daisy for the sample.


3 Responses to Knocked Flat on My Sittin’-Place

  1. ScentScelf

    WhooofBOOM the immediate transport to a time, a place, a certain someone in your space…wow. I digs me some Tabac Aurea, but I have no such associations. Your experience totally rocks.In fact, I have yet to have any boyfriend transports. (My own DH would probably be delighted to know this, but he doesn't need to know either way.) Time, place, person(s), but no loves. Or lusts. A reason, perhaps, to keep sniffing… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Mals86

    It's not often that I get the emotional slam from a fragrance, but it is definitely a powerful experience!Aimez-Moi hit me like that the first time I wore it. So did vintage Magie Noire. I'll probably review both here at some point, with stories. ๐Ÿ™‚ And yeah, it's a reason to keep sniffing. I think the impetus behind my perfume interest – which is really only about a year old – was wanting more emotional experiences. When you find the scents that light you up like a pinball machine, it really is magic.

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