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Goodbye 2014


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Goodbye-2014-card2014, we hardly knew ye.

Or maybe I’d just prefer to skip over the year, filled as it has been with political crap and turmoil and…

Oh wait. That’s hardly unusual. Nebmind.

It wasn’t a bad year, I suppose, at least personally. The family is generally okay. The fiction writing is going slow but not badly. The blogging stunk this year… and I really don’t have a reason for that, except maybe that one new commenter who skeered the bejesus out of me earlier in the year. Or the gazillion changes to the blog theme/image. Or the fact that everybody else seems to have so much to say about perfume, and lately, I kinda just want to smell it without talking about it. I dunno.

There have been some changes here in the house, too: Gaze suddenly got tall! He’s now standing even with his dad at 5′ 10.5″. And Taz got tall-er! He’s shot up four inches since this summer, when he passed Bookworm, and now he’s only got about a quarter of an inch to go to be as tall as I am, at 5′ 4.5″. Gaze now has five ewes for his FFA project, and will be eligible for his driver’s license next month. (You may pray for me at any time, thank you.) Bookworm had a difficult and stressful fall semester of her sophomore year at Yale, but seems to be settling down now. Taz insisted on giving up trumpet in his last year of middle school, which makes me a little sad because someday I won’t be a Band Mom anymore. Gaze has both sets of braces, upper and lower, on his teeth now. He says it affects his trombone playing, but it doesn’t mess too much with his good looks. 😉 The CEO is still teaching business classes in the Agriculture Technology school at Virginia Tech, and we still own seedstock bulls.

I plan to be posting one article a week this year, or at least one a week. I’ve got a haphazard sort of Scent Diary to post, and I hope to pick it back up on a regular basis, but I may write some new reviews as well.

Wishing anybody who might still be reading, after four months of silence, a wonderful year. Smooches.


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  1. Barbara B

    Glad to see the four months of silence broken. And especially glad everything is going well personally. Kept checking and was worried something was wrong.
    My son did end up joining a pep band at college (10 hours away!!). I went to see his old high school’s show BY MYSELF cause I missed the band mom thing.
    Will read whatever you post no matter how sporadically you post it. Best in 2015!

    • mals86 Post author

      Thanks so much for checking in!

      I do still have two more (Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise) years of the Golden Cougar Marching Band as Gaze finishes high school… and Bookworm is playing with the marching/pep band at Yale, which she enjoys (though she says that football there in the northeast is not nearly as big a deal as it is here, and she has very few friends, mostly from other parts of the country, like Kansas and Texas, that she can discuss college football in general with). I’m quite sure, too, that if Taz gets into the drama program at the high school next year, I’ll turn into a Drama Mom. 🙂 It won’t be the same, of course, but there will be opportunities.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Unseen Censer

    I totally get the “I want to sniff it, don’t want to talk about it” thing. Hopefully it’s reassuring to know that whenever you do post, if you want to post, we’ll be here to read it?

    Good luck with the fiction writing!

      • Vanessa

        Yep, I understand totally the sniff rather than talk about thing – I think it is something to do with the stage where our particular ‘wave’ / ‘year group’ of bloggers is at in our ‘perfume j*****y’, to come over all X Factor for a moment. My blog has evolved into more of a general diary with perfume shoehorned in somehow round the margins, but I simply can’t help that. I reckon you should do what the muse dictates – and hey, there’s a clue in the blog name! – and if people follow you the way your path takes you, so much the better.

        • mals86 Post author

          OOH YOU SAID PERFUME JOURNEY. Brave girl.

          Yeah, I’m all “whatever” these days. I don’t know. I need a big change. I need to declutter. (The CEO would say that I really need a job, and maybe so… I really need to finish this fiction writing, if fiction writing is indeed ever ‘finished’.)

  3. Tatiana

    What a delight to come home from vacation, open my email and see that there was a new post from you! I hope you and the family had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a joyful new year.
    I hope Bookworm soon gets over her Sophomore slump. It happens to almost everyone from what I hear from my daughter, her friends and the moms I’m friends with. We still can’t figure out what makes that first semester of Sophomore year so hard. But it passes and a rhythm is soon found again. Before you know it, you’ll be attending graduation ceremonies!!
    Looking forward to your posts in the new year.

    • mals86 Post author

      Hope you had a lovely vacation! Thanks for the good wishes, and I return them.

      Last fall, when Bookworm told me her schedule, I was concerned about whether it was too much. Organic chemistry, the associated orgchem lab, physics – which drove her NUTS at her magnet high school! but which she apparently needs for a major in physical chemistry – an intensive writing course (also required for a BS degree) and multivariable calculus (which she took through the engineering dept instead of through the more theoretically-oriented math dept). I still think it was too much! She says the writing course was easy and she knows she was pulling an A in it, but of course it took a lot of time. I think she has the same courses, minus the writing, in the spring.
      THanks for the encouragement.

  4. blacknallallen

    Glad to see that you’re here and writing, and that the folks are all ok! I concur sometimes you just want to smell and not talk. Frankly when all you have to add to the discussion anyway is, “And then I smelled I Super E”… um, well, that takes some of the pleasure out of the process. Maybe that’s just me.

    It’s been a strange year and not a lot of things made me say, “Wow” but I did come across a lot of odd old perfumes and some interesting new ones. Can’t remember if you smelled Zelda or not? The Shelley Waddington oriental? Would love to hear your take. Anyway will be reading for sure.

    • mals86 Post author

      I don’t know why, but I just had so much ennui with perfume blogs/blogging. Needed the break.

      No, didn’t try Zelda. You know me and my wariness around orientals… just didn’t feel it. And after all the Oriza L LeGrand love, which I definitely did NOT share, I don’t know. Didn’t force myself to try anything unless I was pretty sure it wouldn’t kill me first (i.e., BWFs got tested). However, I have a plan for working down the sample pile now!

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