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Baseball Perfume Possibilities?


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I already posted my choice of fragrance for the Red Sox – Orioles game last Saturday, and am working on a biiiig post on Baseball and Fragrance, so I won’t get into the actual experience here.  I did think, though, that it might be fun to share a bit of my thought process concerning my choice.  Here’s the list of stuff I took with me – all samples or decants except my small bottle of darling Le Temps d’une Fete – thinking that at least one might work well for this evening game in hot, humid DC/Baltimore weather. I considered the following:

Lolita Lempicka au Masculin – I like the anisey angle, but there’s something shaving-creamy in there.  I can’t say they didn’t warn me – it does say Masculin – so no ranting.

Chanel Cristalle edt (older) – This was the first time I’d smelled Cristalle in several months, and my first thought upon smelling it again was, Wow, does that ever smell like cigarette smoke!  I’ve never been a big fan of Cristalle anyway (citrus being, as you probably know, Not My Thing), but I don’t remember having this adverse a reaction to sniffing the mere vial before.

PdN Le Temps d’une Fete – Contrary to my ICK! reaction at smelling Cristalle from the vial, my reaction upon pulling the cap off my little bottle of LTdF is always the same: Mmmmmmmmm.  I love it.  It smells slightly dirty to me, as well as slightly floral and somewhat green, and I still think it smells its best outside.  Possibility.

Moschino Funny! – I remain nonplussed at the four-star review of this one in P:TG.  It’s very, very nice – I like that grapefruit/rose thing, and it’s light and cheerful, without veering into cologne territory.  It stays citrusy a long time in a pleasant, natural sort of way that doesn’t irritate me the way citrus usually does.  But unusual and distinctive?  Not really.  Possibility. 

Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint – I’d been saving this one to try on a hot day.  But on skin? Eeewwww, sour and garbagey.  My first scrubber ever from this house, which specializes in Inoffensive, Nice Smells.

L’Artisan Dzing! –  I’m not brave enough to wear this one out of the house – not only does it smell delightfully of old books and sawdust, it’s also got a strong presence on my skin of animal fur.  I had discounted the “circus” connection with it, since most reviews mentioned the Old Paper-Vanilla angle, but immediately upon spraying it on my wrist the other night I thought of the familiar/ unfamiliar/ exciting/ disgusting smell of the zoo: animal bodies, fur, hay, and dung or droppings.  Yep.  Circus.  Dzing! has also got a sweet component that makes me think of cotton candy, and those spongy orange circus peanut candies.  It’s fascinating! And, possibly, too Virtual Circus to wear as an actual perfume.  In conjunction with a baseball game and heat and crowds? Uh-uh, no way. 

Thierry Mugler Alien edp – It’s very sweeeet on me – all jasmine/woods/sugar.  I briefly considered its sweet vs. woody character and then dismissed it as being too heavy in this kind of humid heat.  I find it extremely comforting, though, and love it for bedtime.   But maybe the candied aspect would go well with hot dogs and peanuts and sweat?  Possibility.

Ormonde Woman – why did I bring this again? I do like the opening very much, with its piney, aromatic feeling.  But the sweet, ambery base of this one is so similar to Orris Noir that I tend to get them mixed up.  It’s too heavy for summer, in any case, although the dot of it I’ve got on my thumb smells great.

Guerlain Chamade edt (older) – considered for two reasons: its nearly-icy, air-conditioned green opening, and the fact that its subtly warm, vanillic base smells absolutely fabulous with buttered popcorn.   Popcorn, peanuts, hot dogs… and Chamade.  I think it’d be amazing. Possibility.

Eau d’Italie Paestum Rose – its sheer, dry rose is lovely.  But the more I thought of it, the less game-appropriate I thought it was.  Also, my sample is nearly gone.

Penhaligon’s Lily & Spice – Nice little thing, a lovely heady white lily with cardamom, just the sort of thing I loved in Amoureuse, but toned down a good bit.  It might be a bit too floral for the MLB Experience.

So I knocked my choices down to a short list and asked The CEO’s opinion.  Which I don’t normally do – usually I can make up my own mind, thanks! – but I was dithering.  I requested that he choose for me and started presenting him with my “possibles.”  First, though, he picked up Dzing! and sniffed it.  “This is nice,” he said.  “It smells like vanilla.” 

“Not that one,” I said.  “You don’t smell animals in there?”  He shook his head and went on sniffing vials.

His comments?  Le Temps d’une Fete smelled “too dressy” to him.  Funny! was “nice and light.” Chamade “smelled like old ladies at church.” (I admit, Chamade is tough to enjoy straight out of the bottle, even when you like galbanum as I do, and it takes a good couple of hours on my skin to get to the lovely rich base.  Besides which, The CEO has a lot of experience with smelling old ladies at church, and that’s not an image I like to evoke.)  Alien got a humming growl in the back of his throat.  “Rrrwowwr. Wear this one,” he said. 

Well, since you put it that way, I will.  Ding ding ding!  Winner bell for Thierry Mugler Alien.  And it did work very nicely.  You know how you’d think root beer would taste weird with hot dogs and chips, but it actually doesn’t?  It’s like Beer Nuts. The sweet goes with the salty-savory.  Alien was sweet and radiant and slightly feminine, and just trashy enough to add to the atmosphere of fun.

Image is Home Orange Outnumbered by Visitor Red from AntyDiluvian on flickr.


22 Responses to Baseball Perfume Possibilities?

  1. Ari

    I just tried LL Au Masculin at Loehmann’s and it does indeed smell like shaving cream! How bizarre! I don’t like it half as much as the feminine.
    Alien was a great choice. If I place it in the “trashy” perfume category, I find I like it a great deal better.

    • malsnano86 Post author

      Alien did work far better than I had thought it would – and it is definitely trashy. (What that says about The CEO’s taste I don’t really want to examine.)

  2. Elisa

    Do you read Katie Puckrik’s blog? She just did a review of Chinatown and mentioned that it’s good for ballgames.

    When I know I’m going to be outside for a while I like to wear Carolina Herrera, since it’s so poufy and radiant it makes me self-conscious indoors.

    I’ve been wearing a lot of L de Lolita Lempicka this summer, which reminds me of suntan lotion. It’s got a salty aspect on skin that balances the gourmand elements in a really nice way.

    I don’t attend many baseball games myself (I live in BOS and have never been to a SOX game!), but I think fun + trashy is the way to go.

    • malsnano86 Post author

      I have occasionally stopped by KP’s blog (best perfume blog name ever) but my ‘puter is old, and I have trouble accessing the vid stuff.

      I still haven’t smelled Chinatown, but to be honest, no review has enticed me to try it yet. I just don’t think it’s my thing (lactonic peach? nooooo). Did not like L – it seemed really indigestible to me. It reminded me of Organza Indecence, which I like, but as if OI had swallowed a bowling ball and couldn’t get off the couch to say hello.

      OI might have worked, too. It’s not quite trashy, but borders on it. That Slut Tocade would probably be fine, too.

      It’s nigh impossible to get tickets at Fenway these days, unless you have “conneggshuns,” like the guy in The Great Gatsby. Which is why we go see the Sox in Baltimore…

      • Elisa

        It’s funny, I like gourmands, but I don’t like OI very much, and I’m not sure how I feel about Tocade. I have issues with Too Much Vanilla. It feels too easy, maybe, like I could get the same effect with a cheap body lotion. It’s the weird musky salty elements that make L palatable to me.

      • malsnano86 Post author

        Aha, too much vanilla… see, I seem to be hyperosmic (wait, is that even a word?) to patchouli, in that what seems like a little to other people seems like a LOT to me, and both OI and TST have similar patchouli-vanilla bases, in my opinion. That particular patch type is quite dusty-smoky*, and keeps both fragrances from being too much in the baked-good category.

        And I *don’t* like gourmands much… OI is probably the closest I come to gourmand. Except maybe Havana Vanille, which is a freaky little thing.

        * as opposed to the primo aged stuff, which actually smells more like crushed green leaves.

      • Elisa

        Ah, of course, the patch. I think I’m normal-osmic to it. I like it, but it’s not a note I focus on if it isn’t a dominant part of the composition, e.g. your nemesis Angel, or Coco Mademoiselle.

        If I’m hyperosmic to anything (it certainly should be a word, if it’s not) I think it’s aldehydes. In small amounts I sense the “lift” they’re supposed to give fragrances. In larger quantities they actually make the scent feel heavier to me, like a dense fog of scent.

  3. ChickenFreak

    Oh, nooo! about White Jasmine & Mint.

    For some reason, Luctor et Emergo also comes to mind. It’s something to do with the cherry, but that’s all the explanation I can come up with.

    And Dzing! seems perfect, yep.

    • malsnano86 Post author

      Yeah, I was bummed about the WJM. I’ve never had any trouble with the JMs, so I was surprised at how truly awful this one was. On me, that is – in the vial, it’s veeery nice.

      LeE might work, if someone enjoys smelling like Play-Doh. 🙂 I think Dzing! might grow on me, but still probably would not wear it in the summer… all that animality. Animalness? Doesn’t matter, it’s discontinued anyway, isn’t it?

  4. Anne

    Hurrah! Someone else has likened Cristalle to cigarette smoke. That has always been my reaction too and I cannot tolerate anything to do with cigarettes – anywhere, any time. I can hardly bring myself to write the word. But I’ve never known anyone else to have this reaction to Cristalle. I thought it was just me – that my nose must be screwed on upside down or something. THANK YOU!

    • malsnano86 Post author

      Anne, it surprised me – I really had not smelled Cristalle in about ten months and I didn’t have that reaction the first two times. I’ve never smoked and don’t care for the smell, either.

  5. ritalong

    Never thought about until now, but Kettle Korn is a smell I’d love to see captured. I actually thought that salty-sweet candy/nuts was what was *missing* from “Dzing”– little too long on the cats and the spats for me…

    “Cristalle” = cigarette smoke– something in the back of my mind is niggling for me. Not a “Cristalle” fan, but the next time I sample it, I will think about that.

    Can’t wait for the big baseball breakdown!!

    • malsnano86 Post author

      OOOH. Kettle Korn… that would have been a great note for Dzing!, not to mention just on its own. Chamade’s drydown is wonderful with buttered popcorn – you get that sweet-salty angle. But still have yet to smell a perfume that does that on its own.

      In the past, I have only enjoyed the drydown of Cristalle. I don’t know why it seemed so cigarette-y this time.

  6. Josephine

    Love this post! Haven’t tried Cristalle for awhile, but I adore tobacco in perfume so I must give this another whirl. Paestum Rose is beautiful but goes ‘pffttt!’ on my skin. LL in the summer? Hmmm, that’s a thinker. Must try.

    Looking forward to your biggie baseball and perfume post!

    • malsnano86 Post author

      J, I don’t mean to say that Cristalle smells like tobacco LEAF (which I like very much in fragrance) – it’s an ashtray smell, which I do not enjoy. Tobacco scents I like: TF Tobacco Vanille (although it’s a little gingerbready), Havana Vanille, and SSS Tabac Aurea.

      Paestum Rose I think is pretty, yet I found it to be neither fish nor fowl, as the saying goes. I wanted either more rose or more incense. (So when PR disappointed me, I went and put on Lyric, and was happy.)

  7. CynthiaW

    I love Alien and so does the CEO – Alien Liqueur is even more likely to make him go RAWR… wear that one.

    I don’t remember Cristalle smelling like cigarettes at all – I do like tobacco in a scent, but pipe tobacco, not cigarette smell. I’d go sniff it again to check, but I’m basking in my vintage Emeraude pdt that just arrived today – and I refuse to ruin it with anything else.

      • CynthiaW

        I was so excited that it hadn’t gone bad and smelled as glorious as I remembered that I got right back on eBay and scored another pdt.

        It made up for my disappointment of not finding my back-up bottle of Fleur d’Corail at Marshall’s after passing it up last week and was a reward for my restraint at not picking up any cheap roll-ons of stuff that I don’t really love at Sephora. Why bother with Flowerbomb or Kim Kardashian (sue me, it’s kind of good – I just have other, similar scents that are better) when the glory of vintage Emeraude awaits.

        Why, oh why, can’t somebody either make Coty make the good stuff again or at least stop calling the current iteration Emeraude? Because it’s not.

      • malsnano86 Post author

        You’re right, the current stuff is horrid. And sad.

        It is nice that the old stuff doesn’t lose a lot – I think orientals tend to stay good for a long time, while stuff more heavy on the topnotes – like Calandre, maybe – decomposes quicker. I hear Diorissimo doesn’t do well with age, which is why I’m avoiding vintage on ebay. I mean, I’m willing to put up with a little bit of nail-polish-remover opening to get to a lovely vintage heart, but thank goodness, with old Emeraude you don’t even have to suffer through that.

        They should bottle the reconstruction thing that LT is always going on about… in a beautiful retro crystal bottle, with that old style Coty lettering, and sell it for $250 an ounce. People would BUY IT. I would. And I never buy anything that high-end.

        I still haven’t tried the KK, although you know I am a Tuberose Ho and would probably like it.

      • CynthiaW

        I think that you would like the KK ~ it’s not groundbreaking, but it’s a lot nicer than I thought that it would be and, if I didn’t already have both Marc Jacobs and Tuberose Gardenia, I’d probably buy it.

        I put on some vintage Cristalle today and, while it still doesn’t smell like an ashtray to me, I can see how it could turn on someone else – it has that edge to it that can go either way. It’s like I can almost smell the ashtray lurking beneath it – like with Ninfeo Mio, the boxwood doesn’t turn to cat pee on me, but it wants to.

  8. Josephine

    I’m a bit embarrassed to say that, even though I am not a smoker, I actually like a cigarette smoke/just used ashtray smell in perfume. Something about the ‘bad girl’ vibe gets me every time!

    • malsnano86 Post author

      Well, if you like it, you like it. I make no apologies for liking aldehydes, which are DEATH to a lot of perfume fans.

      I do like the smell of tobacco leaf. And pipes. Mmmm. Cigarette smoke just smells dirty to me.

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