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Band Camp Again, uh-huh


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It’s that time again.

Santa Rita HS (Tucson, AZ) drumline.

Santa Rita HS (Tucson, AZ) drumline.

It’s going to be an interesting year, I think. You know the new high school band director we got last season, right before band camp started? And there was all this worry that we wouldn’t transition well from Mr. Butler, who’d been with the program for several years before leaving to take a position with a large high school near his wife’s job in North Carolina? And then Mr. Wilner came and we had another successful band year, with PCHS being named a Virginia Honor Band for the 13th time?

Well, Mr. Wilner found a new job. Yeah, right before band camp.

We met our new band director today. I think we’re going to like Mr. Shrewsbury. He grew up in the county and has been director of the marching and pep bands at a university in South Carolina, as well as assistant director of their concert bands, but I understand he was interested in returning home.

I’m very proud of the kids for taking the initiative to behave well, to claim the band as their own regardless of director.  Look for more updates soon.

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  1. Barbara B

    My son graduated from high school this year so no more band camp in August for me! Instead packing for the 12 hours away college. His high school has had the same band director for 21 years. You could not ask for a more dedicated teacher or finer individual. And he has had Division One ratings all those years!

    • mals86 Post author

      Ugh. I was about to be in that case in the summer of 2013, with Bookworm off to college 10 hours away and Gaze saying, “Nah, band is Bookworm’s thing, I don’t wanna do it, I’m out, no…” But he changed his mind some time in July, so I was very happy to be back under the band booster tent passing out Gatorades and granola bars.

      The first two years Bookworm marched, the band went away for a week for camp – one year to East Tennessee State University, two hours away, where they stayed in dorms, and one year to a rustic church camp with cabins, two hours the other direction. But there were several big trips on the agenda the next few years, so as a cost-saver we’ve done band camp at the high school for several years in a row. There are pros and cons with each, of course. MY high school always had band camp at home, but we didn’t have grass to march on; we worked on the asphalt parking lot which had field lines superimposed on it in a different color than the parking spaces. ASPHALT. In AUGUST. You talk about some heat, hoo boy lemme tell ya. But the band has a separate practice field, and my kids just roll their eyes every time I tell them to count their blessings they’re marching on grass.

      Sounds like your high school has had SUPER luck with band directors! I think the one we have now is interested in staying, and the kids seem to be doing very well, just business as usual, everybody working hard, so I expect it will be a good year. Will your son participate in college band, or is that an option?

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