Well, this is embarrassing…

After all that hullabaloo about the blog format and finally going with that girly Parisienne-ish black and pink, and the back-and-forth of “I can’t read it,” from my husband and “I have no problems” from some readers and “the background’s in the way” from others…

It transpires that the black and pink was actually sort of making me feel depressed.  I don’t mean Clinically Depressed, because I have family members and friends who deal with that, and I spent a good 4-5 months being it several years ago. I know what that looks like/feels like, and I don’t mean that. I mean simply that looking at that pretty black and pink made me feel heaviness of spirit.

Frankly it made me want to avoid my own website.

This just in: that’s a bad sign.

It’s funny how much color affects us, isn’t it?  I’m sure there are those of us that it affects more than others, and the marketing gurus absolutely know that. There’s a reason why McDonald’s uses red and yellow, for example. I’d like to think that I’m at least aware of the practice, and I do try to stick to my shopping lists (and coupons) wherever possible. As a matter of fact, I buy a lot of house brands, so unless I’ve found a house brand to be unsatisfactory (i.e., house brand Cheerios always get the texture wrong), I’m usually spending the least amount I can.

My bedroom walls are painted the color of this door. I love this color, though I admit it isn't particularly flattering ON me.
My bedroom walls are painted the color of this door. I love this color, though I admit it isn’t particularly flattering ON me.

But I digress. There are colors I like to live with, and colors that make me feel down, unenergetic, just-plain-wrong. I like the colors in my house. My bedroom is painted a soft buttery yellow, and the wall hangings and bed linens are a gentle silvery blue and cream, with accents of sage green (in summer I switch to a white comforter). I love turquoise and coral and pink and apple green; I love tan and tomato red and Delft blue too.

I don’t want to live with black, and I suppose that furnishing my blog with that much of it was a bad idea for me. So. I’ll be trying this blog theme out to see if I can live with it.

As for fragrance? I’m in that transitional niche, where as the weather is changing to Really Autumn, I’m setting aside my light florals. Ralph Lauren Safari, Parfums de Nicolai Le Temps d’une Fete, and Cuir de Lancome are getting a lot of wear these days. And I need to go dig out my decant of Dior Cuir Cannage, because I think it would be lovely in this cool, rainy weather.

Oh, and I’m behind on Project Perfume Divestiture. The dog has now eaten three perfume boxes (an Ungaro Diva mini box, the box for Rochas Tocadilly, and the one for… oh, a Love, Chloe mini I think it was). He has not yet tried to eat any actual perfume bottles, but GAH it is like living with a toddler, and I’m kind of frightened to get the To-Be-Divested box out of the cabinet again.  I’m WORKING ON IT, I swear.



14 thoughts on “Well, this is embarrassing…”

  1. Love this new look, those trees are beautiful and the colours are fun and bright.
    We use a lot of home brand stuff too. Mostly can’t tell the difference.
    Portia xx

  2. For what it is worth, I love the new color scheme and patterns (especially along the sides). I didn’t think about it until you mentioned it, but I don’t like pink much either so I guess it makes sense 🙂

  3. I didn’t give the pink/black scheme any thought until you dropped it. You are right– for some reason, the trees just feel better. I look forward to your posts no matter what, though!

    1. OH good. I think I’ll keep a rotating header image, through the seasons, but I just can’t face all the black anymore. Funny how long it took to realize that I didn’t want to pull up my page and update it simply because of the way it looked.

  4. I’m echoing everyone else, I didn’t know the black and pink weren’t doing it for me until you changed it. Like the current background much better.

  5. It’s a good theme, easy to read – good change (even though I still miss a little your very fist one).
    Would you consider adding subscribe by e-mail and subscribe to RSS feed widgets? It doesn’t matter to me, I already get the notifications but it might be hard for new readers to follow the blog – unless, of course, that was the goal.

  6. Much prefer this format — it feels relaxed and expansive, so much more apt for your writing here. Bottom line though, I’ll keep reading no matter the colour scheme or layout.
    Hoping your doggie grows out of the toddler stage and doesn’t end up in surgery like the “I ate 45 and 1/2 socks” doggie!

    1. Good to know! And thank you.

      I have taken three socks away from him today. Just TODAY. He chewed a sizable hole in one of them, but so far the only sock he’s swallowed was the heel out of Taz’ sock about 10 days ago (and I know that one has been, er, processed). It’s funny – Hayley used to steal socks, but she just sniffed them and hoarded them under Bookworm’s bed. And she preferred The CEO’s socks. Hunter? Likes Gaze’s dirty socks best, though he’s been known to chomp on Taz’ as well.

  7. Very clear format, love the background especially. The trees are nicely composed, and I like the tomato red colour against the yellow. It reminds me ever so slightly of those stock pc wallpapers or calendars denoting an autumnal scene, but then it is hard to avoid autumn leaves being a cliche of themselves! Rotating headers will be interesting. Overall, it may be my favourite design yet – and you have had a few in the time I have been reading!

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