Welcome 2014

blank journal from inknouveauIt’s a fresh new page in the journal of our lives… metaphorically, anyway.

It’s funny, you know, I always loved the beginning of a new school year much more than I ever appreciated New Year’s Day. There’s always carryover, I suppose – I might have been going to school on the first day with new school supplies and possibly new shoes (almost never new clothes, as my mom insisted that all her kids usually had a growth spurt in November, and she refused to buy new clothes before we went through that), but it was the same old me carrying them.

Still, there was always the hope that this year, new and exciting things would happen. And that carries through.

Wishing you the best on your fresh new page.


8 thoughts on “Welcome 2014”

  1. I’m with you. The new school year is always more appreciated than New Year’s Day. Wishing you and your family all the best this 2014 !

  2. Glad you are back to blogging more consistently. I miss you when you’re not “here.”
    I love the turn of the calendar year, because in our church tradition, the first Sunday of the year is a Covenant Renewal service, in which we are urged to “remember your baptism and be thankful.” We (re)commit ourselves to being Jesus’ apprentices. It’s a powerful, joyous service; so deeply meangingful. Anyways. Hope is unquenchable, this time of year no more than others, but perhaps closer to the surface in our hearts. For which I am grateful. Yes.

  3. Love new notebooks! I have a couple this year, otherwise it is more a case of new Filofax pages, which is not the same thing at all. 😉

    Happy 2014 to you and yours!

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