We Won’t Forget

Veterans’ Day, 2009
To my dad, who served in the US Navy in peacetime
To my brother-in-law Bob, who served in the US Army in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and who will soon be serving again
To my friend Army Lt. Terry Plunk, who died clearing landmines in the Gulf War
To all those who gave their lives for their country
To all those who served
To all those who are serving now
To all those who will serve in the future
And to their families
My deep and heartfelt thanks.

 Photo is Arlington National Cemetery, by RuthannOC at flickr


2 thoughts on “We Won’t Forget”

  1. It has been more than 19 years since Terry Plunk (VMI ’88) was killed while serving with the the 20th Engineer Brigade in Iraq. We who knew him have not forgotten…

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