Uh-oh, snow.

Ladies and gentlemen, today’s weather juuuuust switched over from sleet (SLEET? in APRIL? why, yes. welcome to the mountains of Virginia) to snow.

This means that my Victoria by Victoria’s Secret parfum (the old one, that old-fashioned, prim, but luxurious floral chypre), is no longer cutting it. Is, in fact, flunking the course.

Of course it would be the day after I moved all my spring fragrances from the cabinet to the hatbox on top of the dresser. Of course I have already put away my Black Cashmere and my Alahine and my Shalimar Light.

I left the Amouage Memoir Woman out, though; couldn’t quite resign myself to putting it away.  Off to get a spritz of that, and change my 3/4-sleeve cardigan for a long-sleeve pullover sweater, perhaps boil water for some Earl Grey. May your day be cozy.


4 thoughts on “Uh-oh, snow.”

    1. I can’t wear it in the summer, except at bedtime. Springtime I sometimes wear it, but I have SO MANY spring fragrances that there just wasn’t room. I did keep the vintage Emeraude within reach (those two are very close, IMO).

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