Top Ten for Winter 2012

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My Top Ten lists are always changing, but here’s the current list of things I find good for winter weather:

1. Teo Cabanel Alahine.  There was never any doubt, was there?  This floral amber says, “Madrigal Dinner” to me in the best possible way.  It’s golden and happy.

2. Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums Carnal Flower.  Carnal Flower is stunning at any time of year, a juicy tuberose-jasmine halo with an florist-case-fresh green top.  Cold weather highlights that icy, minty green opening and makes me glad I’m alive.

3. Givenchy Organza Indecence.  A cozy woody vanilla scent with an orange-spice angle, it feels like that warm sunny spot on the back of the couch that the cat occupies.

4. Guerlain Shalimar Light.  Lemon custard with a drop of jasmine, just the sort of thing to help you weather a blustery chilly night.  A comforter fragrance.

5. Tableau de Parfums Miriam.  Rich rose-sandalwood decorated with starry aldehydes and a few candied violets scattered about.  Feels tender and wistful, yet warm.

6.  Serge Lutens La Myrrhe.   Pure beauty in a bell jar: the catch-your-breath loveliness of a gold-and-rose sunrise on hills blanketed with snow-sparkles.

7. Parfums de Nicolai Vanille Tonka.  Giddy, giggly fun: lime, vanilla, carnations, frankincense and tonka.  Wearing it is like walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Room – everything is slightly oversized and brightly colored, but delightfully so.

8. Amouage Memoir Woman.  I haven’t even reviewed this thing yet because I don’t understand what I’m smelling in it, but it’s addictively weird and invigorating.  Makes me want to suck Memoir-scented cold air into my lungs.

9. Amouage Lyric Woman – Rose-incense-vanilla in a dry, elegant combination instead of the cozy simpering thing that it could have been.  Soulful, somehow.

10. Mary Greenwell Plum.  Still a lightweight tuberose with a tart fruity top and a delicately modern-chypre base, still basically Me in any weather imaginable.

This list is not notably different from last year’s winter list: tuberose, aldehydes, warm wood-spicies, vanilla, dark rose, floral amber.  Then there’s Memoir, which is… well, I don’t know what it is, except amazing.

So what are you enjoying in your weather, whether you have winter now or six months from now, whether you have snow or 60F and rain?


16 thoughts on “Top Ten for Winter 2012”

  1. Keeping in mind I tend to prefer lighter, sheerer fragrances, these are my “heavy hitters” for winter:
    PdN’s Vanille Tonka
    Chanel Cuir de Russie
    PdN’s Sacrebleu
    Calvin Klein Truth
    The Diff Co Sublime Balkiss
    The Diff Co Jasmine de Nuit
    L’Artisan Tea for Two (layered with Pacifica’s Tibetan Mt Temple body butter)
    Thanks for your list, Mals – and for the blog!

    1. I love Vanille Tonka! It just makes me so happy.

      Some of these I’ve not smelled, but that’s a good list. Especially if you live in a warmish locale, where lighter fragrances would be necessary even in winter…

      1. well, no, actually I live in New England! But as I said, I like my fragrances, generally, light and sheer. I love most of PdN’s line, truth to tell . . .

  2. It’s a good thing I like warm, woodsy, incense-y fragrances, because six months of winter means they get a lot of wear. Here’s my list:

    Ormonde Woman – my “me” fragrance
    Black Cashmere – most suitable for winter, but I wear it all the time
    Femme Jolie (a discontinued SSS)
    Coromandel – a lot! I’ve been craving this, and patch and I get along
    Parfum Sacre
    Pacifica Mountain Temple
    Queen – yup, a celebuscent. I luuuurve it, all dark and boozy on me

    Plus I’ve been spending lots of time comparing my new CdG Incense samples with all the other incense samples I own

    (Check me out with my awesome new gravatar!)

    1. A great list! I really should try Queen again, I think I have a sample of it somewhere and I seem to have a weakness for boozy vanilla scents.

  3. Since cold weather, for me, is an ideal time for ‘fumes that lean towards the spicy, leathery, and gourmand-y, here is my list:

    Bal a Versailles
    L’Heure Bleue
    Maharanih (a new one to me)
    Scrumptious (Neil Morris)
    Tea House (Neil Morris)
    Tabac Aurea
    Youth Dew

    1. Well, those are definitely some spicy, leathery, and gourmandy frags! I still haven’t smelled Habanita – or any Neil Morris at all. Maharanih I liked until way, way into the drydown, when it smelled like… um, let’s keep this PG… worn boxer shorts to me. Once I noticed it, I couldn’t un-notice it, and then I couldn’t take it seriously – but I remember liking the rest of it.

      1. Hi Olfactoria, I have not been able to keep up with your last few posts. you are just too quick for me, and I’ve been flat out at work and home in the last few days. (Even now one of the kids is nagging for the ceotupmr.) So I just want to say how much I enjoy your mini reviews. You pack so much into them, and you have a truly discerning taste, I think. Great stuff! I want to sit and read them properly soon.

        1. Hi, Arek – this is Mals here, but I’m happy to hear that you’ve been reading Olfactoria’s delightful blog. She’s a lovely writer.

          And isn’t it always the way that you’ve got time to be at home… and the kids are begging for computer time! I think they all do it. We only recently got a WiFi router so that my husband can use his work laptop, I can use my laptop, and our teenage daughter can do her homework on the main computer at the same time, which is helpful.

    1. Shalimar Light is TERRIFIC. Even the second version. Eau de Shalimar is icky, and Parfum Initial just bored the pants off me. (I should also say, I don’t mind Shalimar but it is hard for me to wear, and I just sent off my mini pdt bottle to a friend because I wasn’t wearing it…)

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