Three days’ worth of Daily Scent Diary (Fri-Sun, Mar. 1-3, 2013)

Sun Reflections
After this I’ll be returning to the regularly scheduled programming of a weekly Scent Diary.

Friday, Mar. 1, 2013 – brrrrrrr! cold.  Our laundry room is unheated, so that was not a pleasant task today. (Yeah, I know, dumb idea not to at least insulate that part of the basement.)  SOTD: Vagabond Prince Enchanted Forest.  Yay, blackcurrant! Still working on this review.

Also working on a review of the new Micallef men’s fragrance, Royal Vintage. It’s not going well, because I have been reluctant to spend skin time with a scent that is so clearly meant to signal “GUY HERE! DUDE COMIN’ THROUGH!” It’s me, I know – other fumeheads seem perfectly able to carry off opposite-gender fragrances, but I’m very uncomfortable in anything even vaguely fougere-ish.  I’m perfectly fine with other people switching it up (and I love florals on guys, to be frank), but I just. can’t. do it. The funny thing is, there are any number of men’s woody-spicy fragrances that I would wear (Egoiste, Spicebomb, Midnight in Paris), and Royal Vintage is supposed to be a woody-spicy-leather – but I find the sporty/fougere elements in it overwhelming.

Saturday, Mar. 2, 2013 – chilly. Normal house-cleaning detail today. For dinner, though, we went to a fundraiser dinner at the high school that was meant to benefit the HS marching band’s trip to DC this summer. The jazz band played while we ate spaghetti and salad (PETBoy plays in the jazz band, and he does such a good job), and then the local community band called the Old Pros played some Big Band/swing stuff.  I enjoyed it very much.  SOTD: Parfums DelRae Amoureuse.  Swoony.

Sunday, Mar. 3, 2013 – another cold one. I let Gaze pick my SOTD today, and he chose Ferre 20, nice aldehyde-floral-musk thing with a fruity cast. I know there are those of you who just shuddered, but I like this one. Bought it in Rome, so of course it makes me think of that enjoyable trip.

I think Bookworm’s fighting off some kind of bug – she took a long nap this afternoon and has complained of chills. The CEO built a lovely fire, and we had ham for dinner, and then we watched part of Amadeus as a family. Gaze wanted to know why it wasn’t titled “Wolfgang,” while allowing that calling it “Mozart” would make it sound too much like a documentary (he and Taz looove documentaries), so then I had to explain that “Amadeus,” meaning “beloved of God,” was sort of a plot point and that he’d just have to watch the movie to find out how the title figured in.  SOTE: Coty Chypre parfum.  Wowzers.  I love Mozart, myself.


4 thoughts on “Three days’ worth of Daily Scent Diary (Fri-Sun, Mar. 1-3, 2013)”

  1. Thanks for trying on the daily scent diary. It’s been fun to read what you write. Wanted you to know I only read two fragrance blogs routinely, and that yours is one. So, some of us may be quiet fans, but we’re here, enjoying what you write for us. Peace.

  2. I like Mozart, but the movie Amadeus makes me not want to like him! I think I saw that one more than a few times when band directors were out sick – they’d leave the movie for the substitutes!

    I’m mostly the same way about men’s fragrances. While I can wear some fragrances that are marketed to men (tobacco is usually a good bet for me), I just can’t with fougeres either.

    Did you see that Barney’s half-off Parfums Del Rae sale? I haven’t gotten around to sampling that line, so I didn’t bite, but it was kind of tempting to try something unsniffed. Good on me for not falling prey to temptation…

    1. Oh, I know – that is sort of the whole point of Amadeus, isn’t it, that at times exquisite things can come about by way of unlikeable, unpleasant people. Yeah, the Mozart in the film is ridiculous.

      I heard about the Delrae sale, but I have my bottle of Amoureuse, so I’m good. (Whew.)

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