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Scent Diary, April 27-May 3, 2020 (Coronavirus Edition #3)

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Apple blossoms

My apple trees are blooming. Well, two of them are: the Gala tree and the Jonagold tree, the Golden Delicious having bitten the dust sometime between last fall and now. I don’t know if they’ll pollinate each other or not; apples are tricky this way. I know for sure the Golden would have pollinated them both. Decision: pull out dead tree and replant, or not? The CEO is all for jerking them out and replacing them with pear trees, but I’m not in favor. We already have two pear trees.

Monday, Apr. 27: the weather started out chilly but became fairly comfortable later. SOTD: Safari. Again. #notsorry¬† Two of Gaze’s aunts have gently chastised us for not letting them know he was in an accident, and I’m not sure what to do about that, either. I did text my sister, to prevent myself having a loud meltdown, and I did later call his grandparents, but not any of my sisters-in-law. Was I wrong? Not sure.

The CEO came in at some point and told me I smelled nice. “Sort of rosy?” he asked.
“Um. . . lavender?”
I laughed. “Definitely not.” (Lavender gives me headaches.)
“Well, what is it then?”
“Green notes, galbanum, hay, and amber.”
“So none of the things I guessed.”
“Nope.” It’s a good thing he’s cute.

Tuesday, Apr. 28: Cloudy. Bleah. SOTD: Crown Perfumery Crown Bouquet, that “greenest of all green flower gardens,” according to its PR materials. Big fat juicy smack of galbanum and marigold to start, then very quiet jasmine and hyacinth, all of it sweet in a very floral, inedible way — sweet and wet and green. I love this stuff. I bought two bottles. You can’t find it now, because Clive Christian bought Crown in order to use its crown-topped bottles, and then did away with all its existing fragrances. (To this day I’ve never tried a Clive Christian fragrance, and I never will.)

Wednesday, Apr. 29: Rain. Chill. Brr. Doesn’t feel like the end of April. SOTD was Lolita Lempicka Minuit.

Thursday, Apr. 30: More rain and chill. No SOTD. Very busy. Sigh.

Friday, May 1: May Day calls for Tauer Carillon pour un Ange. (I sold my bottle of Diorissimo; I don’t really miss it.) I’ve gone through two spray samples of CpuA, and it might be time to get another.

Since Hunter-doggle is SO INSANE that he likes to eat used napkins/paper towels/tissues — he will literally steal them from the kitchen table, and as of yet we have been unable to break him of the habit — I’m going to try using cloth napkins. Made a set of six from printed quilt fabric (double-sided) and another set from a cream cotton sheet I bought on a whim at Goodwill for fifty cents. I’m pleased.

Saturday, May 2: More Carillon pour un Ange. Gorgeous day today, too.

Gaze made arrangements to sublet his cousin’s (my nephew Curiosity’s) apartment in Blacksburg for the summer, so he can cut a 45-minute one-way drive down to 10-15 minutes, and better, avoid the road on which he had that scary accident. I am relieved. I hope Curiosity’s as pleased with the arrangements as we are. He’s got an engineering internship in the DC area this summer, closer to home, so his apartment was going to sit empty.

Sunday, May 3: Chilly in the morning, warming up to another lovely day. SOTD was beautiful peach-rose Ines de la Fressange, my Garden Party Frag. I love it so much. This little 1-ouncer is alllllllmost gone.



Scent Diary, at last, April 13-19, 2020 (Coronavirus Edition No. 1)


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SO yeah. It’s the middle of April and I’ve totally fallen behind on the weekly blogging I promised in January, so it’s completely understandable that nobody is still here reading. Oh well.

However, I miss being able to look back and see what I was wearing/doing/thinking over the past several months, so I’m going to try this, now that I have managed to log back in. (Eye roll. You’d think I’d have had this password saved somewhere secure, but no. I assumed my password manager software had taken care of it. Well, I have it saved now.)

I may also try to do a SitRep — see, I’m picking up all kindsa jargon from Gaze via his ROTC classes! that means a “situation report” — about the current state of things here on Thistle Knoll, but you never know what I may or may not have time to do. (Eye roll again.)

Blue Egg on Nest, from Pixabay. Image free to use via Creative Commons.

Monday, Apr. 13: Extremely windy after the torrential downpour that swept through here yesterday afternoon and last night, but clear. The redbuds are blooming. Hunter is regularly enraged by Insolent Squirrels in the front yard and barks his stupid head off.
SOTD is Papillon Dryad, nice cool green-mossy thing. Some people get a lot of florals out of this one, but I don’t; that may just be because I wear florals (or scents with a strong floral component) all the time.

Tuesday, Apr. 14: BRRR COLD. Woke up to snow on the ground. SOTD is Parfums DelRae Amoureuse, which normally is a spring wear for me, but it’s cheering me up now. I bought this thing back from another perfumista in, oh, 2013? and it is gorgeous, all swoony spicy green and BWF at the same time. I hear DelRae is out of business since last August, which just makes me sad.

Wednesday, Apr. 15: Still chilly, but sunnier. SOTD was Penhaligon’s Orange Blossom from a decant. Really enjoyable. You might remember I Haz OB Issues: either it goes all soapy or all candy on me, rarely floral at ALL. Penhaligon’s is more candy than floral, but I actually get a bit of the flower in there. And NO SOAP. It seemed to disappear after a couple of hours, but it popped back up later with a lovely light wood drydown. I think this one’s discontinued as well, but the discounters still have it (around $60/100ml).
The few orange blossom scents that don’t go soapy on me include By Kilian Sweet Redemption (candied OB and myrrh, weird but nice) and L’Artisan Parfumeur Seville a l’Aube (floral OB, lavender I did not hate, and incense). Oh, and the Serge Lutens Fleurs d’Oranger, post-reformation and sans cumin, though that one is tons of tuberose as well as orange blossom.

Thursday, Apr. 16: windy and cold but sunny. The grass is getting scary-tall again. SOTD was beautiful Safari, all cut-grass and cut-hay and amber.

Friday, Apr. 17: STILL cold and windy with sun. This is a weird spring for eight million reasons. The CEO has been clearing out the shop lot yard this past week: firewood moved and stacked, scrap wood and old pallets hauled off, random big log hauled away, miscellaneous equipment parked neatly. Space made for a small garden, as opposed to the larger one we had at one time in the corner of the backyard (located right over the septic drainfield, which worked great in a drought but not-so-much in a wet summer, and also not a great idea to run a heavy tractor over it to plow it up because septic drainfield is why). It looks MUCH BETTER. He’s so proud. SOTD was . . . nothing. Because I was writing and I got distracted and forgot, is why.

Saturday, Apr. 18: More chilly-sunny. I started the day in two spritzes of Amouage Bracken Woman (a gift decant from dear Haunani, if you remember her from NSTPerfume days). It was lovely dry bitter-green for two minutes, and then I got a persistent horrible headache the way I get with lavender, though there is no lavender listed in the notes. I wrote all day but got my project submitted by deadline. I attempted to wash off the Bracken and cover it with PdN Le Temps d’une Fete, but was only partially successful — you know how when there’s a scent you don’t like, it overpowers the stuff you do like? That. Ugh.

Sunday, Apr. 19: Cloudy but warming up. The CEO is VERYVERYBUSY, going through stacks of paperwork and hanging out laundry. (Incidentally, I notice that my SIL’s HOA touts their “green-friendly” attitude but bans clotheslines, which seems contradictory to me. Anybody want to weigh in on that?) SOTD is lovely springy Parfums DelRae Wit.

I notice lately that SO MANY of my best beloveds are discontinued. This may have something to do with my disinterest in testing and reviewing new scents. I don’t know.



A Pointer Back to my Spring Picks for 2010

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Looks like I posted my “choices for spring” list too soon (4/5/10).¬† Here’s a link in case you missed it the first time:

Spring Picks, 2010

I’ve been enjoying making the blog rounds and seeing what’s on everyone else’s lists.¬† Feel free to share what you’ve been wearing this spring, if you like!

Image is Spring Colors (If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant) from ~XANE~[AWAY] at flickr.com.