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Scent Diary, Jan. 21-27, 2012


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vintage perfume bottle

I want this bottle. Don’t you? GAH, it is gorgeous.

Monday, Jan. 21 – Sunny. MLK, Jr day and Inauguration Day, and the kids are out of school because they just finished the first semester and it’s a teacher workday.

I’ve decided: this will be Aldehydes Week. Today, Chanel No. 5 extrait, from the Stunning Vintage Bottle I bought on ebay several years ago, a slightly-used 1 oz still in both boxes and so old that the sticker on the bottle is matte, with engraving! It is truly gorgeous. The topnotes are off a little, but that’s gone in five minutes.

Took Gaze to his third contact-fitting appointment. The first one, back in September, was a disaster. He couldn’t suppress his blink reflex long enough to keep his eyes open. The second one, in late December, was better but he still wasn’t able to get the contacts in or out. Today he got both of them in and then out, in about forty minutes. Yay! He’s got such beautiful eyes (and such amazing long dark lashes) that I’m looking forward to seeing them not hide behind the glasses.

Did the grocery shopping on the way home. Bookworm and PETBoy went out – she had a bit of time because the Science Fair deadline was put off a week due to continued power outages in parts of the county.

I topped off my No. 5 with another drop of extrait and a spritz or two of Eau Premiere in the evening. Mmmm.

Tuesday, Jan. 22 – Sunny and COLD. It was so windy last night that the trashcans banging around on the porch woke me up. SOTD, Aldehydes Week #2: Guerlain Vega. I have a bit of vintage, but it seems it’s gone off somewhat – I much prefer the rerelease, which I think is really well done. Smells like itself. Lasts a bit less long, but I think you have to expect that now that nitromusks are outlawed.

The power is still out in parts of the county and it was below zero with windchill today, so school is out for the kids. The CEO, however, went back to teaching as Virginia Tech’s spring semester began today.

Watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon again on TV with The CEO and Bookworm (we sent Gaze to bed halfway through).

Wednesday, Jan. 23 – Cold! 8F with the wind chill. SOTD, Aldehydes Week #3, is Tableau de Parfums Miriam, that lovely tender-warm sandalwoody thing.

Thursday, Jan. 24 – Cold and windy again. We’re supposed to get some more snow tomorrow; likely the kids will be out of school. SOTD, Aldehydes Week #4: vintage Coty L’Aimant parfum de toilette. This thing is almost gourmand, I say – it reminds me of nothing so much as warm peach pie.

I’ve been bothered by the curtains I had in the living room ever since I painted it dark green. The curtains are a lovely paisley print of various shades of blue and green, with accents of ivory, but the green is wrong, and when you get up close, it’s apparent that the green does not harmonize with the paint. So today I finally replaced them with curtains in a bronzy-beige that looks nice with the paint in the foyer. The paisley curtains can go up to Gaze’s room as he requested (he’s got blue walls).

Friday, Jan. 25 – Snow today; kids out of school. We were all watching “Good Eats,” because I love Alton Brown, and I was finishing up a mini-review blog post on my laptop, and then Taz draped the red blanket over my head and dubbed me “Big Red Writing Hood.” Heh heh.

SOTD, continuing Aldehydes Week: Mariella Burani. My big bottle is about a quarter gone, and this one’s discontinued, very hard to find now. It occurs to me that as much as I love the combination of aldehydes and benzoin – well, there have to be other people who love it as much. Iris Poudre exists, doesn’t it?

CEO had trouble getting home from Virginia Tech after his morning meeting; the roads were bad and traffic was too. But he did get home safely, and built us a lovely fire in the fireplace as well as refilling the bird feeders. Made mulled cider, chocolate pies, and orange-glazed pork chops for dinner. Something about snow makes me feel like cooking…

Saturday, Jan. 26 – There’s not enough snow outside to sled in, but it’s cold. Lovely fire burning all day, house cleaned, more cider. SOTD: Soivohle Centennial. This was an adaptation of an earlier scent called Historical Chypre, and I admit that it seems like a Mitsouko I could wear, with a softer oakmoss presence and a very cuddly, warm, peachy hug. In fact, if you tone down the peach and throw a good slug of iris in there, Centennial could very well be Coty Chypre.

Sunday, Jan. 27 – Early church. SOTD, grabbed on the way out the door, was Deneuve, and for mysterious reasons it didn’t really work for me today. Too powdery? Too civetty? I’m still not sure. It just wasn’t right, you know how that sometimes happens? Later, I spritzed some Memoir Woman.

Made The CEO’s favorite chicken dish for dinner (bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts, seasoned with herbs and broiled in the oven until brown, and then baked at a lower temperature until cooked through), and the kids played Trivial Pursuit. Watched Season 4, Episode 3 of Downton Abbey, and found myself very very grateful for modern medicine in general and Dr. Young in particular, who successfully brought Bookworm and me through a pre-eclampsial pregnancy. If I’d been having Bookworm in the 1920s, we would likely both have died.

But we didn’t. So, God bless Dr. Young.



Scent Diary, Jan. 14-20, 2012


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Well, finally, Scent Diary returns. Can’t really explain why it took a hiatus, except that writing it was boring me to tears and then when you stop writing it for several days you can’t go back and remember what went on… so I just picked up again on a Monday, and now it’s back.  BTW, all photos except the hot chocolate one (which has a Flickr link) are mine.

Snow Jan 2013Monday, Jan. 14 – Wet, raining buckets. If it were colder, we’d be getting snow. We’ve had warmer-than-usual temperatures all winter, and I for one do not like it. The CEO’s happy; the warmer weather is easier on cattle since they don’t have to eat constantly to keep their body temperatures up. But I like my couple of months of cold weather. I was a kid in the 1970s, which was one of the coldest decades of that century, and of course cold winters seem normal to me. SOTD: Guerlain Metallica, which I see that I have never reviewed… it’s nice. I have a decant.

Tuesday, Jan. 15 – Wet, still raining buckets. SOTD: Jacomo Silences edp Sublime. I like it a lot; it reminds me of Chanel No. 19 in the current edp version. (Well, I say current. It’s not available in the US, but I ran across it in the Rome airport Duty Free shop when we went to Malta in 2010, and I spritzed some on both times we were there. I don’t even know if Chanel still makes it or not, but I found it far preferable to the current edt, which seems thin and sharp.) It lasted very well through my eye appointment, the first in about six years.

Regarding that checkup: my eyes are in good health, but I have a small amount of myopia in addition to the age-related close-up focusing problem that has been annoying the pants off me for at least three months now. So my prescription is for, get this, bifocals. Gah. I won’t have to wear them all the time, but for any task where I’m reading and doing something else at the same time (say, cooking from a new recipe, or crocheting on the couch while watching TV). Bleah. In any case, I went ahead and ordered my new glasses, thin metal frames with no rim on the bottom of the lenses. I rather like them.

The other fragrance that new Silences reminds me of is Deneuve, so I pulled that out once the Silences wore off and wore it.

Wednesday, Jan. 16 – Wet. Still raining buckets. SOTD: Chanel No. 19. Wearing this, and discussing it with friends on Facebook, made me want to get out all the green-floral-almost-chypres I know and test like side by side on my arm, so I could run my nose up and down my arm as if it were a smell-harmonica. Weird, I know. But wearing Silences edp Sublime yesterday made me think of No. 19 EdP, which I don’t own (and which is d/c at least in the US, though they had it at the Rome airport Duty-Free in 2010). And I was also thinking of L’Eau de Chloe, Deneuve, and Silences. Oh, and AG Heure Exquise as well. Very similar compositions those.

Not feeling so awesome today. After dinner (yummy leftover pasta), I took a bath and went to bed. SOBedtime: Shalimar Light.

Thursday, Jan. 17 – Wet. Supposed to snow later today as temperatures drop. The CEO snurfled my neck this morning and said, “What are you wearing? You smell smoky.” SEEEE? Shalimar, even Shali Lite, SMELLS LIKE WOODSMOKE. On me, anyway. SOTD, post-shower: Black Cashmere.

Poor Bookworm is driving herself crazy with the statistics for her Science Fair Project. Each Virginia Governor’s School student must prepare one, and it’s a grade. Last year was bad enough, but this year she’s supposed to do something different with her survey statistics and she says she doesn’t understand how to interpret them. The snow will prevent her from going to school tomorrow to use the school computers, so I’ll have to download the software so she can do it here.

It did snow – we got maybe 6-7 inches! It was supposed to continue snowing through the night, but it had stopped by 8pm. More Black Cashmere for bedtime.

Hayley and kids Jan 2013Friday, Jan. 18 – Snow on the ground, sun in the sky. It’s lovely. The boys were up early to put on snow gear and go out into the pasture behind the house, where there’s a slope that’s good for sledding. The dog was absolutely beside herself with joy. She likes to roll around in snow, and she loves playing with the kids, and both at once is her personal (canine-al?) idea of heaven. Neighbor kid, Makayla, came over to sled as well, so there were plenty of people for Hayley to chase around.

Bookworm was feeling sorry for herself this morning at breakfast: beautiful snow she doesn’t have time to play in, and this Science Fair project that she hates is driving her crazy, and she wishes she had never done Governor’s School in the first place, and if high school is driving her crazy how is she going to manage college? Poor baby. The CEO spent some time commiserating about Science Fair and talking to her about the benefits of taking the hard classes now and getting used to what will be expected from her in college, and I think it helped. Eventually, she did go outside and sled for about an hour, and it seemed to do her good.

Bookworm sleddingSOTM: Vintage Coty L’Aimant PdT. After lunch, performed all manner of embarrassing beauty rituals, such as coloring my hair (I am getting a few gray hairs here and there, but mostly what bothers me is the way my hair goes a dull light brown in the winter and takes color away from my face) and neatening my brows. Showered. SOTA: Antonio Visconti Alhambra, a sample sent by a friend. I know very little about the line and the few notes I remember from looking up the fragrance online include classic florals on an oriental base. It’s got some nice orange blossom and rose and a raspy, Shalimar-like opoponax/vanilla vibe.

Picked up my new bifocals today. I’m getting used to them. My sister-in-law E and her kids are visiting her mom, so they all came over to have dinner with us.

Saturday, Jan. 19 – Still snow on the ground but a clear sky. My niece and nephew came over and played in the snow with the boys and Makayla. They made a snowball five feet tall and then had to quit because they couldn’t roll it anymore, and after that my nephew Curiosity made a snow chair, complete with ottoman, side table, and cup holder… so of course he had to come up to the house and ask for a cup of hot chocolate to PUT in the cup holder! It amused me no end. SOTD: Organza Indecence.

The CEO took Bookworm to a track meet today. She was only running one event, the mile, and she hadn’t run that since she was a freshman! She placed 10th, not fabulous, but decent. Her time was maybe 6-7 seconds slower than she’d wanted, but it was a PR for her.

I ran out of the prepackaged hot cocoa mix packets, so I dug around and found a recipe for my own. Here it is, adapted from Alton Brown’s recipe:

Hot Chocolate
Hot Cocoa Mix

2 cups powdered sugar (I didn’t have any, having finished the bag making icing for my birthday cake last week, so I threw 2 cups of granulated in the blender and spun it around for about twenty seconds. That makes it “superfine” and more dissolvable. Works just great.)

1 cup cocoa (Alton recommends Dutched cocoa, but I didn’t have any of that either. The Hershey’s Dark cocoa I had on hand worked just fine.)

2 cups powdered milk

½ cup dry coffee creamer (I had plain, but you could probably use flavored if you want)

1 tsp salt

2 tsp cornstarch (optional, I didn’t use it)

Mix all ingredients together and store in jars. (Alton also recommends a pinch of cayenne pepper, which Bookworm and I would probably like, but I left it out because Taz and The CEO don’t really care for spice heat.) To prepare, spoon 2-3 heaping tablespoons into a mug and add 6-8 ounces of hot, not boiling, water. Stir thoroughly and top with mini-marshmallows if you wish.

We made so many mugs of hot cocoa that I RAN OUT of clean mugs!! All 13 of them (yeah, I have a lot of mugs) wound up in the sink or the dishwasher.

Sunday, Jan. 20 – Good church service today. SOTD: Dior Dolce Vita edt. I sold the bottle I had because I just wasn’t wearing it often, but some kind soul sent me a 2ml sample. I do still have two tiny 5ml parfum bottles – so pretty, and the juice is incredibly rich.

Bookworm discovered that she had a crucial error in her raw data, so she and The CEO spent most of the day correcting the error and re-running her statistics tests. The boys and I went to see my parents, who’d wanted to have us over to celebrate my birthday. Mom fed us turkey breast, broccoli with cheese sauce, re-stuffed potatoes, strawberry pretzel salad, fresh rolls, and scalloped apples, with chocolate cake for dessert. YUM. We Skyped with my brother in Florida and then my sister in Texas. (My brother-in-law is due back from Afghanistan sometime in the 1st or 2nd week of February, and my sister will be SO GLAD to have him home.)

On the drive home, I discovered an absolutely delicious smell clinging to the sleeves of my leather jacket, which I hadn’t worn in several days at least. Couldn’t identify it at first, which was frustrating because it smelled so wonderful. But finally it came to me: a bit of Cuir de Lancome, plus some Amouage Memoir Woman. So when we got home, I spritzed a bit of each. Wow, it was fabulous!



Scent Diary, Nov. 26 – Dec. 2, 2012


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Monday, Nov. 26 – Was chilly last night, but not so bad this morning. No frost on the windshield. The CEO’s car needed its tires balanced before he heads off to Chantilly, VA tomorrow, so he drove my van and I sat at the garage waiting until they were done with the tires. SOTD: Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory on one wrist, Amouage Lyric Woman on the other. They’re playing nicely together.

Made some Russian tea mix for The CEO and Bookworm, who both love it. I don’t like it at all, but then I don’t like Tang. And I HATE it when the Tang dust floats in the air and stings the back of my throat. The things we do for family…

Russian Tea Mix:

¾ cup instant tea (I always use decaffeinated)

¾ cup sugar (add more if you like it sweeter)

2 cups Tang

½ cup instant lemonade mix, or use 1 packet of unsweetened lemonade mix plus ½ cup sugar

2 teaspoons ground cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice

½ teaspoon ground cloves

Stir until blended. Store in airtight container. To prepare for drinking, use 2-3 heaping tablespoons of mix and 6-8 ounces of very hot water. I don’t know how many servings this will make because it gets used up at my house within days!

(I’ve adapted the traditional recipe familiar to innumerable Southern Baptists from 1970s church cookbooks, which I always found too sugary and too heavy on the Tang. I mean, seriously – the most common recipe calls for half a cup of instant tea, 2 cups of sugar, 2 cups of Tang, and a Kool-Aid lemonade packet plus the spices. This one is more weighted toward a tea flavor. It still has that 1970s thrown-together-with-convenience-foods feeling, but certain people don’t seem to mind that. Excuse me for awhile; I’m going to go simmer up a pot of chai with milk and brown sugar for myself, and I’m not going to share. Get your own.)

Made some comfort food – well for me, anyway – for dinner: pinto beans, cornbread, green beans, country ham, and stewed apples. It’s Old Home Week or somethin’ around here. Actually, I don’t care much for country ham. (It’s too salty and the texture is weird. I have a definitive preference for a nice tender spiral-sliced Smithfield.) But everybody else in my family loves it. Now me, I go and gorge myself on kale and corn muffins and pinto beans, digestive gas be darned…

SOTE: Parfum de Empire Wazamba. For a while there, everybody was waxing rhapsodic about Wazamba and its similarity to Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles. I didn’t like Fee on Eggwee, as a friend of mine terms it, because of its weird combination of incense, curried fruit, pine and amber. Wazamba, despite having the Most Fun Perfume Name to Say EVER, is actually hideous. It was supposed to be pine incense (without the curried fruit), and that’s pretty accurate. Problem is, it’s also chock-full of Youth Dew-esque balsamy stuff. Which you know I hate. After I scrubbed it with some grapefruit-scented hand soap, it smelled like a slightly lower-pitched Coco Mademoiselle: bearable, but still not very nice.

Tuesday, Nov. 27 – Chilly, but not horrible. The CEO left this morning for the annual Virginia Farm Bureau convention, this year held in Chantilly. He’ll be gone until Thursday. Did some online shopping, painted over the splotches in the entry hall where I was trying out six different paint color possibilities (winner is Vanilla Brandy), fed the orphan calves sweet feed. Also packed up two books I was selling secondhand on Amazon – one a duplicate, and one a fairly recent, critically-acclaimed fiction hardback that nonetheless depressed the heck out of me so that I never want to read it again.

SOTD: Comme des Garcons, the original one. It’s very nice, a woody rose with a bit of incense, and I realize that I’ve probably tried many of the fragrances it engendered. Quite a few of those, though, I disliked intensely: some combination of cedar, rose, and frankincense combines to smell very much like the acrid, bitter, biting smell of cold wet wood ashes to me.

Made pasta carbonara for dinner. The boys refused to eat it, as I had expected they would. They wound up eating leftover country ham and plain pasta and peas. This would frustrate me more, if I didn’t know that both of them have been broadening their food repertoire. Pickiness runs in the family, on both sides; my dad is notorious for it. We are talking Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally” here, y’all. There was a point when toddler Taz would not consume anything except chicken nuggets, applesauce, Cheerios, french fries, red jello, ketchup and milk. Not bread, not cheese, not green vegetables, not steak, not hamburgers, not peaches… all things he eats now, thank goodness. He’s still not up to managing spinach, but we’re making progress.

SOTE: Amouage Memoir Woman. I should, according to my usual tastes, just haaaate this thing. Instead, it is luxurious and cozy and interesting and a little bit sexy. Wonderful.

Wednesday, Nov. 28 – It isn’t even December, and I AM ALREADY SICK OF CHRISTMAS MUSIC. My usual radio station went wall-to-wall Frosty the evening before Thanksgiving, so I can’t listen to it. (I did leave the bedroom radio set to Q99, because when the alarm goes off to Jose Feliciano singing “Feliz Navidad,” it sure makes me jump out of bed right away to hit the OFF button. No lazing in bed listening.) Even my usual contemporary-Christian music station has gone all Christmas, which means I can’t listen to Spirit FM either, at least not until next week. Grrrrrrr.

I wonder if retailers know that “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” is the main reason I do most of my shopping online? Maybe they don’t care. Maybe I’m unusual. I mean, I don’t hate Christmas music in principle, and I can probably listen to some of it by about December 15th. I am sick of “Winter Wonderland,” though. Even the Annie Lennox version, and I like me some Annie. Maybe it’s because I’ve been singing Christmas music since August in community chorus rehearsal… but what we’re singing is religious and less commonly heard. More likely it’s just that I’ve heard all these Santas and reindeer and Frostys, et cetera, until they’ve worn grooves in my eardrums. I could probably listen to Madonna’s “Santa Baby” and the “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” song a couple of times before Christmas, but Frosty can go suck eggs. Gah.

SOTD: testing some fragrance oils from an Etsy shop called Alkemia. It’s a mixed bag; I’ll review. Today I tried Yuletide Blessing and Les Mysteres. Painted off-white over the tan/beige splotches in the hall where I was trying out various paint colors; trimmed the remaining dead flowers in the front garden and took them to the shop lot; paid some bills. Boring day.

Thursday, Nov. 29 – My radio alarm woke me up this morning to Straight No Chaser’s delightful, humorous “Twelve Days of Christmas” medley, and I found that I did not, after all, want to throw a hammer at the radio. Huh. Then they played “Mele Kalikimaka” and I did want to kill my radio, so I’m not sure what my point is.

Forgot to wash Taz’s sadly-neglected gym suit yesterday, and he needs it before lunch, so I had to rush through two loads (red, to get the shorts, and light colors, to get the gray t-shirt) to get it to him. Had already washed the t-shirt before I discovered the CHEWING GUM STUCK TO IT! Thank goodness for Goo Gone. I think I got it all out.  He brings a shirt home with gum on it again, I’m just going to take cash out of his bank account and buy him a new one. Not. Doing. This. Again! SOTM: testing more Alkemia fragrance oils, La Belle Epoque and Falling Stars at Winter Solstice (great name!) to be specific.

Went to the mall and to Target (this is half an hour’s drive away, mind you) to do a little shopping and to pick up a couple of county Farm Bureau members who were riding back from the convention with The CEO, so he could go straight on to Virginia Tech and teach a class without having to come home first. I got some Christmas shopping done – I like to do most of it online, but sometimes you just can’t – and did a little sniffery as well.

Actually sprayed Tuscany per Donna on my skin, just to see how it would behave. It seems kind of like a cross between Tresor (the fruit and the rose) and Aromatics Elixir (the rose, the greenery, and the urine), and it skeered me a little but never actually developed the Dreaded Lauder Base that makes me feel so nauseous. (Didn’t TpD get a four-star review in P:TG? I think so. But then, so did Tresor. And AE was five stars, if I remember correctly.) Eventually Tuscany per Donna settled down to a nice fruity skin musk thing, and I’m pretty sure I’d never wear it but I have to say it has more character than a lot of things I smelled at the mall.

The SA – an older lady I’ve seen at Belk’s several times – tried to show me Lady Gaga Fame and then Marc Jacobs Dot, and seemed surprised that I didn’t want to smell either of those. She’d found me near the Chanels… where I had been noticing that nothing smelled good. Even the No. 5 EdT, a reliable must-spritz, smelled odd to me today. Might be the tester, though. I tortured myself a little by sniffing both the Youth Dew and Cinnabar testers – no, I must be okay, I still hate them – and then the Aromatics Elixir – yep, still smells like somebody peed all over a rose hedge.

Parmesan-sage pork chops for dinner. Plus lemon rice and steamed green beans and baked pineapple, yum. Wanted to put on more perfume, something I actually like, so two hours before chorus rehearsal I managed a light spritz of Mariella Burani. Ahh. That’s more like it.

Friday, Nov. 30 – Frosty cold this morning; The CEO sent me out to check on a cow that appeared to have a dead calf with her out in the field. I didn’t think that collection of dark lumps could possibly be a calf, but it turns out I was wrong. Poor cow. Poor calf.

We finally got Bookworm’s senior portraits back this week. I had delayed and delayed in ordering them, because they were ridiculously expensive and I had had thoughts of asking a talented amateur photographer friend to do them instead, but I finally realized that trying to find a time for her to do a sitting was just going to be impossible. I mean, the kid barely sleeps, and I’m going to make her set aside two hours to sit for photos, just to save some money? No. Not this time. And two of the four formal shots taken at school last spring were so flattering that I knew it would be a risk to turn them down and simply hope that the friend could get some that would be just as good. For unknown reasons, photos of Bookworm are rarely as attractive as she is in person. It’s hard to get a bad photo of Gaze, but you have to get just the right expression out of Bookworm or she looks somewhat severe.

(And Taz? Oh dear… wonder if I’ve still got a digital version of that dreadful school picture from a couple of years ago? Hmm, can’t find it. It was SO awful that at first I thought I’d demand my money back, but the more I looked at the photo, the more I laughed, and then I realized that that dreadful photo was worth every single penny! The deal was this: fall photos you have to preorder. They don’t even send proofs. But he’d missed the first photo day when he was sick, and I hadn’t gotten the memo from the school about make-up pictures, and we were running late, and his hair was sticking out every-which-way, and he’d put on an old t-shirt that neither one of us liked, but he didn’t have time to change, and I didn’t think it would matter… Of COURSE that would be the day they did make-up pictures. Oh, and that face he made in the photo? Completely priceless. Utterly Taz. It still cracks me up. Worth. Every. Penny.)

SOTD: Mariella Burani edt. This is one of those scents that I had overapplied once, and people around me kept saying, “Do you smell baby powder?” Eep. I put it away for awhile. Now I know, don’t employ the “spray until wet” technique for MB. But gosh, it’s nice.

Saturday, Dec. 1 – Warmish. My parents stopped by to bring me the poinsettia they usually give me (I know, they’re sweet, aren’t they?) and give some hugs. We cleaned up, of course, and made a nice meal. Unfortunately, The CEO found an enormous water leak in a field we rent, and the cows all standing around the waterer thiiiiiis close to dying of thirst, so he spent the day trying to fix it, and when he was home, he was in a horrible mood. I don’t think he appreciated the steak. SOTD: Vintage Emeraude. So pretty.

Sunday, Dec. 2 – Slept late. It’s December, so no morning church. This is the third, or maybe fourth (?) year that we’ve done “December Nights,” services in the evening only. Last year we were in a small venue, and did services at 4 pm and 5:30, but this year we’re borrowing a larger space, with one service at 5pm. I like the experience, but it feels odd. And we always miss out on at least one Sunday night service because of my community choir concert, which is always at 3pm on the second Sunday of December, and 7pm the next day, in two different locations. The CEO spent most of the day trying to fix the waterer in that rented field; lack of a necessary repair to the hose caused water not to get to the container that the cows drink from, and they get all pushy and start banging into the waterer, and then IT gets damaged, compounding the problem… I think he finally got it fixed.


Bookworm with the district track trophy, spring of 2011. That’s Grace behind her.

Watched “The Blind Side” together and talked about some of the things we’d like to do this holiday season. Bookworm left at 4:30 to drive to Roanoke College, about an hour away, for an overnight recruiting visit. A good friend of hers, Grace, attends Roanoke on an excellent academic scholarship, and since Grace has been something of a mentor to Bookworm in a number of areas (she was track and cross-country team captain, drum major, and Governor’s School student) and encouraged her a lot – well, Bookworm has not been all that interested in Roanoke College, except that Grace is involved! Proud of my girl for driving herself and stretching her wings a little.

SOTD: Black Cashmere. It’s relatively warm for this time of year, with daytime temperatures in the 60sF, but I really love the clove-benzoin-incense thing BC has going on. It’s not too heavy at all.



Scent Diary, Nov. 19-25, 2012


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Monday, Nov. 19 – A nice warm day, for mid-November. Testing Donna Karan Black Cashmere and Tauer Perfumes L’Air du Desert Marocain. LAdDM is very nice, but perhaps the Tauer base (characterized by labdanum and Ambroxan, I think) is too thick and sweet. I think it’s a little too assertive for what I was looking for. But Black Cashmere could very well be the eye-opening, “this-can’t-be-perfume!” smell that captivates my shy character in one of my novels, the thing I’ve been looking for.

Noticed today that one of the houses on Maple Street in town, close to where we lived before moving to the farm, is ALREADY decorated for Christmas. Already! It’s SIX WEEKS until Christmas! It looks nice, actually: two 7-foot artificial trees on either side of the front door, trees and front porch decorated with white lights and gold ribbon, eye-catching but not garish. All the same, I do not get it. The town put up Christmas decorations last Thursday, and I don’t get that either. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t enjoy Christmas decorations or Christmas music or Christmas anything until about the first weekend in December, and we don’t start decorating the house until about Dec. 10. We don’t get our tree before the 15th! I find that when I start seeing decorations this early, I’m extremely tired of them before Christmas even shows up, and what’s the point in that? I know people like to do it, and there’s nothing wrong with it exactly, I just don’t understand how they don’t get completely sick of trees and wreaths and garland and ribbons and what-not in about three weeks. Maybe I have low tolerance, I dunno.

Bookworm had a relaxing night, very little homework. So glad for her. She watched part of “Chicago” on TV with her dad and me (and was shocked by the women’s costumes, judging by her frown) before going off to bed at a decent hour.

Tuesday, Nov. 20 – Another warmer day, in the mid-50sF. Virginia Tech is on Thanksgiving break, so The CEO is home, doing laundry and entering grades online. I’m home, doing some straightening up/cleaning, some mending, some holiday planning, some online Christmas shopping, and a teensy bit of writing. SOTD: YSL Nu EdP, another floral incense. Nu is… well, weird. I like the cardamom-incense, but there’s a strange dry-sour uncomfortable thing in there that I don’t like. Could be vetiver, I’m not sure.

Nu, I have to say, makes me think of the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” the part where Sir Arthur and Sir Bedivere run into the threatening Knights Who Say Ni! in the forest, and they ask for a shrubbery… Arthur and Bedivere torture an old lady in a nearby town for information about shrubberies, by saying, “Ni!” to her. That is, Arthur says ni to her, but Bedivere can’t quite get it right at first. He says “Nu!” and Arthur has to coach him. (Watch it at Youtube here, if you like – the part I mean runs from about 2:47 to 3:00.) Continue reading →



Scent Diary, Nov. 12-18, 2012


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my perfume collection -?????? ????? Monday, Nov. 12 – Veterans’ Day. This holiday always makes me think of The CEO’s dad, Bill, who was in the hospital recovering from a heart attack on this date six or seven years ago. When a nurse asked him if he knew what day it was, he said “Armistice Day,” causing her to question his mental capacity. An older nurse happened to be walking by to hear him say it, and she had to explain to the younger one that Bill was right.

SOTD: Organza Indecence, nice spicy-woody-vanilla for this fall day.

Tuesday, Nov. 13 – The orphan calves, Jacob and Esau, are doing pretty well on sweet feed and the remaining grass in their enclosure. (No, they’re not twins. They just arrived at the same time and Taz named them.) SOTD: testing incensey stuff. It’s very not-me. Dinner was good, though: Chicken Saltimbocca with garlic spinach and cheese rolls. Continue reading →



Scent Diary, Nov. 5-11, 2012


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Sorry for the delay in posting – people have been sick here and I’m busy with other stuff… also, no photos or links today. They take TOO MUCH DANG TIME.

Monday, Nov. 5 – Gah, it is Monday. Gah, I am so far behind on NaNoWriMo that I don’t think I’m going to catch up, and I am strongly tempted to bail on the whole thing. Probably should. SOTD: Le Temps d’une Fete.

Tuesday, Nov. 6 – Another frosty day. I am really going to have to cut and cart away all the dead annuals in the front yard; they look terrible. SOTM: Comme des Garcons Eau de Parfum, the newish one in the bottle that looks like a melted light bulb and purports to contain notes of packaging tape (I love the smell of packaging tape). Actually, it is a) sort of nauseating, in that I-can’t-identify-this-but-it’s-making-me-sick sort of way, and b) boring. Essentially, it’s a dull floral. Reminds me somewhat of the dull floral hiding under the skeevy stuff in Secretions Magnifiques. And why bother with that? Bleargh.

I voted. It took me longer than it’s ever taken me before: 35 minutes from the time I walked out of the house until the time I walked back in. I had to wait in line for awhile. I’ll confess: I wasn’t happy with either one of the major-party candidates for President, and don’t feel compelled by any one of the minor parties on my ballot (Libertarian, Green, Conservative). I voted for the candidate who has slightly more in common with my values and stance on issues, according to my conscience. That’s all I can do.

Looking at the news on TV and Internet, and reading comments by friends on FB, it seems that the country is more divided than ever (well, since the Civil War, anyway, and see how much fun THAT was? At least SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND soldiers dead, not including civilians who starved to death) ideologically. And I’m wondering: is victory sweeter when the margin is closer? Is it more fun to win when there are so many people who disagree with you? You’d think so, given the gloating. (I already knew, from watching The CEO’s thirty-five-year devotion to the Red Sox, that losing stings worse when winning is juuust outside your grasp. And the losers are being pretty gosh-darned whiny about it.) #sosickofpolitics!!

SOTA: DSH Prophecy, a nice incense-amber thingy cushioned with Dawn’s usual soft musk base, which I tend to like. It’s in oil format, and I’m wondering if it would be more forthcoming in EdP. At least I smell good. Continue reading →



Scent Diary, October 29 – November 4, 2012


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See? SNOW. In October. Granted, wimpy snow, but still, SNOW.

Monday, Oct. 29 – We did get some inclement weather, thanks to Hurricane Sandy: some snow (blowing, not sticking), some rain, lots of wind. I kept expecting to lose power, because we frequently do (mountains are full of trees, ya know, and trees lose limbs, and limbs fall on power lines), but it may be that we already lost all the vulnerable tree limbs during the derecho earlier in the year, or Appalachian Power Co already did the necessary maintenance on getting tree limbs away from the power lines. Electricity is out in several of the surrounding areas.Doing a “frankenfume” – a layering experiment with the loudest perfumes one owns, proposed by a friend on my Facebook perfume group – with vintage Dior Poison and the similarly-freaky Tableau de Parfums Loretta. Whoa. People can probably smell me in town, three miles away.

Working on helping Bookworm edit her college application essays. Grrrrr. She’s so exhausted – I wish all her extracurriculars would end soon. At least she got to stay home from school today.

Tuesday, Oct. 30 – Another Hurricane Sandy day, with wind and rain. I’m planning for a semi-historical novel for NaNoWriMo – set here in a nearby town, beginning in the early 1930s and continuing to follow the same family into the 60s. SOTD: vintage Bellodgia “parfum de cologne”, which is really lovely, decant sent to me by a generous friend.  Continue reading →



Scent Diary, October 22-28, 2012


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grandma's perfume collection

Monday, Oct. 22 – Took Gaze to the doctor – he’s been getting these awful headaches and throwing up, but not in a pattern which would suggest a stomach bug. Doctor thinks perhaps migraine. We’re going to cut out nitrites (bacon!) and see if that has an effect. Poor Gaze is bummed about no bacon. SOTD: Amouage Ubar, the newer release. Several of my friends in a Facebook perfume-head group raaaaave over vintage Ubar, and I think it’s lovely but it doesn’t really make me swoon. I actually prefer the rerelease, which is strongly floral where the older one was more woody. That’s me, the Floral Gal.

Tuesday, Oct. 23 – A surprisingly warm day, in the middle 70s today. Cleaned up the sewing room, which was quite a mess – I’m very untidy when I sew – and Bookworm’s room, which I would normally leave to her to do, but she’s sooo busy. The child is barely getting six hours of sleep a night. SOTD: Cuir de Lancome. Love the stuff, especially in fall.

Wednesday, Oct. 24 – Not feeling so great today. Cleaned out fridge, finished cleaning out Bookworm’s closet, wrote some, planned a little for the new novel I’m going to start next week when NaNoWriMo begins. SOTD: testing various things, none of which are really pleasing me. Continue reading →



Scent Diary, October 15-21, 2012


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Bizzy bizzy week this week – full of band stuff and sick kids and sewing.  Skip Saturday’s entry if you’re totally sick of my going on and on about marching band. The season isn’t all that much longer; we’ll be done by the middle of November.

Monday, Oct. 15 – As has been common over the past week, we had a chilly morning followed by a sunny afternoon. It was terribly windy today, though. SOTD: Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia, tons of it because I accidentally spilled the entire vial all over my arms and decolletage OOPS. Of course, since it’s a Jo Malone, this did not asphyxiate me the way it would have if I’d spilled, say, Giorgio.

Gaze stayed home today, since he threw up after dinner last night. Slept until nearly noon, ate applesauce and cinnamon toast, and then ate a real dinner of roast chicken.

I worked on Bookworm’s purple jacquard shrug, then planned meals for the week and did the grocery shopping. Fed the calves; we just started them on “sweet feed” – a grain supplement augmented with minerals and molasses – over the weekend, so I’ll be gradually weaning them off their bottles this week.

It’s Spirit Week at the high school, and Bookworm, who has never participated in the activities before, has thrown herself into it this year. I think she’s realizing that a) this is her senior year and she won’t get another chance, and b) it’s actually fun. Today was Twin Day, so she and PETBoy got out the matching patriotic flag t-shirts that they both just happened to have owned before they even started dating. Continue reading →



Scent Diary, October 1-7, 2012


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Happy 12th birthday to Taz!!

This has been a terribly boring week. The laptop has behaved, but now the desktop computer is being strange…

Monday, Oct. 1 – Rain. SOTD: Soivohle Centennial.. Did the usual weekly grocery shopping… holy cow, Taz will be twelve this Friday! Gaze was supposed to have a football game this afternoon, but rain has delayed it to next week.

Tuesday, Oct. 2 – Rain in the morning again, gradually clearing up toward afternoon. SOTD: PdN Vanille Tonka. VT was one of the very first niche scents I fell for, in early 2009, and I still love it. The CEO went out of town this evening in order to do a presentation for the Agricultural Technology program at Virginia Tech, so he was gone and I watched Something That Was Not Football on TV. Made chocolate chip cookies after dinner, too.

Wednesday, Oct. 3– Sunny. Finally made it to the salon to get that haircut I’ve been needing for a couple-three weeks now! Got a longish shag which I don’t like much… it’s too flat. And dull. Should I color?? SOTD: Carthusia Lady, from a sample. I’m a little on the fence with it, but will discuss further in a mini-review.

Gaze was late getting out of football practice and Bookworm was having a how-can-I-get-all-this-homework-done? panic, so we skipped small group tonight, and I missed it. There was going to be a bonfire. SOTE: Deneuve.

Thursday, Oct. 4 – Nice weather today! Beautiful fall. SOTD: Tabac Aurea, the epitome of autumn for me. Good rehearsal at community choir, too. I am kind of getting sick of testing new stuff… I want to just wear and enjoy my standbys. I’m not bored at all with perfume, but I want to have fun with it instead of analyzing the heck out of it. Sigh. This feeling comes and goes.

If I goop up my hair with gel and curl it a bit, it’s much more attractive. More work, too, but since my hair looks awful when it’s flat, I suppose I’ll keep doing it.


Tuba Dakota running around hugging EVERYBODY and mugging for the camera. The kid has so much fun, it should be illegal. PETBoy is a tolerant soul, isn’t he?

Friday, Oct. 5 – Brrrr. Chilly today. I did some cleaning and some laundry. It’s Taz’s birthday; he turns twelve today. I am having a hard time encompassing all the time that’s gone by since he was born… sigh.  SOTD: I’m testing some new Micallefs.

Chaperoned the band to one of our few Away games that we don’t have to travel far for. The team we played tonight was runner-up for state champion last year in our size division, so we were expecting to lose big. Instead, we won, 17-14. Surprise! The band did not perform a pregame show because it was Recreational League Recognition night, so the kids just wore their official warmups instead of uniforms. I think they enjoyed not having to worry about keeping uniforms clean, especially since they’ll be spending most of the day in them tomorrow for competition. SOTE:Organza Indecence. I smell nice.


The tubas escort the “tied-up” color guard across the field. Note the color guard member (it’s PETBoy’s sister Haley) in borrowed band uniform. She’s going to “cut” the color guard loose in a moment, so that they can escape to begin the mutiny.

Saturday, Oct. 6 – Cloudy at home. Got up early, cleaned house, grabbed quick lunch for myself and Bookworm on the way to the high school, where she had been taking SATs. SOTD: Vanille Tonka again, and it lasted most of the day – which is good, because the day was looooong. Another marching band competition today. We got there too early and then had delays getting on the field, so Bookworm was sort of going crazy with all that time on her hands and no way to spend it doing physics homework. It was hot in the afternoon, followed by chilly-windy weather, and the concession stand was mobbed… I stood in line 28 minutes and moved forward about six feet; I think the kids ahead of me kept letting their buddies cut in line. Eventually I gave up, and after the competition we went for fast food on the way home.


PETBoy prepares to spin the “ship’s wheel” attached to the drum major’s podium, near the end of the show.

The show went well; some new elements were added that add to the effect, and the music was better than it was at the last competition, but the marching was a little sloppy. I don’t know why. We came in second (a very close second, apparently, according to the score sheets) overall in our size class, but won percussion, color guard, and general effect. Three more competitions this season…

I had some vintage Caron Poivre (Thanks, Daisy!) in a little spray bottle in my purse, so I spritzed some of that to help on the chilly ride home, which was punctuated by Dakota the ADHD trumpet player’s constant talking. Constant loud talking. He may have been due for another Adderall dose, or maybe it was the large chocolate milkshake he had for dinner, but the kid Would. Not. Shut. Up. And I did have to break up a too-cozy couple, too – PDA is frowned upon by both the director and myself, so I did manage to tell Alex and Becka to keep it appropriate. Alex is a section leader and should know better, but he is also a teenage boy.

In bed by 1:30 a.m. Exhausted.

Sunday, Oct. 7 – Chilly-cloudy again. Looks like our lovely autumn weather is over – it’s getting down to upper 30s at night and not getting above 65 in the afternoons all this coming week. SOTD: Parfum Sacre. Which seemed sort of faint to me, and I wonder if the weather was affecting my nose. Nothing had much of a smell at all.

In the afternoon, we had family members over for birthday cake and presents. It’s been nice to celebrate both boy birthdays on the weekend between the two, when that’s possible. Taz requested red velvet cake, so we had cake and punch and ice cream. Yum.

SOBedtime, after bath: B&BW Velvet Tuberose body cream. Still nice stuff. I like the fragrance better in the bath products than in the EdTs.



Scent Diary, September 17-23, 2012


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THANK GOODNESS THESE TWO SCENT DIARIES ARE FINALLY POSTED. I warn you, though, this was a Marching Band Week…

(All band photos in this post courtesy of Band Mom Extraordinaire, aka Nicole Ward. Thanks, Nicole.)

Monday, Sept. 17 – Rain most of the day. Another wearing of that 1990s Mitsouko parfum, which I am finally appreciating. STILL do not love it. Just… dunno, just not my thing. But I finally see why it is adored. SOTE: DSH Perfumes Chypre oil, which does really make my eyes roll back in my head, and also is autumnal and rounded and elemental and so gorgeous in the rain, and I love it so much more than I have ever enjoyed Mitsouko.

Tuesday, Sept. 18 – Writing a lot these days. I don’t like what I’ve done, when I’ve finished with it, but I’m doing it. SOTD: Prada Infusion d’Iris. Why do I want such a wallpapery scent? Not sure, but something about that cool reserved drydown appealed to me.

Wednesday, Sept. 19 – Cool again, but dry. We had really needed that rain… Packed up, finally, a fumie-friend goody bag and that bottle of vintage Femme that I did not love which I sold (at cost, natch) to a different fumie-friend. SOTD: Caron Parfum Sacre. Gosh, Parfum Sacre is wonderful! Glad I ran across it in the cabinet while looking for my decanting supplies. I had put it away for the summer and not gotten it back out with my autumn scents. I have several fragrances that only seem right in fall or transitional weather, so I don’t usually get out the colder-weather ones until about November, and PS had been waiting its turn. No more, though: that baby’s out of the cabinet now and in the Hatbox of Current Rotation.

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which I’d forgotten until quite late in the day, so I had to wait for my Parfum Sacre to vacate the premises… which it never did entirely but that’s okay, it played pretty nicely with my Pirate Perfume, Havana Vanille. I love the boozy rummy stuff in the top, don’t like the flat tobacco bit in the middle quite as much, and adore the clear liqueur-like vanilla drydown that has absolutely-zero hint of powder in it and lasts forrrrrevvvveerrrrrrr. (Or at least eight hours, just for the drydown. Which is forever on scent-eating skin.)

I’d been planning to go to church small group Bible study after picking Gaze up from football practice, but he came out of the locker room looking not so good. Said he didn’t feel so good. And we didn’t make it out of the parking lot before the contents of his stomach made their way out (thank goodness, mostly onto the gravel instead of on him). So I stayed home with him, poor baby, and The CEO went to small group without me.

Thursday, Sept. 20 – Gaze feeling much better. In fact, he insisted on going to school today because there was a football game. (Away. Which they lost, 32-16, ouch. Poor baby.)

Marzipan Almond Muffins, German StyleWas planning on wearing Amouage Memoir Woman, but got distracted by a Shiny: a sample of Montale Amandes Orientales. I’ve tried several almond scents looking for ALMOND and gotten CHERRY instead (or in the case of Madonna of the Almonds, a teeny slice of almond over a cologne background), but this is actual almond. Plus some vanilla. And, unless I miss my guess, a bit of heliotrope too. I like.

And probably better to wear to choir practice than Memoir Woman, which is just freaky. I mean, I lurves Memoir all to little pieces, but it is weird and somewhat loud, and the “Perfume makes my throat close up” first soprano sits behind me. So I put Memoir Woman on when I got home. 🙂

Friday, Sept. 21 – Band did not go to the football game; this was probably the farthest away our team ever goes for a game, and it’s about 2 hours by bus. There’s a band competition tomorrow, so between the competition and the probability of a very late return to school after the game, the band director was able to get the band out of this one. SOTD: various samples. Weather is flat gorgeous: cool foggy mornings, warm breezy afternoons, cool evenings. I LOVE FALL. In other news, I just won an auction for a vintage 1 oz bottle of Dior Poison, which my husband likes, for about half of what a new bottle would cost me, even at a discounted price. This despite the fact that perfumistas are all mourning over the blandness of the reformulation of Poison, which was in its day pret-ty darn divisive. In fact, back when it was new and the standard practice was to spray eight spritzes of any perfume, I hated the stuff and the way it haunted every single college dorm hall I ever entered. Haaaaaated it. These days, though, and applied delicately, it’s really nice. Not at all the beast I had remembered it to be.


Saturday, Sept. 22 – Warning: today’s entry will be about marching band, and it will be extensive. Once a band geek, always a band geek, they say. And even though I was only on the drill squad and not playing an instrument, it must be true. I love marching band. I’ll stick the perfume info up here in the first paragraph, and if band bores you, skip down to Sunday. SOTD: Dior Dolce Vita edt from a sample sent to me by a friend, probably from an older bottle because of the woody character and pronounced resemblance to Feminite du Bois. I had one of those once, a small 1oz bottle, that I almost never wore and swapped away. (I kept the tiny parfum bottles. Dolce Vita in parfum is awesome, gorgeously rich; I just don’t crave it very often.)


PETBoy salutes, looking appropriately fierce n’ all pirate-y n’ stuff.

Long day. I mean, loooooonnnnng. Dropped Bookworm off at the band room at 8:30 this morning for pre-competition practice, came home and finished a few house-cleaning chores. At 10 am, got back to the high school in time to see the last run-through of the marching show and then help load the buses. (I was chaperoning.) Buses pulled out at 10:45, we arrived at George Washington High School at 3:00. We unloaded, the band warmed up, we sat in the sun and got sweaty. Some of the chaperones watched a few bands and then went back to the equipment trucks to make sure everything was going well. The band took the field at 5:15, and it promptly started to rain. As soon as they left the field, the rain stopped and there was a rainbow, which was awesome.


Bookworm leads the band in a threatening march toward the podium. Mutiny, geddit?

Our band’s show, with a pirate theme, is called “Mutiny!” It features an arrangement of the Introit from Mozart’s Requiem, two concert pieces called “Swashbuckler” and “Water,” followed by the piece “Up Is Down” from the third Pirates of the Caribbean Movie and then another concert piece called “Blackbeard,” ending up with a small portion of the theme from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It went well, no major mistakes, and the humor written into the show really comes through.


Bookworm leads the band in a pre-show warmup.  (Do pirates French-braid their hair?)

However, all season I’ve been commenting to Bookworm that the music performance seems to be suffering somewhat this year. It may be because we have very few trumpets this year, with only one of them very good and only one more quite good (I’d put PETBoy in the very good category, but of course he’s conducting instead of playing), and the other four seem terrified of playing loud. And to my mind, the trumpets – since they often carry the melody – are the soul of the band. You got bad trumpets, your sound will suffer. Period. Our percussion’s really good, especially the “front ensemble” (essentially the mallet instruments), and our low brass is excellent. But the trumpets, as a section, are just mediocre this year. In any case, if everybody is standing still and playing, which does happen a few times during the show, they sound great. If they’re moving… well, it’s not great.


Opening of the show. It’s a rare moment in which no one is moving, simply playing some measures from the Introit to Mozart’s Requiem. Look for Bookworm at the back podium and PETBoy at the front, just having set down his hat after saluting.

I managed to watch four of the six bands in our size class, missing two in the middle when I went back to the buses to help out if necessary. The other three bands in our size class that I saw spent a lot of time moving from one position to the next and then staying in that position to play, say, sixteen bars before moving again. That’s pretty old school, and is far easier than the almost continual motion that’s a hallmark of our band’s recent shows. The Blues Brothers show from Band #2 in our class sounded terrific, but featured very little motion. I missed the shows from Bands #3 and 4. Band #5’s show focused on, of all things, zombies, with a mixture of music from a modern rock band I’ve never head of and music by Beethoven. I’m not sure zombies was a good choice: lurching like the undead across the field is not going to win you any marching-and-maneuvering points with the judges. Band #6 was a traditional local rival of ours, from a college town that has a much, much bigger budget than our county, where the residents seem very happy to make fun of county denizens as being lowlife idiot yokels. So of course we secretly hate them. (Jealousy? Partly. I admit it.) In any case, their show featuring music from Carmen was somehow much less exciting than it could have been. Carmen’s one of the most listenable operas there is, if you ask me – the music is varied and strongly melodic, and it’s got a terrifically dramatic story. There were some nice moments from the color guard here, but by and large the show was unexciting. Playing was uneven and marching an afterthought; this band has a long tradition of scoring Superior ratings at the official Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors’ Association competition, and of boasting about it. (Unless their show improves a great deal in the next month, I very much doubt they’ll get a Superior this year. But we’ll see.)

Drum majors and section leaders, L-R, with trophies: Bookworm, Katlyn, Michael, Alex, PETBoy, Emily, Tristen, Jamie, Kalep (making bizarre face and crouching; he’s actually as tall as Dakota on his right), Amy, Dakota, Courtney, Britney, Peyton, Ben, Holley, and Kaitlyn.

It started to rain when the host band was performing their exhibition show, as the last performance of the day. The weather went from “miserably hot and humid” to “cold and wet” in about sixty seconds: Brrrrrr. When awards were announced, our band had placed 2nd for drum majors (yay for Bookworm and PETBoy!), 1st for percussion, 3rd for color guard (amazing, since only 3 of the 12 guard members are returning and the rest are completely new), 1st in marching and maneuvering, and 2nd overall in class. The only award our secretly-hated rival won was drum major (which, c’mon, judges – she was good, but it is infinitely harder to score well when you have multiple drum majors), so that made us pretty happy. Unfortunately, the other band that scored well and came in first in Class AAA was one whose show I had missed, so I don’t know what they excelled at. Their show featured music from the Foo Fighters, and that’s all I know about it.

So it was a good night, and a long bus ride home. Poor Bookworm and I walked in our front door at about 1:25 am, exhausted and hungry.

Sunday, Sept. 23 – Cooler than Saturday; I wore a 3/4-sleeve sweater and Parfum Sacre to church. Mowed. Cooked steaks. Showed off the band pictures and the short news report on the band’s upcoming trip to DC to participate in the Independence Day parade to my mother-in-law. Went to bed in (of all things) Dior Poison.



Scent Diary, Sept. 24-30, 2012


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perfume collections
Monday, Sept. 24 – Rain again. SOTD: DSH Chypre. Made plans for Boy Birthdays which are coming up fast, and got groceries. In the evening, I decided to go postal with Tableau de Parfums Loretta. Which I like, I think, or perhaps I just find it addictive… but it is huuuuuge. And loud.

Tuesday, Sept. 25 – Reorganized some things in the sewing room, and wrote. SOTD: Deneuve, followed in the evening by a sample of vintage Miss Dior parfum.  Laptop being weird.

Wednesday, Sept. 26 – Laundry and straightening up, plus some writing. SOTD: Accord Parfait Boise. It’s one of those things that are unavailable in the US but are made tempting by Surrender to Chance (don’t you just hate those? I do, a little. It doesn’t seem to stop me trying them). This is really nice, something like SL Un Bois Vanille except less roasted and with a hint of heliotrope. I like it.

Good small group meeting this evening. We’re working through a book called The Tangible Kingdom together.

Thursday, Sept. 27 – Went to the “Investments in Learning” assembly at the high school. The only awards ceremony they do in the spring is for graduating seniors, and all the other awards are announced at this assembly at the start of the school year. Awards are given for perfect attendance and academic achievement; National Honor Society inductees are recognized, the new senior class is presented, and the incoming freshman class given their Challenge to Graduate. The band plays. Then five students are nominated for “Most Valuable [Mascot].” This is a Very Big Deal, at least at our high school. The previous spring, the junior class nominated students for this award, which is intended to honor academic achievement, personal character, and involvement in school activities, and teachers then selected five of these nominated students.

Parents of students receiving awards are invited to the assembly. We had received a call a few weeks previously that Bookworm would be one of the MVC nominees, so I was excited.

The five nominees are all honors students and terrific kids. Each one is a good example of the values and priorities that our high school honors, and each one would have been an excellent choice for MVC, but Sydney was named. I’m very proud of all of them. SOTD: Mary Greenwell Plum, of course. Bookworm calls it “the Mom perfume.”

(front row) Maci and Bookworm, (back row) Dakota, Sydney, and Tyler. Photo courtesy of Nicole Ward.

Gaze’s middle school football team lost another game today, largely due to fumbles. Their coach is not happy with their distracted performance.

Friday, Sept. 28 – Not feeling great today – I have some strange sort of digestive system hiccup. SOTD: testing various things, including some newish Micallefs and OJ Tolu. Not happy with any of them. Took boys for haircuts, and they look handsome.

Started hemming Bookworm’s Homecoming dance dress. She wanted an ankle-length dress this year, instead of the shorter one she wore last year, so I found her a pretty one. Ann Taylor Petites again, which seems to fit her shape very well, but this time in a slipdress style in orchid silk with gold beading. ($22, eBay, worn once!) Even though it’s petite, it’s still 2 inches too long, so I’m hemming it. SOTA: Le Temps d’une Fete.

Saturday, Sept. 29 – Cloudy and cool. Bookworm went off to a cross-country meet in Bristol; Gaze went to football practice, and The CEO went to some farm auction thingy, leaving Taz and me to clean house. SOTM: OJ Tolu again. I kinda hate it. I am starting to come to the belief that the infamous Youth Dew Accord that troubles me so much is either tolu balsam on its own, or a combination of tolu and a certain grade of labdanum. I like labdanum very much sometimes, and sometimes it smells like old musty oilcloth. (Oilcloth, that’s one of those things that have left the cultural understanding like rotary-dial phones and typewriters. Nobody my kids’ age, and very few people my age, have any acquaintance with the old-style equivalent of a vinyl tablecloth.)

In the afternoon, I went to the nearby town where the mall and all the shops are, to find some fabric and notions for completing Bookworm’s formal dress. I bought some really lovely purple-and-gold jacquard to make her either a wrap or a shrug/jacket, because Homecoming is so late in October. I also hit the newly renovated Belk’s at the mall for some sniffies. (Separate post for that experience.)

Sunday, Sept. 30 – I was scheduled to sing at church today, and since we’ve moved to holding three services, I had to leave the house at 7 am and stay through the last service, which makes for a loooooong day. SOTD: Le Temps d’une Fete, the old version which holds up better over time than the lighter reformulation. Laundry, cooking, and sewing in the afternoon. SOTE: Citizen Queen.

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