Scent Diary, July 5-11, 2010

Monday, July 5:  A little cooler today than last week – and very dry.  The grass is getting really crunchy.    SOTMorning: Kate Spade.  Someone asked me whether it was the first one or the second, and I have to admit I don’t know.  It’s an attractive, soft Big White Floral with muguet as well as tuberose.  Although I don’t know much about Ms. Spade except that she designs handbags coveted by many fashionable women, of which I am definitely not one, I like this.  It is discontinued, of course.

SOTE: Les Nez Manoumalia.  I thought it would be another Big White Floral of the tropical variety, but holy crap.  Remember how Tubereuse Criminelle had aspects of menthol and camphor (which didn’t bother me) and of raw meat (which did)?  Manoumalia – while escaping the Rotting Raw Chicken of Death that is TC – is similarly disturbing.  Review coming soon.

On a positive note, after dinner we watched the 1954 movie Moby Dick, with Gregory Peck as Ahab, and I am very proud to say that Bookworm and Gaze were picking up on some of the symbolism with which the story is rife.  This is second nature to Bookworm – she began noticing symbolism in books when she was about 9 and I was reading her The Lord of the Rings (editing some of the archaic language on the fly). Gaze is less sure of himself with language-arts-type-stuff, and I was glad to see him looking for layers of meaning.

Tuesday, July 6:  Temps in the mid-90s, back to HOT again.  SOTD: Tauer Une Rose Vermeille, delicious little thing.  Funny: Bookworm and Gaze are Not Fans, although Gaze thought it was nice in its raspberry-rose stage.  The CEO liked it.   I hereby dismiss the kids’ opinions – these are the people who thought Manoumalia was “just pretty flowers.”  (Gah.) 

At some point today, Gaze and Taz got into one of their frequent pitched battles with their Nerf guns.  (Should this bother me?  It doesn’t.  They’re boys – if it weren’t Nerf guns with foam bullets, it would be water pistols.  Or water balloons.  Or wrestling.  Or plastic light sabers.  Or something.)  In any case, I overheard the following exchange:

Taz (trash-talking as he fires):  IN YOUR FACE!   POW POW POW!

Gaze (philosophically): Actually, that kind of was in my face.

Taz (with glee): HA!  Literally and metaphorically!

I thought I was going to die laughing.  What nine-year-old uses that phrase, and, moreover, gets it right?  I called him on the carpet for shooting at faces, though, and threatened the permanent removal of the Nerf guns.  He knows I’m serious.  (The boys in the pic are not mine, by the way – mine are older.  And blonder.  But when I went to Flickr and searched for “boys nerf guns,” no fewer than 118 photos popped up, and my point is, Boys Love Nerf Guns.)

Wednesday, July 7:  The CEO and I are finalizing vacation plans for next week.  Good thing we’re not waiting for August – this weather is hot enough, thank you.  SOTD: Nuit de Tubereuse.  I still hate the jungle-dirt-mildew opening.  But I like the friendly tuberose shading into light woods and incense.  (Bookworm really enjoys it.  I’m still not getting the reason for her intense dislike of the Tauer scents, except that they tend to be rich and opaque.)

Thursday, July 8:  Still hot, still dry.   SOTD: Marc Jacobs Daisy. Go complain about my pedestrian taste somewhere else if you’re unhappy.  There are some days you just need a wallpaper scent, and for that purpose I like Daisy a lot.     

Friday, July 9:  Planning for vacation next week.  Taz needs a haircut, the dog needs a bath, Bookworm’s trying to schedule around band and cross-country practices… how to get it all done?  Groceries… laundry… I already paid all the bills… honestly, this is like playing Whack-a-Mole.

SOTD: Lancome Mille et une Rose.  Back in January when I bought the La Collection set (Magie, MeuR, Sikkim, and Climat), this one struck me as dull.  It must have been a weather thing, because it’s nothing short of comfortable, ladylike elegance now.  Basically, it just smells good: lemony, peppery, ambery rose, all of it muted and swirled into a bold sort of prettiness, if that isn’t an oxymoron.   Another wallpaper scent, but one that reminds me of those Jacobean fabric prints.   

SOTE: Les Nez Manoumalia again.  This is a schizophrenic sort of thing – lovely big white flowers, and… um… meat?

Saturday, July 10:  It rained last night!  Not enough, but it did rain.  And I trimmed Taz’s hair myself.  It’s not entirely straight, but I absolutely dare you to notice it upon casual observance.  Oh, well, Nancy the friendly local hairdresser can fix it in a couple of weeks, he’ll need another haircut by then anyway.   SOTD: Manoumalia.  Because I’m writing a review.  The things I suffer through to write these reviews… sigh.

Sunday, July 11:  Church.  Then getting Bookworm’s new cross-country shoes.  Then packing up for vacay.  SOTD: Nuit de Tubereuse.  I mentioned it before, but I’m getting accustomed to the mildewy bit.  I don’t like it, but it’s bothering me less.

Just found out that our hotel suite (one king size bed, one sofa bed, one pull-out reclining chair) will have free wi-fi.  So we’re taking my laptop, and I may get the chance to pop by and respond to comments.  I have two posts (a Manoumalia review and a post on the Raspberry Pavlova dessert that Tauer Une Rose Vermeille reminded me of) already scheduled to publish while I’m gone, so there will at least be something for you to read here, even if I don’t get back to you in the comments until the following week.


Scent Diary, June 28-July 4, 2010

Monday, June 28: Wearing Parfums DelRae Coup de Foudre again, writing a review.  We have a plague of wasps in the toolshed – I haven’t been able to get the lawnmower out, thanks to the wasps.  Ack. 

The boys are spending a week at Camp Nana, AKA my parents’ house, so the three of us still here will be eating Things They Don’t Like this week – lasagna, cucumber salad, potstickers, Thai noodles, chicken satay… Yum.  How is it that I have one really picky kid, one sort-of-picky kid, and one eats-pretty-much-anything kid?  

My sample of Une Rose Vermeille from Andy Tauer arrived today – along with four other samples, in that darling little aluminum sample box!  Yay!!!  Also included in the box were samples of Une Rose Chypree, Incense Rose, Le Maroc Pour Elle, and Orange Star.  I’ve enjoyed my sample of URC, but didn’t care much for IR (too much Tang Dust Effect).  Haven’t tried Le Maroc or Orange Star, but will soon. The Rose Vermeille is lovely, sniffed from the vial.  Hope to give it a real spin soon. 

Tuesday, June 29: In a rush to get out the door, I just grabbed a decant and hoped that it would be suitable; it turned out to be Divine L’Ame Soeur.  Which I like and which I should review along with all those other aldehydic florals I like so much.   Bonus: the juice is a really, really pretty pale coral-pink color. 

The CEO and I went on a search-and-destroy-wasps mission this evening – he was moving the basketball goal from where it had fallen in yesterday’s thunderstorm, and got stung pretty badly.  I hate wasps.  This is probably not fair to the wasps, who are after all simply going about their wasp business when these giants show up and disrupt everything, but there you have it.  I still hate them.  Bees only sting you if you swat at them, or step on them, but wasps are infinitely grouchier.

Wednesday, June 30: The CEO and I have seriously discussed my quitting my part-time job to concentrate on getting my novel written.  We’re still considering the issue.  SOTD: Miller Harris Rose en Noir, because I was wearing this necklace I have, composed of reddish-brown oval beads interspersed with square peridot-colored beads, and a pendant made of green-and-russet agate.  Rose en Noir, instead of reminding me of the colors in its name, pink and black, is green and russet: galbanum, rose, spice, with something balsamic that bothers me on some days and doesn’t on others.

SOTE: Alahine, just a weensy spritz.  It’s so quiet here without the boys… I hear they’re having fun.  Talked to them on the phone last night, and I could hear my mother in the background, insisting to my nephew Doodlebug (age 6) that he must go and put on his pajamas because it was bedtime.  “Yes, you do.”  Pause.  “Because it is bedtime.”  Pause.  “Yes, it is bedtime, and you need your pajamas.”  Pause.  “Because I said so, that’s why!”  I had to laugh.  Moms never change, do they?

Thursday, July 1: Statement Day again at work.  I really should go about Making Pronouncements, but I wind up too busy.  Coup de Foudre again today – man, the level in the decant bottle goes noticeably lower every time I wear it.    So of course it was gone by the time I got home from work, and I still wanted rose but not my usual suspects, so I put on some Silences.  I love how cool and satiny it is, galbanum-rose-iris-moss.  It always makes me think of that kind of taffeta that changes colors depending on how you hold it in the light — one way it’s green, one way it’s purple.  That’s Silences.

Bedtime scent, Citizen QueenRrrowwr

Friday, July 2: I felt like being frivolous, so the SOTD was Ines de la Fressange.  Bellini in a bottle – all fizzy tangy peach — plus rose, jasmine, violet, and a bright sandalwoody drydown.   A very happy sort of smell.  SOTE:  Maison Francis Kurkdjian Lumiere Noire pour Femme Double rrrowwr.

Saturday, July 3:  We are practically inundated in really big cucumbers.  Big, mammoth, nearly obscene cucumbers.  By the dozens.  We’re getting a little sick of them – even with tomatoes and feta cheese and herbs and cracked pepper.  SOTD: Tauer Perfumes Une Rose Vermeille.  I like it.  Bookworm doesn’t… picky picky.

Sunday, July 4:  Happy Birthday, America!   SOTD: Hanae Mori Haute Couture, nice fizzy jasmine fruit mocktail thing.  We had a family-n-friends picnic at the Methodist Church picnic shelter (my aunt and uncle are members there, and my grandmother used to be, before the Alzheimer’s sped up), with the usual Too Much Food.  Which we ate, because we’re like that:  “Don’t want to waste it.  Here, have some watermelon.  There’s some more of that ham – and how about a little sliver of Ann’s pie?” 

Remember when I opened the vial of Serge Lutens Clair de Musc last week and found my mother in it?  Turns out she did wear Jovan Musk for Women for some period of time, as an everyday scent, when I was little.  Those smell memories get hard-wired… wonder what will conjure me for my children later on in their lives? 

I was really glad to see my boys, back from their week at Camp Nana. Taz must have really missed me, because he headed straight for me and got me in one of those totally involved leg-lock hugs he’s famous for.  And kept hugging me – which I enjoyed, because he’s nine.  The days of “don’t touch me, Mom,” are rollin’ on down the road toward us, and in five years we’ll be lucky if he speaks to us in public.   Although, you know, Taz isn’t much of a talker unless he’s telling you what he knows about things like American history, the digestive systems of animals, or baseball.  Instead, he’s physical.  He’s gonna want to wrestle me or something, instead of telling me he loves me. 

The CEO took Bookworm and Gaze to a baseball game after lunch; I didn’t go.  Why?  I was tired and hot and I wanted to talk to my sister, who is emotionally frangible lately since her husband was deployed to Afghanistan until December.  Taz said he wanted to be with me, and after we went home, he went straight for the History Channel and turned on America: The Story of Us.  You know, I think he’s one weird little kid… weird, but actually sort of great. 

Okay, actually wonderful.


Scent Diary, June 21-27, 2010

Monday, June 21: I’m going to stop bothering to note the weather.  We’re into summer now, and it’s basically going to be the same every day: hot. And humid.  Except when it rains, and then it will be wet and hot and humid.  Of course, it hasn’t rained enough recently, and the grass is getting crunchy, and the wasps are proliferating.  Urgh.  SOTD: Vamp a NY, which I love for being a big flirty happy tuberose-vanilla party.  Complicated it’s not.  Pretty, it is.  Where’s my tropical-floral-print cotton sundress?

Taz’ baseball team lost their tournament game.  They’re done.  It’s over.  Thank goodness, now we can start eating dinner at home every night like normal human beings.  (Okay, fine, I know plenty of people don’t do that.  I mean, normal for us.)

Tuesday, June 22: The CEO and guys have made 340 bales of hay over the past few days – about 70% of an average year’s usage.  And this is just the first cutting!  They’ll make more in August.  These are big bales, too – 6 feet 3 inches in diameter.  They dwarf me.  Gaze went with his dad and helped bale for awhile.  He’s not quite tall enough to reach the foot pedals on the tractor, so he sat on The CEO’s lap and just steered.  The CEO says that it’s a tricky thing to keep the bale even, so that you don’t wind up with lopsided bales that fall apart when you try to move them – but that Gaze is really, really good at it.

SOTD: Vamp a NY again.  Despite my short attention span and despite wearing it for several days in a row, I still like it.  At bedtime it was gone but I still wanted tuberose, so sprayed a bit of TF Voile de Fleur.  Mmm.

Wednesday, June 23: DANGIT DANGIT DANGIT.  My laptop “lost” my review of Vamp a NY (which I wore again today), which was to be posted this morning.  AAAARGGGHH!  I had to go to work with it dangling; only managed to retrieve the file and get the review up on the blog by 11 pm.  Shoot.   

I think Bookworm’s having fun with this PE-class camp thing she’s doing.  Besides basic health, physical fitness tests, and some basic classroom Driver’s Ed, they’ve gone whitewater rafting at the New River Gorge in WV; canoeing on the river; bowling; waterskiing and other water sports at the Boy Scout camp on the lake; and today they went spelunking.  I had not known that there was a cave within a mile of our house, although it shouldn’t have surprised me: most of the local geology is highly karsticLimestone Rock + Underground Water Makes Caves, Duh.  On our farm alone, 610 acres, there are no fewer than three sinkholes, one big enough to swallow a tractor (if you were stupid enough to try to drive a tractor in there).  In any case, she came home utterly covered in mud today, and smiling.

Thursday, June 24: I could have happily worn Vamp a NY again, but decided to wear a sample.  Picked Frederic Malle Lys Mediterranee, which is lovely.  I am always surprised by how aquatic it is.  The effect is very Sitting on a Windy Mediterranean Seaside Stone Terrace, Surrounded by White Lilies.  That’s an enviable place to be, even if it is only in my mind.   Is it wrong of me to prefer Donna Karan Gold, which evokes the heady summer blast of my very own stargazer lilies wafting past me as I sit on the front porch swing watching the sunset?  My wallet is happy with my choice.

Oh!  Great news – I just won an advance sample of Tauer Perfumes’ Une Rose Vermeille, which I understand to be the next in Andy Tauer’s Memorables line after Une Rose Chypree, which I liked very much.  It was a random drawing from among commenters on his blog, but I asked Andy if I could review it here and he said, “No problem – just explain how you got your sample.”  So.  There’s that to look forward to.  It sounds great, by the way – red raspberry (I know some of you are covering your ears, but c’mon, it’s Tauer – I can’t imagine fruity mall blah in a Tauer), rose, vanilla, sandalwood, violet.  Sounds soooo pretty.  

Went to sleep wearing a teeny spritz of Teo Cabanel Alahine.  I love that stuff.

Friday, June 25:  In a hurry this morning, I grabbed Mariella Burani for a quick spritz.  It’s such a great wallpaper scent.  The more often I wear it, the more often I smell musk in it – a pleasant, quiet musk that doesn’t smell too laundry detergent.  Yesterday I uncapped my sample  of Serge Lutens Clair de Musc, and in it I found – my mother, of all things.  Of course there is a lot of musk in Chanel No. 5 – but now I’m wondering if she also wore something like Jovan Musk Oil from time to time.  I should call her and ask.  (I should call her and just chat, I don’t do that often enough.)

Saturday, June 26: At the risk of repeating myself once too often, it’s hot.  SOTD:  Welll… nothing, really.  After bringing in the fifth load of laundry from the clothesline, all sweaty, I grabbed my decant of 4711 out of the fridge and spritzed the back of my neck, in the hopes that it would cool me off.  It did, but I still don’t like it.  Luckily, it disappeared within half an hour.  (And the clothes smell great.)  Went to pick up The CEO from where he and Taz had been mowing a hayfield, and they’d picked me some tiger lilies and Queen Anne’s Lace, wasn’t that sweet of them?  They know I love those side-of-the-road specials.

True story: the flowers at my parents’ wedding, 45 years ago today, consisted of armfuls and Mason jars full of Queen Anne’s Lace, picked from every roadside and vacant lot my grandmother and the bridesmaids could get to.  They couldn’t afford anything else.   The life lesson, of course, is that when you can find beauty in the most commonplace things, love lasts.  Congrats, Mom and Dad.

Sunday, June 27:  A momentous occasion – the first-ever unsolicited compliment on my perfume from Taz.  He hugged me and then exclaimed, “Oh, you smell nice!  I like that one.”  The scent?  Parfums DelRae Coup de Foudre.   Taz has good taste.  Review coming sometime this week. 

Top image: My Grandmother’s Perfume Bottle Collection from SourCherries at flickr.  Lower image is New River Gorge Bridge from Wikimedia Commons.


Scent Diary, June 7-12, 2010

Monday, June 7: Cool, in the mid-70s F, with low humidity. My desk was piled with stuff from the long weekend, and I wasn’t enjoying work today. SOTD: Hermes Eau de Pamplemousse Rose, which I thought I’d like. Grapefruit and rose? Yum. Perfectly summery. Unfortunately for me, EdPR is an hour of wonderful followed by a couple hours of the Ghost of Cologne. It is basically a classic cologne structure topped off by a citrusy rose, and since I find cologne dull in the extreme, I can’t make a case for this scent for personal wear. I think I’ll go back to DSH Rose Vert (where’s my sample of that?) for citrus-green-rose. Or Moschino Funny!, that was a nice grapefruit-rose.

Tuesday, June 8: Warmer (80s) but still low humidity. If the weather stayed like this all summer I would enjoy summer a zillion times more. Typically we’ve got mid-90s and sticky, and that’s not pleasant. When I was a teenager, I read the following phrase and wondered greatly at it: “The two most beautiful words in the English language are ‘summer afternoon, summer afternoon.’” Whoever wrote that has got to be out of his gourd, I thought then – but it must have been written with a day like today in mind. SOTD: vintage Coty L’Aimant parfum de toilette. These vintage 1970s Coty scents like Emeraude and L’Aimant, and even the chypreish Imprevu, are far, far more attractive than their current drugstore iterations.

Gaze is sick with stomach troubles. I’m having trouble getting him to keep anything down, even ginger ale and jello, so we’re off to the doctor’s office tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 9: HOT. 90S and humid. Gaze has “the bug that’s going around,” poor baby. SOTD: Divine L’Ame Soeur, more aldehydes. I really love them in the heat, they’re so sparkly.

Thursday, June 10: Hot again, our standard summer weather. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, AAAAARRRRGHHGH! Gaze was somewhat better, and I managed to convince him to shower before school today. It was 5th grade “graduation,” and the enticement of coming home right afterwards, as is customary at this elementary school, got Gaze moving in the right direction. I was proud: he had all A’s this year and three perfect scores on his standardized tests. (To be fair, Bookworm took two of the Standards of Learning, or SOL tests this year and made perfect scores on hers as well – and Taz, who’s been downright lazy about homework this past year, made FOUR perfect scores. I’m proud of all of them. Especially since Taz has recently managed to make his cursive handwriting, as opposed to his printing which is dreadful, actually legible. I do get to brag on them a little bit, don’t I? I’m their mommy. Of course I do.) SOTD: Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere, still more aldehydes.

Gaze went to his baseball game and played four innings (two hits, a walk, an RBI, three stolen bases, and two runs scored) before getting overheated and tossing his cookies right behind second base. I felt so bad about that. He’d claimed to be feeling well before the game, and hadn’t run a fever for more than 40 hours.

Friday, June 11: Hot, humid, and miserable. We didn’t get the rain we should have gotten on Wednesday night, so everything is getting crunchy. I’m having to water my hanging baskets every three days. SOTD: Honore des Pres Vamp a NY, from that terrific giveaway at Grain de Musc. You know I love tuberose, and this one is fabbo. I’ve sniffed that little bit of Nuit de Tubereuse which everybody is going on about and been less than impressed (what is that weird opening – wet dirt? Potting soil? Mildew?), but the HdP is just lovely.

Saturday, June 12: Same weather we’ve been having all week. Two baseball games – Gaze (who’s feeling much better!) at the local park and Taz at the one twenty minutes away. As soon as I unlocked the van for Taz to chuck his bat and glove into the back, it started raining – and has really not stopped all day. You can feel the grass go, Ahhhhhh, that’s better. SOTD: L’Aimant again.

The bad news of the week? Busted mower. One of the discs got maladjusted in its timing and started banging into the one next to it, and that caused wear in the gears on the cutter bar (okay, I admit that I don’t really understand what I just said, either). But I understood how much the repair bill’s going to be: $4000. Ouch. This is a mini-lesson on How Expensive It Is To Run a Farm – you have to have some hefty cash reserves, or you’re just toast.

Sunday, June 13: Cooler again, in the 80s. SOTD: testing Van Cleef & Arpels Orchidee Vanille. Which, to be honest, is not very orchidee and lotsa plasticky vanille. I get about fifteen minutes of amorphous floral, um, thingy and then sticky generic vanilla, and I was wondering what was wrong with my nose until I asked the kids what they thought. Bookworm turned up her nose: “Smells like cotton candy, the kind in the plastic tub at the store.” Gaze was more direct: “I don’t like that at all.” So then I go and check out Octavian’s take on it at 1000Fragrances and he says something like, “Cheap generic cotton-candy vanilla.” Vindication!

SOTE: Petite Cherie, straight outta the fridge. It’s the only bottle I keep in the fridge, just because of the accusations of instability in the pear topnote, which is the part I love best. I love this innocent white-eyelet sundress of a scent, and I don’t apologize. Sometimes it’s just what I want.

Image of Guerlain perfumes at perfume convention from parfumgott at flickr. If you get the chance, click on the photo to enlarge it so you can check out what’s there.  I’m lusting after that gorgeous Vega bottle on the bottom left, but there’s also L’Heure Bleue and Chamade and Djedi as well as something I’ve not heard of, Elixir de Guerlain.


Scent Diary, May 31-June 6, 2010

Monday, May 31: Happy Memorial Day!  My deep, heartfelt thanks to all those who have served this country in its armed forces.  SOTD: L’Arte di Gucci, with its joyfully shrieking pink roses over all that dirty-rooty-tangled garden stuff.  Swooon.  The castoreum in it really gets to Bookworm, though: she says it smells like Taz when he needs a bath.  It does, a little bit – but I don’t care.

I just cleared out my Spam Comments file.  Why is it that I keep getting spam about auto parts on a perfume blog?  There’s the occasional spam concerning makeup, too, but seven out of the last eight spam comments have been long lists of auto parts and where I can get them online.  Weird

Tuesday, June 1:  Statement Day at work.  I print, fold, stuff and mail about 300 statements.  It would be nice if we had a folding machine… and a postage meter… but my boss figures it’s cheaper to pay me to do it.  Maybe I should ask for a raise.  SOTD: Guerlain Vega again.

Crazy extracurriculars today: Gaze and Taz both had baseball games at the same time on different fields.  Bookworm had two events: marching band practice/open house for band parents, and a swim test for the summer PE program she’s taking in June, in order to free up space on her schedule for other classes in the coming school year.  We almost had to rope the grandparents in for taxi service, except that it rained at the last minute and the baseball games were canceled.  My MIL owns a cell phone, but she never turns it on, so The CEO had to actually drive down to the park to tell her that the games were canceled.  (My own mother does this too.  She only turns the phone on when she needs to make a call.  She never thinks that someone might be trying to call her to tell her something important, like maybe she left her raincoat at my house.  Mom, I love you.  I love you too, B.  Please catch a clue about your cell phones.)

Wednesday, June 2: Hot and humid again, ugh.  The garage up the street that’s been stalling us on paying their bill stiffed us again, and the owner wants to complain that we charge too much; I think what he’s doing is buying on credit from NAPA until we freeze the account, and then he goes and buys from Advance and O’Reilly until they freeze his account, juggling his cash flow.  Still, there’s no need for him to scream at me.  I definitely don’t get paid enough.  SOTD: vintage Coty L’Aimant.  Which Musette at Perfume Posse likens to really good root beer, and although it doesn’t actually smell like root beer, it has that same insouciant, cheerful mood.

More crazy extracurriculars: Taz had a baseball game, and I had to take Bookworm and Gaze to the high school for their athletics participation physicals for the upcoming school year.  You can do it at the doctor’s office, but that’s $35; if you attend the high school’s event, it’s $10.  The lines are long, though, and it was 105 minutes of waiting, 15 minutes worth of physical exam. Aaargh.

Thursday, June 3: Hot and humid again.  Again we’re in the upper 80’s.  SOTD: Crown Bouquet.  I love this crunchy-juicy green stuff and the soft white flowers afterward.   Again with the crazy evening schedule: The CEO took Gaze to his game and I took Bookworm to the band banquet, where she was surprised to win the Rookie Marcher of the Year award.

Friday, June 4: Hot, humid, sticky, even here in the mountains, and we are headed for Washington, DC, where it is sure to be even more hot, humid, and sticky.  Bleah.  The CEO and I attended a discussion forum and reception for Ian Axford Fellows/ Fulbright NZ Scholars/ Eisenhower Fellows to NZ at the New Zealand Embassy. It was lovely to meet the NZ Ambassador, Roy Ferguson, and his American wife Dawn, whom he met when he was doing his Fulbright studies at U Penn years ago.  SOTD: No. 5 Eau Premiere, which has the advantage of being noticeable and pleasant without ever being heavy.  There was an embassy staffer there wearing what I’d swear was Jolie Madame (I never got the chance to talk to her and ask, though).   Met Mrs. Fulbright – a lovely, gracious lady.

Wonderful to see The CEO’s sister E and her husband K (who was The CEO’s college roommate), and their two sweet kids, whom I’ll be calling Curiosity and Primrose. 

Saturday, June 5:  DC is such a swamp… sure, Atlanta’s hotter.  So’s Miami.  NYC is probably equally hot – it’s been sweltering every time I’ve been there in the summer.  But for my money, no major city in the US is as uncomfortable in the summer, in terms of sticky miserable heat, as DC.  Gah.  Curiosity’s baseball game, then the pool, then we were off to Baltimore for the Red Sox-Orioles game!  (We called Bookworm from the game to make sure she knew we were thinking of her.  Poor baby.) I struggled with my choice of fragrance until I finally let The CEO pick for me.  I let him sniff all the samples and decants I’d brought with me, and his first choice was Dzing! which might have been interesting, but I didn’t think I could take smelling like the zoo all evening.  His second choice was Thierry Mugler Alien, which I usually find too sweet, but it worked well.  Game score: Sox 8, O’s 2.  Four baseballs signed by shortstop Marco Scutaro (nice guy, Mr. Scutaro).  I got a closeup picture of Jason Varitek and his mighty thighs (it wasn’t quite as good as the one at left here).  Everybody happy.

Sunday, June 6: We headed home after breakfast.  It had rained, and the temps dropped 14 degrees as we got up into the mountains.  The dog (Hayley) was ecstatic to see us.  The cat (Silvia) looked up at me and gave me that face that says, “Oh, good, you’re home.  Peel me a mouse, would you?” and when I fed her some dry food, she commented, “Well, it’s about time, and honestly, you can’t get good help these days, so I guess I’m stuck with you.  Next time come back sooner.”  I’d tell her to stick it, but she’s 17 years old, which is like being 86 in cat years, so I just let her complain.  SOTD: Moschino Funny!  which is awfully nice for a grapefruit-rose summery thing, although I don’t feel any compelling need to own a bottle.

Last week of school coming up.  I’d better get moving on those chore lists for June 14th…

Top image is Mom’s perfume bottles from annieo76 at flickr.  Lower image is July 4, 2008, Red Sox-Yankees at Jason Varitek’s unofficial fan website