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Scent Diary, Mar. 5-11, 2012


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La Rochelle Perfume Shop
Monday, March 5: It snowed this morning, about four inches in two hours. We had school anyway, even though we’ve only missed one day for snow this year. In my opinion, they should have been two hours late – the snow was quite slippery to walk in, and it stopped at around 9:30. (I know the Midwesterners are laughing. Well, y’all are prepared for snow. You budget for it, and everybody knows how to drive in it. Also, I doubt there’s any twisty-curvy-hilly roads at all where you live, where that’s pretty much a given around here. You try getting a minivan up a steep road curving around the side of a mountain sometime, and then we’ll talk.) SOTMorning: Aftelier Lumiere. SOTAfternoon: Muse de Coty.

Tuesday, Mar. 6: Snow yesterday, 55F today. Must be March. SOTAfternoon: SL Daim Blond. Worked on blog post and practice prom dress, boxed up and mailed out some things. Boring day. SOTEvening: Crown Bouquet. Continue reading →



Scent Diary, Feb. 27 – March 4, 2012


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Melu Deco Perfume Bottles Collection

(Is this not a cool poster?  Apparently this furniture company active in the 1920-1940 time frame produced perfume, too.  Some of these bottles are gorgeous.)

Monday, Feb. 27: Warm today! Fed the orphan calf (we’re gradually cutting down the amount of milk powder in his daily bottle since he seems to be getting plenty of nutrition), did some straightening up, made a grocery run, worked on the practice prom dress. (Urgh, had to rip out what I sewed. I totally stink at gathers.) SOTM: Muse de Coty. SOTA: Penhaligon’s Eau Sans Pareil, the rerelease (thanks, Claudia!), which is some really nice stuff.

Tuesday, Feb. 28: Another warm day. Sorted through my ‘fume collection, picking out the unloveds and the backups I have decided I don’t really need, and listed them for sale in a private group. Wrote a little, though I am very very frustrated at the moment with one of my characters. She’s stopped talking to me. A bigger problem at the moment is that I’m not sure how to shape the details of the crisis she’s going to go through. SOTD: testing Laurence Dumont Les Senteurs Gourmands Vanille Bourbon on one wrist, Clinique Happy on the other.

Gaze is going to the state Geography Bee! And so is his cousin Curiosity. That ought to be a lot of fun. Bookworm has been selected to go to Girls’ State – and we’ve just found out that Drum Major Camp (should she be selected at the auditions next month) will be the same week, so she’ll have to choose. Eep.

Wednesday, Feb. 29:  Listed the cull bottles for sale on my Facebook perfume-group page. I may go ahead and list them here as well, after my FB peeps have a shot at them – and then after a week or so here, they’re going to eBay. I’ve never sold on eBay, so that’ll be an experience. I’m not expecting to make money on these, but I’m not using them and figured that someone else might enjoy them more. SOTD: miscellaneous tester things too varied to name.

Thursday, March 1: Hey, my daffodils are popping up! I should go take a picture of them – they’re so cheerful. SOTD: Crown Bouquet. I love this green-green springy little scent, so full of hyacinth and galbanum and white flowers.

I’ve had this cold for five weeks now, and I’m not getting better. Also, I can’t sing. I should go see the doctor.

Friday, Mar. 2: Another warm day. SOTD: By Kilian Rose Oud, such a lovely rose. Finally got my act together and took some pictures of the things I’m planning to donate to the Do Good Smell Good sale for charity over at Scents of Self! Started to work on my review of Denyse Beaulieu’s book The Perfume Lover, which hits book retailers on March 15. (I think that’s in the UK; not sure when it will debut in the US.) The fragrance sample that came with it will be released later in the year by L’Artisan Parfumeur. It’s called Seville a l’Aube, and I’ll be reviewing that too, probably just after posting the book review.

Aaaaarrrrgh, I have GOT to move furniture and clean and prepare for painting the living room. It’s been needing to be done for a couple of years, but now is the time. I like to paint; I do not enjoy the pre-painting cleanup.

The CEO and I went to the Indian restaurant for dinner, followed by mall sniffery. The food was wonderful, if pricey, and my cup of Darjeeling smelled so magnificent that I dawdled with my food! Managed to locate a tester of Aromatics Elixir (whooo-eeee, that stuff could run you right out of the elevator! I swear, it’s the Incredible Hulk) and sprayed a scent strip with it. Nearly got kicked out of the car on the way home if I insisted on playing with the AE strip… so I stuck it back into the plastic bag for peace in the Camry.

I talked to the nice Chanel SA who used to live in our neighborhood, back when we had a neighborhood, before we moved to the farm: she’s Iranian, and her two children are just a bit older and younger than Bookworm. The three used to ride the same bus. She’s moved to the neighboring town now. (I’ve always wondered if her family caught some anti-Arabic social fallout after 2001, which was just before we built this house.) I’ve talked to her before about perfume. She’s not one of us fumeheads, perhaps – she likes Burberry Body “because it’s nice and light” – but she knows how much I like perfume, and that I probably will want to smell everything I can get my hands on and then not buy anything. She hauled out every carded sample she could find for me, which was sweet of her.

Saturday, Mar. 3: Housecleaning. Taz to haircut; Gaze to football practice. SOTMorning: Hanae Mori parfum and edt. More housecleaning. The boys have been cleaning their own bathroom, and it’s a disaster so I go back and clean it after them. Bleargh. SOTAfternoon, post-shower: Jo Malone Peony and Moss, pretty little thing.


Valletta, Malta

It’s the 40th anniversary of the Godfather movies, so they’ve been all over the classic-movie TV stations, and The CEO and I are watching them piecemeal. I want to visit Sicily and smell its orange blossoms and its ocean, see its pale walls and its lavishly-decorated churches and its blue sky… I’ve been thinking of Malta and our trip there almost a year ago. I never wrote much about Malta, and I should have. It is beautiful.

I always want to go back to the other countries I’ve visited, and The CEO doesn’t. He says that we’ve only got so much time and he wants to see everything. I want to go to a place and see it at different times, different weathers. Learn a little of the language. Talk to people. Order food on my own after eating enough of the local specialties to find out what I like. Live there. Be that crazy American lady who’s so enthusiastic about everything. Find a handful of places in the world to love.

Sunday, Mar. 4: Cold and windy today. SOTMorning: SSS Nostalgie, over the dregs of DSH Chypre oil I dabbed on last night after I’d watched too much of The Godfather and was cold in bed.

We had a lovely fire in the fireplace today. Watched part of Shrek on TV with the boys and then Worst Cooks on Food Network with Bookworm. Worked on the practice dress (gah, I HATE gathers). SOBedtime: Champagne de Bois.  Oh, hey, and I opened the sample bag from Friday night, and the strip with Aromatics Elixir on it smells really nice – very floral-soapy.  Surprise, surprise.




Scent Diary, Feb. 20-26, 2012


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Monday, Feb. 20: A snow day! The kids are out of school; they spent a good part of the morning sledding on the pasture hill behind the house. I had to get Hayley-dog in because she kept getting in the way of the sleds. In the afternoon, Bookworm went out with PETBoy to visit his mother’s grave, and then they came back to have dinner with us and watch a movie. SOTD: BK Pure Oud.

Tuesday, Feb. 21: Kids went back to school on a two-hour delay, though the snow was gone off all the nearby roads by yesterday. There are places in the county where the roads are curvy, unpaved, shadowed by trees and not heavily traveled. It’s often icy in those places before the sun’s been up for awhile. SOTMorning: DSH Spicy Carnation (Essense Oil). Such a pretty thing, not as polished as her lovely Oeillets Rouges, but very satisfying. The remnants of Pure Oud were still on my wrist from last night, and putting Spicy Carnation on top gave the impression of the gorgeous, vivid, killed-by-IFRA Floris Malmaison.

I should be working on a Fragrance Throwdown that I’ve been trying to do for weeks now – months, even. But I keep getting distracted by other things. Grrr. And Memoir Woman, I’ve been meaning to review that one for weeks as well. It still fascinates me.

In the afternoon, two delights in the mailbox: an ebay purchase of vintage Muse de Coty parfum de toilette (I could not resist bidding on it!) and an advance publicity copy of Denyse Beaulieu’s long-awaited book, The Perfume Lover, as well as a sample of the perfume that an experience from her past inspired. The fragrance was composed by Bertrand Duchaufour, in conjunction with Denyse (of Grain de Musc), and will be released by L’Artisan Parfumeur later in the year under the name Seville a l’Aube. More on both of these things very soon… I’ll just mention now that my bedroom smells beautifully of orange blossom.

Wednesday, Feb. 22: SOTM: Muse de Coty pdt – I’ll have to review this for AldeHo Dishes soon. Interesting stuff. SOTA: Le Temps d’une Fete. Gosh, how I’ve missed Le Temps…

Thursday, Feb. 23: Did laundry, read Joshilyn Jackson’s A Grown-up Kind of Pretty, worked on novel. Took Bookworm to see the physical therapist because she’s continuing to have some intermittent pain in her feet and legs. The PT said that he thought her muscles were becoming accustomed to the new motion of her feet now that her orthotics have corrected her extreme overpronation (feet turning in), and that they needed some extra stretching, so he gave her some stretching exercises to do. SOTD: Amouage Memoir. It was one of those days when I wanted to wear Silences, Le Temps d’une Fete, Chamade, the new L’AP Seville a l’Aube, and Memoir, all of them, and just didn’t have enough skin space (or mental space) to do so…

The CEO relayed to me this jaw-dropping snippet of conversation between some idly chatting students waiting for his Personnel Management class to begin:

Eric: Wait a minute – you go to church?

Megan: He–, yeah, I go to church every f—in’ Sunday!

Friday, Feb. 24: Warm day with rain and a tornado watch. We’re supposed to get a wicked cold front moving in overnight, so SOTM: Cuir de Lancome. Gosh, this thing smells awesome. SOTAfternoon: Amouage Epic Woman. I like this but I do not love it – it’s all peppery incense rose, and it’s nice, clearly good quality stuff, but no way would I even shell out for a decant that I wouldn’t wear. Bookworm had, unbelievably, nothing scheduled for after school today; she was home by 3:40, lugging her two backpacks and flipping that strawberry-blonde ponytail like she didn’t have a care in the world. That’s rare, these days. (She did have too much homework to allow her to take off and spend the evening with PETBoy. I feel sorry for him. We’ve hardly seen him lately, and he’s clearly suffering from a distinct and crippling Lack of Bookworm. She’d be suffering too, if she weren’t so worried about getting all her homework and extra-curriculars done…)

Saturday, Feb. 25: Housecleaning in the morning. Gaze went off to football conditioning. (I must be insane, letting my slight-boned kid play football. He really wants to, and he appears to have at least some skill for receiving. We’ll see how it goes this fall. Track practice starts week after next, and he wants to do that too.)

Then we were off to my parents’ house for a birthday dinner for my brother and his wife, who have birthdays two days apart. A nice afternoon/evening. Choppers D, their two-year-old son, is really growing! Speaking very, very fluently now, too. He remembered that at Thanksgiving, he “borrowed” Bookworm’s watch and wore it all day, and he asked to wear it again. “[Bookworm], I have your watch? I have it, please?” (Good thing her real name is easier to pronounce than “Bookworm.”) SOTAfternoon: Mary Greenwell Plum. Also testing a smidge of Tom Ford Black Violet on my left hand. Interesting stuff. Not my usual thing, but interesting.

Sunday, Feb. 26: This time last week, we were settling in for snow; we got about seven inches. That was the only snow that’s settled on the ground this entire winter, and I doubt we’ll get more. Bummer. Today the temperatures are supposed to be in the mid-50s. SOTD: Amouage Memoir Woman.

We did not watch either the Oscars or the NBA All-Star Game; we watched part of “Red October” on DVD with the kids until it was their bedtime, and then we watched Worst Cooks in America on the Food Network. I’d never seen that one before, probably because my TV has been locked onto ESPN on Sundays up until now! I love Food Network… went to sleep in Parfum Sacre.



Scent Diary, Feb. 13-19, 2012


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Perfume Collection

Monday, Feb. 13: Grocery shopping today. Wrote some on the novel. SOTD: Vintage (1980s) Coty La Rose Jacqueminot on one wrist, Teo Cabanel Early Roses on the other. I was thinking that I needed some more Early Roses because my decant is getting low, but honestly, I just love Parfums de Rosine Rose d’Ete so much for a quiet girly soft rose – I don’t really need anything else in that line. I really need to pare down my collection, pass the stuff I don’t wear on to people who would love it. La Rose Jacqueminot, of which I have a mini, is one of those things. I think it’s terrific, but I never wear it.

Tuesday, Feb. 14: SOTM: a smidge of SSS Velvet Rose on one thumb. Man, that’s some powerful stuff. SOTAfternoon & Evening: By Kilian Rose Oud. I had planned on wearing Liaisons Dangereuses and then Lumiere Noire pour femme, but I picked up Rose Oud thinking it was LD, and Rose Oud is just so darn nice that I couldn’t be bothered switching at that point. We had a nice family meal, baked chicken with ham and provolone and basil, and roast potatoes and green beans, and Chocolate Truffle Pie with strawberries. Yum. The kids watched an edited-for-TV showing of Star Trek (the 2009 movie with Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine, Karl Urban and Zoe Saldana) with us. Gave The CEO a large decant of Gres Cabaret, which is awesome on him, all spicy-musky. Continue reading →



Scent Diary, Feb. 6-12, 2012


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Perfume Junkie
Monday, Feb. 6: Errands today. Kids home early from school, due to parent-teacher conferences. Bookworm and Gaze had excellent report cards, and Taz’ was also good in terms of his academic grades. He did receive an “Unsatisfactory” in handwriting, however, and until further notice will be spending half an hour every day practicing writing legibly. Both his older siblings have miserable handwriting too, but at least you can read theirs! My handwriting isn’t all that great, either, but I can remember caring about it looking nice… seems like my kids don’t care at all. Sigh. SOTD: Liz Zorn Centennial, such a nice cozy fuzzy-peachy floral chypre.

Tuesday, Feb. 7: SOTM: various samply things. Worked on the “practice prom dress.” SOTEvening: YSL Paris. I had a miniature dabber bottle, but the plastic stopper split and would no longer seal the bottle, so I wound up decanting it into a glass atomizer. I like Paris. I’ve finally run across that greenish streak in it, where before I only noticed the pastel pink-and-purple rose-violet.

Wednesday, Feb. 8: It snowed just a bit this morning, but nothing stuck. The ground’s too warm. We’re going to get through this winter without any serious snow this year, darn it. I miss snow. I planned to go hit the mall to do some sniffery, so I did not wear any scent this morning. Instead, I did some laundry and wrote a little and reordered running shoes for Gaze, in the correct size this time.

This afternoon I went to Belk and attempted to cadge samples of fragrances, but the sales associates were unwilling to let me make my own. In fact, they sprayed the testers for me. (Must be store policy.) I sampled the following on tester strips: Chance EDT, EDP, and Eau Tendre, Cashmere Mist, Burberry Body, Light Blue, and Justin Bieber Someday. Of course, six hours later I can’t tell the difference between them by smelling the strips. I do remember what I thought of them when they were freshly sprayed. I asked to try Light Blue on my wrist, and then requested Sensuous Nude on the other wrist. That was hideous. It was only later that I realized that the SA had picked up the purple bottle of Sensuous Noir, not the flesh-toned one of Sensuous Nude. I didn’t notice at the time. I also asked for a big spritz of Beautiful on my scarf, to see if the Lauder base bothered me when it wasn’t on skin. Turns out that Beautiful is stunning on my scarf, thus ever-so-slightly reinforcing the idea that there is some strange kind of reaction between the Lauder fragrances and my skin. Continue reading →



Scent Diary, Jan. 30- Feb. 5, 2012


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"Perfumes," from pearled at Flickr.

Monday, Jan. 30: The CEO left this afternoon for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Board conference in Nashville. He’s been chairman of the bylaws committee, which has promulgated several important changes to the bylaws. (Don’t ask me what the changes are, I don’t know. I’m not keeping up with this farm-related organization stuff anymore, thank goodness.)

Went to Wal-Mart for some lining material, wearing Memoir Woman – and was complimented both by the woman who cut the material (“Oh, it’s your perfume that smells so good! I love it. It smells really nice.”) and the cashier (“You smell so good! What’s your perfume called? You know, it’s not loud, but it smells like perfume. It’s beautiful. I love it.”). So much for people who haunt the dreaded Mart of Wal having no taste!

Tuesday, Jan. 31: I’m not sleeping well. Did grocery shopping, tried writing some stuff. Can’t right now. SOTD: Dior Dune. Man, it’s a weirdie, isn’t it? A strange thing to find in a mainstream store. Continue reading →



Scent Diary, Jan. 23-29, 2012


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Photo by me

Monday, Jan. 23: Something happened this evening, and the rest of the day is now a blur. Did I wear anything? Not sure… oh yes, I did: SSS Nostalgie, which is gorgeous. I put it on in the morning and enjoyed it all day, and then Stuff happened, but I’m not relating it to Nostalgie and that is a very good thing.

Tuesday, Jan. 24: Bad day. Wore L’Arte di Gucci. Don’t want to talk about it.

Wednesday, Jan. 25: The kids are out of school for end-of-semester teacher workdays. Gaze fed the calf. Taz brought the dirty clothes to the laundry room. Bookworm went to the rehab center to have her orthotics adjusted. I’m making it through the day. Bolstering SOTD: Le Temps d’une Fete – sunny, golden, but with plenty of backbone. I was to have worked on a review of something else, but that just would not do. Continue reading →



Scent Diary, Jan. 16-22, 2012


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grandma's perfume collection

Grandma's perfume collection, from whimsicaljane at Flickr

Monday, Jan. 16: Rather windy and chilly. No school – it’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We built a fire in the fireplace and watched a marathon of the Lord of the Rings extended DVDs. Popcorn and hot chocolate, lots of laundry.

SOTD: various samples. SOTEvening: Shalimar Light, mmmmm.

Tuesday, Jan. 17: Did errands: fed the orphan calf, fetched Bookworm’s flash drive from the computer lab at Governor’s School, where she’d left it, bought groceries. Took Bookworm to the rehab center after school so they could look at her feet – turns out that she will probably not need massage and TENS therapy three times a week, because she simply has flat feet (bad genes on her father’s side of the family, for once!) and needs orthotics in her shoes. The physical therapist thinks that once her feet are in proper alignment with the orthotics, her plantar fasciitis will go away. SOTD: Agent Provocateur Strip. Continue reading →



Scent Diary, Jan. 9-15, 2012


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Winter 003 from bestofwallpapers.com

Monday, Jan. 9: Rainy days and Mondays… the new website is almost ready. It’s up now, but I’d still like to do some tweaking. There are a few ads up on it, and I’ve had to change the theme and header, so it looks different. But it will have the same content as before. SOTD: Fille en Aiguilles, which started out bad, and then went good, and then went absolutely dreadful.

Spent part of the morning helping The CEO and Jeff get up two bunches of cows and calves to be treated with their winter anti-pest meds and vaccinations against disease. Got muddy. Was very snarky about having three hours taken up with this sort of thing… grrr. Ruined a pair of shoes in the mud. (Okay, that was sort of my fault… it looked solid. I walked on it. It wasn’t. Grrrr.)

SOTE: Amouage Memoir Woman. Someday I’ll have a review of this written… someday. I can’t wrap my head around it. Continue reading →



Scent Diary, Jan. 2 – 8, 2012


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Montane Birch Forests in Torkilstoten (winter), by ArildV, from Wikimedia Commons

Monday, Jan. 2: Back to school! I managed to stifle my evil laughter as I dropped off the slaves (children) at school today. We put away the rest of the Christmas decorations, and I worked on a post or two. It is very cold and windy, with a high temperature of 30F, wind chill making it feel like 22F. Brrrrr. I did go get the boys from the bus stop, which is half a mile from the house. Hope the track team is running inside today.

No single SOTD today – I’m testing several things, including By Kilian Love (don’t be shy), DSH Marzipan, and a few other things I can’t remember now. Oh, yes – Amouage Honour Woman and SL Fourreau Noir.

We’ve had snow, starting at about 5pm and going through the evening, with about an inch of accumulation. I’m sure school will be delayed tomorrow. SOBedtime: DSH Chypre, which goes well with the wild wind outside and the warm covers on my bed.

Tuesday, Jan. 3: Woke up to two inches of snow and the snuggly leftover amber base of Chypre. The county schools went on two hours delay, which meant that Governor’s School was canceled, so poor Bookworm was able to get another couple of hours of sleep. It’s the dry, granular kind of snow, though, so although temperatures are in the low 20sF, the wind will blow most of it away as the day goes on.

SOTD: By Kilian Back to Black. It’s lovely rich honey-gingerbread tobacco for awhile, and then it goes cherry-Play-doh heliotropin. No.

I’m struggling a little bit with working on a novel set in a sticky Virginia summer, while snow swirls around outside and my windchimes are gonging away. (I love my windchimes – they’re large and tuned to a pentatonic scale, so that they are pleasant to listen to, not tinkly like the cheap ones.)

SOTEvening: Givenchy Organza Indecence. Yummy stuff. I made Joe Chicken for dinner (see recipe here), and then we watched Virginia Tech play Michigan in the Sugar Bowl. It was a nerve-wracking evening. (VT wuz robbed! Danny Coale caught that TD pass in bounds!)

Wednesday, Jan. 4: As predicted, the snow has mostly blown away. Temps are in the upper teens, though, and the wind chill factor makes it feel like 7 below zero. (Brrrrr!) SOTD: Carnal Flower. Omigosh, it’s so amazing. I only have a small decant which I treasure.

I’m working on porting my blog over from WordPress.com to webhostinghub.com. You’d think that it would be as easy as it was when I moved from Google Blogger (www.musesinwoodenshoes.blogspot.com) to WordPress’ blog host (http://museinwoodenshoes.wordpress.com) – but it isn’t. Arrrrgh! The new site actually exists now.

Thursday, Jan. 5: Frosty in the a.m., warmer by noon. I got a perm and my hair stinks, but it’s the price of beauty… SOTD: Amouage Honour Woman. First community chorus rehearsal of the new semester; we’re doing Haydn’s The Creation, which is early baroque stuff. Probably more interesting for us than for our audience, and although I love singing Bach and Handel, Haydn’s a little… well, obvious. He’s like early 50s rock-n-roll as compared to, say, Springsteen – the form was simpler when he was writing, so he hits you over the head with the classical approximation of “three chords and a bridge.” Oh well. SOTEvening: more Honour Woman.

Friday, Jan. 6: After dropping the boys off, I got drafted by The CEO to help move some cow-calf pairs from the Seven-Acre Field into the Barn Lot, because today’s weather was going to be nice, with temps in the upper 50sF and he needed to give them pour-on dewormers and their annual vaccinations. So I helped some and got yelled at a lot (“Bring ’em up! Don’t let those get past you! Go faster!”), and The CEO and Jeff worked 80 pairs today while I wrote a (quasi-) review of Amouage Honour Woman. Exhausting.

SOTMorning: Honour Woman. This was, obviously, before I had to go outside and chase cows. SOTAfternoon, post-shower: By Kilian Love and Tears, which smells very nice but bores me silly. Not a big jasmine fan. SOTEvening, right wrist: Anne Pliska, which strikes me as being something like Organza Indecence on steroids.

We indulged ourselves, and ate Little Caesar’s pizza for dinner tonight, along with green beans and salad. Yum.

Saturday, Jan. 7: Warm weather like yesterday. The CEO headed off with Gaze and Cory (who lives in the mobile home on the farm and sometimes helps us on weekends) to get up a cow-calf pair and treat them for a health problem. Bookworm left early this morning for an indoor track meet. I kept Cory’s little boy, Ty, who’s two. Taz helped keep Ty occupied, so the normal Saturday housecleaning took awhile. SOTD: Anne Pliska vs. Organza Indecence throwdown.

Sunday, Jan. 8: Weather still nice. SOTD: Sweet Redemption. The CEO and Gaze are deeply, deeply into playoff football, while Taz keeps clamoring to watch his new Harry Potter DVDs… Bookworm is off to church with PETBoy, and then spending the day with him. I think he’s even cooking lunch for her and his family today.

Still working on the new site and whipping it into shape. Just uploaded a new header photo taken with The CEO’s new camera, and it looks pretty good. The ads will not appear right away, but I’ve gotten the posts transferred and the blogroll rewritten.

If you know of any well-written, consistently-maintained blogs that I’ve missed, please do let me know! There are several I’ve added recently, and I dropped a few that are not being maintained, while leaving a few that have no new posts but which are so well-written that I still enjoy consulting them. (I really miss Rita of The Left Coast Nose – she might be my Evil Scent Twin as well as my ideological opposite, but I appreciate her passion and her personal investment in her blog, and while she’s in… Bolivia?… her sniffery blog is lying fallow. Perhaps she’ll take it up again at some point.)



Scent Diary, Dec. 26, 2011 – Jan. 1, 2012


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Image from lorislighteddlites.com

Monday, Dec. 26: Busybusybusy, mostly cleaning up from Christmas. SOTD: Um… nothing. Forgot. (Forgot! That’s just crazy.)

Bookworm was packing up her stuff for the marching band’s trip to the Champs Sports Bowl in Florida, where they’ll join several other bands to provide the halftime show. They’re also going to see the Blue Man Group, eat dinner at Medieval Times, go to the Universal Studios themepark and Islands of Adventure, and march in the Mini Macy’s Day Parade at Universal, as well as attend the bowl game and play the halftime show. Fun trip – for them, anyway. (You could not pay me enough to induce me to go as a chaperone to 72 teenagers, but there are plenty of parents going, such that there is one parent for each group of four kids. Better them than me, I say.)

Curiosity and Primrose came over and spent much of the day here with us, the kids playing football out in the yard with their cousins. That was lovely. Bookworm and PETBoy went out on another of their mysterious outings in which they go to visit his mother’s grave, and then they came back to have dinner with us and watch a DVD on the new big-screen TV.

I did put on a bit of B&BW Dark Kiss lotion before bed, which I like very much but have to limit my access to since it’s become Bookworm’s default fragrance. Had to get up at 2:20 a.m. to take Bookworm to the high school; the band bus was scheduled to leave at 3:30. Aargh.

Tuesday, Dec. 27: Slept late. Who wouldn’t? Broken night, and rain in the morning… good sleeping weather, as they say around here. SOTD: Amouage Memoir Woman. I had been considering Bottega Veneta. I’m determined to finish this darn review, even though I keep getting stuck on it. Is it better to review something new and well-done I don’t particularly like, or to go back into my stash and talk about something that isn’t all over the other blogs? I think it depends. I think I should discuss Bottega Veneta and how nice it is to see a mainstream release that’s not mindless – and also why I don’t like it.

I have something of the same feeling about Prada Candy. Although I like it, it doesn’t induce rapture, and I don’t think I have much of interest to add to the discussion of it. I think perhaps instead of separate reviews, I may do a post on gourmand fragrances in general, with mini-reviews. I love writing mini-reviews anyway.

I packed up all the Christmas wrapping stuff and put it in the attic. I reuse gift bags and tissue paper and bows if at all possible, only throwing them away when they’re irretrievably battered. This approach is slightly greener than wrapping everything in paper and throwing it away when used, but then I’m not terribly green (as in environmentally conscious) except where it is economically sensible and/or convenient. I recycle, of course, which involves taking paper/plastics/aluminum to the town recycling center once a month, which is neither convenient nor economically sensible, but rather a civic duty, in my opinion. But I won’t go so far as to insist on wrapping everything in dish towels. I like gift bags.

Wednesday, Dec. 28: SOTD: Champagne de Bois. Gaze helped The CEO move a bunch of cows and then doctor them (anti-pest pour-on medication to get them through the winter without worms and lice, and the annual disease-preventing shot).

Watched part of “Men Who Stare At Goats” (George Clooney, Ewan MacGregor) with The CEO. We’ve seen it before, and it’s just So Bizarre that I couldn’t take it and went to bed. SOBedtime: Havana Vanille.

Thursday, Dec. 29: Frosty-cold. Happy 17th birthday to PETBoy! SOTD: Amouage Memoir Woman. I must have worn this thing six times by now, and I still can’t figure it out. It’s wackalicious.


PCHS marching band in Orlando, photo by Nicole Ward. Bookworm's fourth from the left in the front row, with her gloves tucked up in her left epaulet strap.

We watched the Champs Sports Bowl (Florida State vs. Notre Dame) to see if we could get a glimpse of Bookworm and the PCHS marching band, but no dice. I hate it that you never get to see the halftime show when you watch a televised football game – except for the Super Bowl, but that’s not my kinda halftime show. You know me: I like marching bands, not the Black Eyed Peas.

The CEO and boys took down the Christmas tree today, because it was starting to get a little crunchy. We left up the garland and the electric candles in the windows, as well as the nutcrackers, which I usually leave on display until the second week of January because I lurves them so much.

Read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and enjoyed it very much. A strange novel, but delightfully strange (like Memoir, perhaps). Detractors on Amazon’s review pages don’t seem to like it because it “doesn’t make sense,” but it’s fantasy, people, it’s not supposed to “make sense.” The story’s coherent; just because you can’t explain what happens in it doesn’t mean it’s worthless. I was reminded of the bizarre and inexplicable and wonderful things that happen in Roald Dahl’s delightful classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Have these people never read Dahl? Probably not. Or they excuse the fantastic elements by saying, “Oh, it’s a kids’ book.” In any case, the author mentions Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab on her acknowledgements page, and I found that delightful as well. I hope that doesn’t mean that I’ll have to go and snap up BPAL imps now, which I have been avoiding doing. It would be so much better to go and sniff those in person. If they’ve got a Night Circus sample, I might have to get it. I’m guessing it would have notes of caramel apple and bonfire and popcorn, maybe the candles from the Wishing Tree, or the roses from the Ice Garden…

Friday, Dec. 30: My little desk, the one I keep my laptop on? It’s walnut. Well, it smells like Memoir Woman. Not surprising, of course, since I’ve worn it several times this week, but nice.

We took delivery of a new young bull today. The CEO wants to call him Hamlet, because his ear tag says… well, you guess.

I kept forgetting to put on perfume today, mostly because Memoir has stuck to me, even through a shower. Also, I am easily distracted when everybody is home. Aargh. The kids start school again on Jan. 2, so I won’t have to keep running the dishwasher twice a day. I finally put on a bit of Liz Zorn Centennial not long before bedtime. Cozy.

Saturday, Dec. 31: Warm today, in the low 50s. Fed the calf, cleaned the house. SOTD: Mary Greenwell Plum. The day’s mail contained a package from France (squee!), with a sample package of some of the L’Oeuvre Noire scents and all three of the Arabian Nights scents, because I had “liked” the By Kilian page on Facebook way back in October when they were offering this sample set. I’d been thinking about Sweet Redemption, so I nabbed that one right out of the package and spritzed it on. Whoa. Full review coming up (and I mean that this time, not like with Prada Candy and Bottega Veneta, which I really should review but can’t seem to find the enthusiasm for).

Bookworm came home this evening! So glad to see my girl; I missed her. Her brothers would say they didn’t miss her at all, but I notice they were pretty huggy with her.

Sunday, Jan. 1: Happy New Year! Church today, followed by the removal of most of the Christmas decorations, our New Year’d Day family tradition. SOTD: Sweet Redemption again.

My parents came by for a visit and took us all out for dinner, and that was lovely. SOTE: Mary Greenwell Plum. You know, I went back over the past year’s Scent Diaries and counted up the number of times I wore fragrances, and Plum was the thing I wore most often. (Duh, right?) The fragrance next on the frequency list was Alahine, and I wore Plum twice as often as I wore Alahine!



Scent Diary, Dec. 5-11, 2011


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My nutcracker collection. Can anybody guess which one is my favorite? Hint: it's the oldest one in the ranks. I think I was 17 or 18 when my grandmother gave him to me.

Monday, Dec. 5: Arrgh. Tired. Grocery shopping and some running errands today. SOTD: Tabac Aurea, very lightly spritzed. I once put three spritzes on – neck and both wrists – and about died. Way too strong.

Every time I try to sit down and write on my NaNo novel, I can’t get anything done. I think maybe I just need to set it aside and do Christmas stuff and pick it up again in the new year. It needs some time to perk.

Tuesday, Dec. 6: Rain, off and on. Wearing a tiny bit of Carnal Flower in the morning, and then later, testing Bottega Veneta (for review).

The CEO took Taz off to the 4-H Dramatic Reading contest for the county elementary schools. He read from My Father’s Dragon (great book!) and did well, but not well enough to go on to Regionals. Bookworm and I went to Gaze’s Christmas band concert, and that went very well, too.

Wednesday, Dec. 7: Rain, all day. Did some laundry, put out some Christmas decorations, went over to my aunt’s house to pick up a few linens from my late grandmother’s stash, since her townhouse has been sold. SOTD: Prada Candy (also for review).

Thursday, Dec. 8: Clear and cold. SOTMorning: Bottega Veneta again.

Another shocking occurrence at Virginia Tech today: a man shot a campus police officer while the officer was doing routine traffic stops, then ran elsewhere on the campus and eventually shot himself. While the incident was being investigated, and while it was unclear whether the second body was that of the shooter, the university was in lockdown. It was a stressful afternoon for both The CEO, who is one of the Emergency Coordinators for the building where he teaches, and for me, because I’d been expecting him home for lunch.

No one other than the officer and the shooter were hurt, but good grief, that was well past enough, wasn’t it? It’s so strange that Blacksburg, which is still in so many ways a small and friendly town even when full of 24,000 students, should harbor such violence.

SOTAfternoon: Teo Cabanel Alahine, a lovely comforting thing for the ugly day. Also tried a wee bit of By Kilian Rose Oud on the back of one hand, and it’s very nice as well.

Went to a band parent informational meeting concerning the band’s trip to the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando later in the month, then zipped off to chorus rehearsal. Our concerts will be Sunday afternoon and Monday evening.

Friday, Dec. 9: Clear and cold again in the morning, with afternoon highs at 50F. I did a bit of laundry and wrapped a few gifts with Gaze, who was home sick. No scent until late in the afternoon, and then I went looking for a sample of Soivohle (Liz Zorn) Quan Yin. Couldn’t find that, so I went for Frederic Malle Noir Epices. Mmmm.


Cows in the Twenty Acre Field behind the house. The old farrowing shed is now used to shelter orphaned calves; we call it The Guest House.

The CEO sold two full trailer loads (approximately 120 yearling calves) to a feedlot in Iowa today. He was very, very pleased, because the steers weighed 830 pounds on average and the heifers averaged out at about 765 pounds – they’re not too fat, but they are big and growing well, and should therefore be worth more than The CEO had figured them to be.

I made an absolutely beautiful apple pie. We ate half of it.

Saturday, Dec. 10: Bookworm’s off to an indoor track meet (all day). The rest of us cleaned up and wrapped presents and got a few more Christmas decorations out. I really like to do it a little bit at a time. Next weekend we’ll put up our tree. I also did quite a bit of online shopping, and I’m closer to being finished with the shopping tasks.

Bookworm ran well in the 1000 meters (a middle distance), with a personal record of 3:27, and also a PR in the 3200m (about 2 miles) of 12:37. Yay!

SOTD: SL Arabie, which I found interesting but uncomfortably foody until very late into the drydown, when I suddenly picked up a hint of myrrh, which I like very much.

Sunday, Dec. 11: Frosty. Made biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast, wrote checks to cover the honoraria for our community chorus instrumental accompanists, and got dressed for the concert.

Since there was a request repeated for singers to not wear perfume the day of the concert, I cheated: cotton ball spritzed with Iris Poudre, dropped down into my, um, brassiere. I could smell it, but just barely, and I doubt it bothered anyone.

The concert went fairly well, except for that one song where we went flat and I could hear it going but one person can’t do much to bring the pitch up. (One person, like one bad apple in a barrel, can bring the choir down.) Aargh. We had several instruments beside our usual piano/organ accompaniment: a harp, a guitar and a string bass, an additional piano, tubular bells, and a brass quartet from the high school band. This group included PETBoy, who did a beautiful job as usual, as did the rest of the kids.

Went on to church at 5:30, which is an awkward time if you ask me. Nobody wants dinner before we leave, and the service goes until 7, and we take 40 minutes to get home, and then the earliest you can eat is about 8:00 pm, which is a time when we’re usually getting kids into a pre-bedtime shower. Aargh.

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