Fragrances for the Fourth of July


I’m sure that somewhere there exists the perfect Independence Day perfume. Somebody’s probably made one that encapsulates excitement, freshly-cut grass, summer heat, the sound of children playing, sunscreen, a baseball game, aunts gently bickering over who’s going to wash the dishes (“I’ll get this, you go sit down.” “No, you did it last time. It’s my turn.”), hamburgers on the charcoal grill and Cousin Willie Maude’s special dill potato salad, watermelon seed-spitting contests, uncles playing horseshoes, ice-cream cones, fireflies and the acrid smoke of fireworks.

No? Nobody’s managed to get that into a fragrance yet?

Oh well.

I’ll just go enjoy the real thing, and try to get pieces of it out of a couple of different scents. I may wangle the watermelon and good-smelling aunts out of Juicy Couture parfum. Or I may decide to get the barbecue grill, the ice cream, and the fireworks smoke out of Cartier Le Treizieme Heure. I may wear both of those in succession.

I wish everyone reading a wonderful day today. American readers, I hope you enjoy the holiday and the blessings of liberty. If you’re wearing scent today and would like to share what makes the day special for you, we’d love to read it!