Mini-Reviews Roundup, May 24, 2012

The short version: Two duds and a perfectly acceptable fragrance this week.

La Prairie Life Threads Platinum – I haven’t heard much about this thing in a couple of years, since La Prairie put out its Life Threads trio. This was the one that perfumistas seemed to like best, but after smelling it on my skin, I have to wonder whether it was mere comparison to Pink Sugar and frooty florals that made an impression. Platinum is vaguely chypre-ish, but manages to be both soapy and thin. My first thought: Kudos for the game plan, but zero points for execution.

After it’s been on skin for about two hours, it reminds me of the faded far drydown of Deneuve or Miss Dior (though less powdery than Miss Dior). It’s quite wearable at that point, but still far too thin. I can’t imagine who actually bought this. Why wouldn’t you just go buy a bottle of not-too-ancient Miss Dior on Ebay? Heck, even current Miss Dior might be an improvement. Or if you really like chypres, why not buy DSH Perfumes’ perfectly-stunning (if not very β€œme”) Pandora, or Vert pour Madame? Continue reading Mini-Reviews Roundup, May 24, 2012