Tuesday Roundup: Perfume mini-reviews, Jan. 23, 2012

Onorio and Ruben from charliellewellin at Flickr, some rights reserved
Onorio and Ruben from charliellewellin at Flickr, some rights reserved

Got several indie reviews for you: DSH and CocoaPink, plus a Montale. Not everything on the DSH website is going to suit everybody – but there’s certain to be something for everyone. I don’t do well with the heavy balsamics, but I hear that for those who love such things, Dawn’s are regarded as being absolutely wonderful. And all-naturals tend to up and flit off me after about half an hour, but her Rose Vert is gorgeous and sticks around for hours. I miss the duplicates of classic scents (they’re discontinued and mostly out of stock), but Dawn has begun to create several vintage-inspired scents that are getting a lot of love on the perfumista front: Pandora, Vert pour Madame, Mirabella.

I first heard of CocoaPink via Annemarie at Beauty on the Outside – she likes the Chergui dupe. The scent list is skewed (drastically) to the sweet side, and some of the names are really silly, but I liked a couple of the offerings. The company seems more focused on body products than straight-up perfume, and the fragrances are not all that terribly complex, but the body butter is really nice and rich, and it’s a bargain for strongly scented, emollient body butter if you like sweet stuff.

DSH Perfumes Fleurs d’Oranger – inspired to test more orange blossom scents after the success of the Serge Lutens fragrance and By Kilian Sweet Redemption, as well as the orange blossom part of Elie Saab, I ordered a sample of Dawn’s Fd’O from her Les Rouges line of Beaux Arts Parfums. It’s a pretty, orange-flavored orange blossom with wafts of neroli, veering soapy like most orange-blossom fragrances on me, but for a shorter period of time. It’s not soapy for long, and eventually pulls up a really pretty beeswax-vanilla base. Lasts quite well.   Very lovely, and if you liked Sweet Redemption, you might want to try this one.

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Tuesday Roundup: Fragrance mini-reviews, January 17, 2011

Onorio and Ruben

Sorry for the delay in posting – I had to give the orphan calf Sammy a bottle this morning, and then I had to go pick up a crucial resource for Bookworm’s science fair project (boy, is she gonna owe me!  I’m going to demand a clean room. And hugs).

Carolina Herrera – I ought to have liked this. You know me and my tuberose lust – I saved the sample for a year or so just so I could do a review for the Tuberose Series. And this is really gorgeous for the first ten minutes: a full-blown sunny oh-baby tuberose-jasmine combination, after which it goes soapy and sour for the next three hours. After three miserable test wearings, I have Officially Given Up on this one.

Bottega Veneta – I applaud the idea of a mainstream perfume, available in department stores, not smelling like candy or froot* or frooty candy or the doofiest, lowest-common-denominator mall juice. I applaud the idea of a pleasant, wearable leather scent for grown women. I further applaud the advertising campaign not showing naked women writhing in pseudo-sexual bliss, but focusing on a fully-dressed woman alone in a lovely landscape.

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