Summer Smells

Summer Landscape Nature Wallpaper, from

Summer Landscape Nature Wallpaper, from

So it’s really summer around here these days. Middle 90s F yesterday, and humid, ugh.  My purple clematis is going crazy right now, and last night after we waved goodnight to our Bible study group members, the fireflies came out.

On clear nights you can see a bazillion stars.

Yesterday I mowed the grass (again). Yesterday I cooked some fresh corn. Yesterday there was a floral sweetness to the air that I couldn’t identify, but it said SUMMER to me, and on top of that was the smashed-green smell of the weeds the boys and I pulled out of the flower bed near the sidewalk. Yesterday I brought the sheets in off the clothesline and buried my nose in their clean dry smell. Yesterday I cut up a watermelon, and a quart of strawberries.

I’ve been hanging my American flag out because I like the way it looks, so crisp and staunch against the softness of the daisies and clematis and butterfly bush blooming near it.  And I’ve been grilling out a lot too – hot dogs and chicken breasts primarily, and it’s about time we made hamburgers again.

Now I only need a few other smells to make it really summer: the smell of a campfire and S’mores made over it, the hot sweet smell of grass drying into hay in the sun, and the smell of the pool: chlorine, Bomb Pops, and old-fashioned suntan oil, which had a different odor than the sunscreen my mother slathered all three of her fair-skinned children (two of them red-headed) with.  Oh, and I haven’t been to a baseball game yet this summer either – I need the air to be full of the waft of beer and popcorn and sausage with peppers at least once, to make it summer.

What does summer smell like for you?

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4 Responses to Summer Smells

  1. sacre bleu says:

    Summer smells like corn husks and English pea pods and tomato vine. It is the smell of old metal screens struck by blinding rain, and of porch dust and tomorrow’s housework. Summer smells of pine grove: wet, dry, and in-between. It smells of ocean spray and fried clams and beach sweat. The rope on the tree swing, the smoke from an outdoor fire of apple wood, and the lingering pool chemicals on a swim suit all say, “Summer.”

  2. Julie says:

    Summer out here on the west coast smells much different from the summers growing up in MD. Here it is lots of jasmine (star jasmine mostly, not the real stuff) and dryness. Smells that evoke summer to me are cut grass, pool chlorine, and hot wet asphalt after a quick summer thunderstorm. I miss those a lot, and the fireflies.

    • mals86 says:

      My sister is visiting this week from TX and she says it is all brown out your way, very dry. I had given her her birthday present early, and it included a B&BW HOneysuckle candle, which made her nearly cry because she said it made her think of our mom taking us to swim practice early in the morning, with the windows down and all the honeysuckle blowing in… Sigh.

      We had a rainstorm… actually we had several rainstorms this week (seems like the East is getting alllll the West’s rain this summer), and we got that beautiful rain smell from it. Just gorgeous. Petrichor, I think it’s called.

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