Stuff, late October 2013

I’ve been busy writing.

And with other things… like band boosters. And church.

Also, I started to make Bookworm’s roommate a warm scarf in Yale colors, but I find that I am going to have to stop crocheting altogether, because I think I have bursitis in my wrist now. Ow. It hurrrrrts. (Ibuprofen will only do so much.)

It got COLD all of a sudden. We had a quarter inch of snow this morning. Yes, snow! It’s 9:30 and it’s not all melted yet, either.  Had a lovely fire in the fireplace last night.  Good thing I potted up the gardenia plants into real pots last week and brought them into the house, or they’d be frozeded.

Bookworm is home this week, so we’re hanging out some. She’s been helping me feed Rachel the calf; maybe I’ll get some pictures today and post them soon. Rachel’s gotten very aggressive and if you’re not actually feeding her she’ll try to chase you to get whatever food might be on you; that is, when I go into her enclosure to give her fresh water, she tries to suck on my jeans, my arm, anything she can reach. It’s annoying, especially if I wore something that I would like to keep wearing for the rest of the day, because NOW it’s got calf spit/half-chewed grass on it.

Gaze’s cross country races have been going fairly well.  He broke his sister’s PR a couple of weeks ago. Also, he looks good in band uniform.

Gaze, in the middle of a recent marching band show. Pic taken by The CEO.
Gaze, in the middle of a recent marching band show. Pic taken by The CEO.

The VBODA Marching Assessment was held this past weekend; our high school hosts this official festival for our region, so I was at the high school from 8 am to about 7 pm, while The CEO went to the XC meet so he could bring Gaze and Grey (tenor sax) back in time for them to march. This assessment is held by the Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors’ Association, and detailed critique of each band’s show is made as well as scoring; if a band scores a Superior in both their Marching Assessment and the Concert Assessment in the spring, they will be named a Virginia Honor Band. Our band did get their Superior, and it is a tough score to nab at VBODA! There were several years that our band’s marching assessment was only Excellent, knocking them out of Honor Band qualification. But they got it this year.

Taz is planning his Halloween costume. This morning he told me that since next Thursday was “Science Day” at school, he would like to be a Roman scientist.  Yeah, I was confused too. He explained that he would of course wear sandals (of course!), plus white shirt and white shorts with a red belt. Because that’s ROMAN, Mom.

Taz' costume last year. He makes a pretty great Roman soldier, yeah? (Gaze drew the abs on that "armor.")
Taz’ costume last year. He makes a pretty great Roman soldier, yeah? (Gaze drew the abs on that “armor.”)

I asked if he wouldn’t prefer a costume that he didn’t have to explain… like a GREEK scientist. “Yeah, okay,” he said.  So he’s going to be Archimedes. (Clothed. Not leaping naked out of the public bath shouting “Eureka!”)

Bookworm at the Yale-Cornell game. Photo courtesy "ypmb photog".
Bookworm at the Yale-Cornell game. Photo courtesy “ypmb photog”.

Here’s a pic of Bookworm in her Yale Precision Marching Band uniform, playing her sax.  (“Precision,” in this instance, is a joke. It’s a scatter band.) She’s having a blast with it, and also with playing intramural Ultimate Frisbee. Classes seem to be going well, too.

Oh, yeah, perfume… have been wearing it. Have been wearing all kinds of things that were still in the cabinet last time I wrote:

Balenciaga Rumba, because when we turned the heat on we got that nice “hot dust” smell. I love that smell. Rumba smells like that in the drydown. You do have to ride out the stewed fruit to get there, but I think it’s worth it. At the same time, I don’t wear it very often.

Shalimar Light, because it is a lemon custard delight without being simply foody.

Coty Chypre parfum, the Real Deal, because it is simply awesome. Earthy in the very best way.

Amouage Memoir Woman, because it is a tour de force of Weird and Gorgeous.

Lancome Climat, because it is both ladylike and dirty, and because it always reminds me of a certain childhood memory. (I should write about that sometime.)

Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur, because it is yummy creamy tubey-ylang.

Lanvin Arpege parfum, vintage, because it is autumnal in a beautiful sandalwoody-vetivery way.


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