Scent Diary Summary, Mar. 17-30, 2014

I didn’t keep up with Scent Diary on a regular basis, so I’m just going to summarize what’s been going on.

Weather: from beautiful to icky and back.  Over the past two weeks, we’ve had sun, rain, SNOW, sleet, wind, cloud, more sun, warm balmy spring weather and nasty-end-of-winter-weather.  Bleargh.

Farm: The CEO did the taxes. Bleargh. But we have lots of new baby calves running around in the Pond Field and the Twenty-Acre Field.  In other news, when Hayley-dog went running with Gaze yesterday, she killed a groundhog. By herself.

groundhog holeYou have to understand the farmer mentality concerning groundhogs: they are destructive to just about all our farm endeavors. They are literal pests. They dig holes which then become very hazardous to cattle – and trucks and tractors.  If a cow steps into a groundhog hole, she’s likely to break her leg, and since there is no good way to put a cast on a cow, she will then have to be slaughtered. (That’s if you can even salvage her, given the newish restrictions on cattle going to slaughter requiring that all cattle be ambulatory. This rule was meant to prevent animals with Mad Cow Disease from entering the food pipeline, which nobody wants, but since it also prevents animals with broken limbs or physical breakdown from being legally slaughtered, that means anywhere from $800 to $1500 wasted when you have to shoot the cow and send her to the landfill.) And twice now The CEO has run the front tires of the John Deere 3020, the “tricycle” tractor, into a groundhog hole and snapped the front axle. THAT’S expensive too. So – groundhogs are definitely Animalia Non Grata around here. The CEO will do his best to try to run over every single one he sees, and if anybody calls and asks if they can shoot groundhogs on the farm, he’s all, “Sure, come over, we’ll make you brownies! Just let us know when and where you’ll be shooting.” Sure, Punxsutawney Phil is cute, but he’s in a cage.

Fragrance: Still testing multiple things, from Scent on Canvas, Oriza L. LeGrand, and EstherP, as well as a few other random sample vials.  However, my usual Spring Suspects, the greenies, are out in full force too: Chamade, Le Temps d’une Fete, Chanel No. 19, Amoureuse. Other things I’ve been wearing include white florals like Tatiana, Black Orchid Voile de Fleur, and Carnal Flower; I even put on three sprays of Poison last night before bed. (No, I did not asphyxiate anyone. Honestly, I keep saying this, but white florals sink in on me and don’t reach out to choke people the way they often can. I haaaaated Poison back in the day when everyone was wearing tons of it, but there’s something about the orange blossom in it that makes it soft on me. It’s actually pretty.) Weil de Weil is another green/floral chypre I’ve been wearing, and of course Mary Greenwell Plum has been getting some wear.

I recently bought a small vintage bottle of Prince Matchabelli Cachet for the nostalgia value, since it was one of the few I owned as a teenager. That one my mother picked out for me, and upon resmelling it, I understand why she did. It is an astoundingly prim thing, and sits somewhere on the green-iris-rose-aldehydes-vetiver-musk continuum that stretches from Silences to No. 19 to Madame Rochas. I dislike Madame Rochas – it’s too vetivery and dry for me, not floral enough – and now I remember why I nearly always preferred my Karl Lagerfeld Chloe: Cachet, though it has aldehydes and florals and moss, is predominantly vetiver and musk. It’s a rather grown-up fragrance at this point. Still pretty, but too restrained for me. I like my flowers.

Music: I may be forced to enter the 21st century with regard to music technology.  See, what with all the mix tapes The CEO and I still have leftover from college (so SUE US, it was the ‘80s) and all the CDs we started buying when we got OUT of college… we haven’t yet moved on to mP3 players. Bookworm has a 2006 iPod she won in a drawing, and Gaze has an El Cheapo thing similar to an iPod Shuffle, but we still have the stereo system The CEO bought from his sister’s boyfriend in 1991. Except that we had to replace the 5-CD changer when we had an electrical power surge five or so years ago. Even then, it was a pain to even find such a thing, and Best Buy only had two or three of them.

Well, on her way out the door with some CDs to listen to in her dad’s car on the way to Union Station in DC, where Bookworm was going to take the train back to Yale, she bumped the CD player. It hit the wall. That seems to have damaged something inside the thing – it turns on, but it won’t turn off, and none of the buttons work now. You can’t open it, you can’t skip disc, you can’t do ANYTHING. So. The CEO wants to get a new one, but I’m thinking that at this point it might simply be easier to move on to an iPod or equivalent with a speaker deck. I can transfer all the CDs to the iPod, can’t I?

Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith
Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith

You know how in Men in Black, Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones, I love me some TLJ) says to the new recruit, Agent Jay (Will Smith), while holding some tiny little gadget on his palm, says, “This is gonna replace CD’s soon; guess I’ll have to buy the White Album again…”? Well. I’m in that position, I think.

Also, I recently discovered Pandora. It’s much better than radio. MUCH.

Books: Have been rereading Colleen McCullough’s novels on the Roman Republic, starting with The First Man in Rome.

Projects: Finally put away most of the winter décor and candles and wreaths, and got out the Eastery things. Also, I hemmed three pairs of pants for Bookworm (I buy her petites, but her jeans are always two inches too long!) and mended a pair of pants for myself. Now I just need to replace the foam pad on the seat of a wooden desk chair. (If I think long enough I’ll come up with more projects. Some of them should include decluttering.)

Look for some reviews to come this week. I know, I promised them last week, but… um… I lied. Sorry.


11 thoughts on “Scent Diary Summary, Mar. 17-30, 2014”

  1. I dislike ground hogs and ground squirrels for the exact same reasons. Last year my garden died from the underground up.
    Wow, Bookworm must be a petite little thing if you hem petite jeans. Ralph Lauren makes a 27″ inseam jean. They just had a sale on them last weekend at Bloomingdale’s online. I usually get them in the 29 inch inseam, because I like my jeans long. Gap petite jeans are also short. I like that they’re both under $1oo a pair. I just don’t understand spending $200 on a pair of jeans. I’d prefer it if they were $30.

    Took the plunge and bought some Jacomo Silences Sublime. Loving every note of it. Thanks for reviewing it and mentioning where you bought it.

    Hope your weather continues to become more spring like.

    1. She IS petite! 5′ 1/2″. Her jeans are Levi’s curvy petite or… I think she’s got some Mossimo too. Also hemmed a pair she found at a thrift shop in New Haven, don’t remember what those are. Unfortunately she has a tiny waist in proportion to her hips, and she has athletic thighs, so it’s tough to find anything that fits her body. So when we find those, we buy four pairs – and HEM.

      I don’t tend to have trouble with anything digging up the garden, but of course groundhog holes in the pastures are really terrible. I don’t thrill at the idea of dead groundhogs, but I’ll tell you it was super-painful getting the tractor fixed!

      It is a gorgeous springy day today. Glad you’re enjoying the Silences Sublime – it really is very lovely. Does it remind you of Chanel No. 19 at all?

  2. Heya,
    Don’t worry to hurry with the reviews. I love your reviews but your family life and scent diaries are the only ones of their kind. They are FAN TAS TIC.
    Yes, you can CD to iPod, I did mine with an iMac desktop though. Just slide in the CD and it steals the info in seconds.
    Portia xx

    1. Thank you for the kind words, dearie, they mean a lot.

      I have been loading my favorite CDs onto my laptop for the last few days… now to transfer them to the mp3 player. Which I’m figuring will be a drag-and-drop kind of affair – easy peasy, compared to taping to cassette from the radio, the way we did it back in the day!

  3. I suddenly had a flash of Bill Murray from Caddyshack–danged gophers! I understand your dislike of the critters, nay, varmints! Good dog and running buddy 😀

    Mals, it’s fun to hear about your perfume, your family adventures, pretty much whatever–you have a unique voice. It’s fun to check in on what’s up in your world. If we talk perfume, cool. I’m back on a rose kick this week. Weird roses. Agent Provocateur, Rose 31, Cartier Goutte de Rose…mebbe more pretty rose with Stilettos on Lex mañana. Last week it was oddball musks. I go in cycles. Have fun uploading tunes to your MP3 player, and be well.

    1. Yes, exactly, that darn gopher! I haven’t gone out of my way to run any groundhogs down, but The CEO does. (Eep.)

      Glad to hear people like knowing what’s going on here with us. GLad you’re reading!

      Weird roses, huh? and oddball musks? (“Oddball musks” is actually a hilarious phrase. Nobody not a perfume-head would even get that one!) I’ve been keeping up with Scent Diary over the last couple of days, so that should be back on track soon as well as those reviews…

  4. The front end has come off the 3020 THREE times. Dad was driving it all 3 times. (It was twice in one field, once in another.)

    Get a new CD player. It’s possible to transfer all the CDs to an MP3, but still. (The old one was only a one CD one.)

    1. EHhhh. Got to go look for CD player. Your dad wants a changer that you can program.

      I might have known you would know the exact frequency with which the axle has been broken. 🙂

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