Scent Diary, September 6-12, 2010

Monday, Sept. 6: Labor Day.  Time to put away your white shoes if you haven’t already (I no longer own any white shoes, even sandals!).   Gorgeous weather, sunny and cool.  Virginia Tech had classes today, so The CEO went off to his office/classroom and missed my family cookout.  I made a completely new recipe that turned out well: Root Beer Float Cake.   The NAPA store was open, but I didn’t go in.  I don’t think it’s all that unfair that I didn’t have to go in – I’m part-time help.  As such, I don’t merit health insurance or paid vacation or overtime (when I work more than I usually do), so the occasional (unpaid) holiday is kinda nice. 

Wore PdN Le Temps d’une Fete, lovely sunny-grassy-meadow thing.  Gosh, I love it.  In this weather, it’s more hay-wood-moss-patchouli than floral, and bears very little resemblance to Chamade, but in the spring it will smell more like spring blooms to me.

We made the kids go to bed at halftime, but The CEO was up late watching VT battle Boise State at FedEx Field.  It was either an exciting or a nerve-wracking game, depending on whether you care who wins.   

Tuesday, Sept. 7:  Because The CEO cared who won that game last night, I have been instructed to hide the sports section of the newspaper from him today. 

SOTD: Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere.  The weather was much hotter today, in the low 90s, but 5EP has never been the wrong choice.

Wednesday, Sept. 8: Another hot day, in the upper 80s.  SOTD, from a tester at Walgreens: Calvin Klein Euphoria, which smells like a cross between Coco Mlle. and B&BW Dark Kiss – i.e., not all that pleasant.    Three cheers for my boss, for giving everyone a performance bonus!  Now… how shall I spend it?  Serge Lutens?

Kidding.  Kidding kidding.  It’s $50, and I need a new pair of brown leather casual shoes, to replace my square-toe heeled mules.  I love the way they look, actually, but the insoles are disintegrating, and if I put a new insole in there, they won’t fit.  And to be honest, they’ve never been exactly comfortable.  I’m not seeing this style currently available, so they must be dated now, but there ain’t no waaaay I’m buying those peep-toe wedge booties I keep seeing on models lately.  Urgh.  That trend’ll be gone next year, I’ll bet, or at least I hope so.  I don’t find it flattering to anybody’s legs, even slender models’ legs.  Maybe a shoe-boot would work for me – one with a snip-toe, less square than the old ones but not pointy?  $50 will get me at least partway to a new pair of something, anyway.   Shoe shopping is always a pain if you have weird feet (mine are wide, with both a high instep and a narrow heel – which is why mules tend to work great for me).  

Thursday, Sept. 9:  The furniture guys delivered new mattresses for the boys today, as well as a TV stand to replace our old hand-me-down entertainment center.  And instead of taking Gaze to the doctor, I took his stitches out myself, since two of them had already worked their way out and the other three came out easy as pie.  His hand seems to be healing fine – it’s  going to have a thin scar, but it’s faded to pink already, with no oozy bits or pus at all.  SOTD: Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur.  I still love its pretty-slash-dangerous vibe.

Friday, Sept. 10:  Hey, I just picked up a vintage bottle of Poison Esprit de Parfum via eBay. Just think of the wrath I can visit upon my children in the future – Don’t make Mom angry, or she’ll summon the Cloud of Poisonous Death!  Bwa-ha-ha!  At the very least, I’ll have something to compare the modern version with for a review.  I’d like to get back to retesting for the Bois des Iles – Champagne de Bois Throwdown, but the latter part of the week has been too hot.  I’m not breakin’ out the woody scents until the mercury stays under 74F.  Arpege, anyone? Samsara?  No?

 SOTD: L’Arte di Gucci.  It too is an intense sort of scent, but the hot pink rose and the green gardeny chypre stuff keep it from being too heavy in this weather.  I still prefer to dab it very lightly, so I’ve decanted from my spray bottle – which is an awkward, unwieldy thing to hold – into a roll-on bottle. 

The high school football game was Away and the marching band went, so poor Bookworm got home a little after midnight, tired and starving.  This bodes ill for Saturday’s track meet – a really big multi-regional one.

Saturday, Sept. 11:  The CEO was able to get tickets to the Virginia Tech – James Madison game in Blacksburg today, so he took Gaze with him.  Bookworm was off to that big track meet, and Taz was coughing and running a fever yesterday, so I stayed home and cleaned per usual. 

It started raining shortly before kickoff, rained hard all afternoon, and VT lost.  Lost.  To JMU.  I decided it might be wise to take down the VT flag and put up the US flag before Gaze and The CEO got home.  Losing to JMU? Utter disaster.  The only good thing about this is that nobody in this house will be making jokes about UVa football for quite a while.  (Go Cavs!)

Bookworm came in 7th out of 144 girls in her section of the race; I think she was 23rd overall out of about 320.  Which isn’t bad, mind you, not at all.  And her time dropped about 9 seconds from last week’s time, but this was a flat course as opposed to the hilly one they ran last week.  She might do comparatively better on rough terrain, though – not because she runs better on it, but because she’s not as affected by the hills as some of the other girls are.    I’m proud of her – especially since she’s doing so much and working so hard.

SOTD: Bois des Iles, since the rain has cooled things off quite a bit.  Later in the evening, I wore Champagne de Bois.

Sunday, Sept. 12: Taz is better.  (But now my throat hurts, so I’m probably getting his bug.)  SOTD: Bois des Iles on my right arm, Champagne de Bois on my left.  It’s been fun getting input from family members on which one they like better at which stage, and why.  The answers keep changing.  Throwdown review is being written at the moment, so you should expect to see it by Wednesday at the latest.

I am behind on swaps and ‘fume stash transactions, so I beg your patience if you’re waiting for a package from me!  I’ll get to it, I promise…  soon, I promise!

Photo of perfume collection is from user true68 at Fragrantica.  I’m not fond of the new Chloe, but the bottle is really pretty, and isn’t this an attractive, well-framed shot?


10 thoughts on “Scent Diary, September 6-12, 2010”

  1. I can’t wear to hear your take on the Bois des Isles/Champagne de Bois, since I’ve recently been comparing the two myself – once September hits here, woody fragrances do just fine. (It’s the strangest thing, because we often have the hottest days of the year the last two weeks of August, but the moment September arrives…. Boom! Leaves start changing on the trees. Must have something to do with the high Rocky mountain altitudes. And, ya know, Canada….)

    And I totally hear you on those ugly booties with the peep-toe. What IS that? I could see myself wearing booties with jeans, but with a classic almond-shaped toe, thank you very much.

    1. Well, Dionne, the Throwdown’s coming! It’s a good matchup.

      Our weather has cooled down a bit – we’re in the 70s today, finally. Yep, I’d bet the Canadian Rockies get quite a bit chillier than here…

      MAN, those booties are ugly. They look like hooves.

  2. You wield a lot of power with that Poison! Declare it a “prized heirloom”, and warn the young’ns that whoever gives you any grief will have to inherit it.

    1. Ari, you can just hear the Vincent Price laughter in the background, can’t you? Bwa-ha-hahahahaHA!

      I think I’d be better off threatening to secretly spill it on the miscreant’s mattress.

  3. VT losing to JMU was a big surprise. Heard it announced at a little kids football game (where they announce scores all afternoon to humor the dads who are watching their 9 yr old sons “play” football) and thought they had it backwards. Ouch.

    Looking forward to the BdI vs CdB review. Haven’t spent much time with either as they didn’t grab me right out of the gate. Broke out the Jo Malone Blue Agava & Cacao today. Not my favorite scent, but tired of the summer scents and haven’t worn this in forever. It’s just OK but no one complains!

    1. Tiara, I had to go get the “college football” section out of the Sunday paper so it wouldn’t prompt rants. But seriously, I was really tired of the “UVa lost again, ha ha” comments (guess who went to which school?), so at least I won’t be hearing any of that. *I* am being nice.

      I’m secretly smug about it, but I don’t say anything. 😉

      I haven’t smelled the BA&C, but like you, I am tired of the summer things. I put them away this past week, and got out a few transitionals like Jolie Madame.

  4. I have the same feet! Add to that I can’t wear heels because of a long-ago back injury and shoe shopping is fun, lemmee tell ya.

    In general, this is the Decade of Ugly Shoes, don’t you think? I mean the roman sandal/bondage things and the booties you mention and now the ugly chunky heels. Ugh.

    L’Arte de Gucci though — that’s the stuff.

    1. O, I have to be really grateful for Zappos and Online Shoes and… wait, what’s that other one? I forget. I actually bought the brown shoe-boots, and they are gorgeous.

      Of course, they don’t fit: too narrow at the toes, waaay too wide at the heels. They flop up and down, in between pinching my toesies. They’re going back, and I’m going to go and look for more mules, to heck with current fashions.

      Yeah, I think current shoe trends are just about as ugly, if not more so, as the late 70s – remember all those huge clodhoppers with the platform soles? I was in, what, 5th grade? and bought the kind of shoes all my friends were wearing, and my father made fun of them every day. Every day! I’d go get my coat on to go to the bus stop, and he’d hug me and say, “You’re too pretty to wear those ugly shoes.” Darned if he wasn’t right.

      L’Arte is Da Bomb. It’s not even very Me. Which might, just possibly, be why I love it so much.

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