Scent Diary, September 3-9, 2012

Dried leaves look like butterflies against September sky

Monday, Sept. 3 – Cool in the morning, muggy in the afternoon. I’ll be glad when we get real autumn weather… I miss the crispness. SOTD: Esteban Classic Chypre, from a sample. I’ve been trying one chypre after another, and finding most of them either too bitter or too oriental or just, I dunno, too weird. I don’t like this one after the opening.

SOTE: vintage Mitsouko parfum, from a sample. I thought I’d give it another shot! I typically have trouble with lesser concentrations of classic Guerlains (exception Apres l’Ondee, which I found ravishing in EdT, and Chamade, which is beautiful in all the concentrations I’ve tried), so this is the last-ditch effort. Although… at least two friends have recommended the (vintage) eau de cologne version to me, and I haven’t tried that one. If you’re wondering, I have tried vintage EdT, modern EdT, modern EdP, and vintage parfum. In any case, trying the parfum did not work. Musty peach, bleargh.

This does nothing to change my mind about fruity chypres, by the way. Most of the fruity chypres I’ve tried, from Mitsouko to Cartier So Pretty to Amouage Jubilation 25 (not XXV, the men’s one, which is incense instead) to Aqua di Parma Profumo to Badgley Mischka, have made me feel instantly and prolongedly nauseated. In fact, I went over to Fragrantica and looked up their “fruity chypre” list. Almost every one in that list that I have tried was horrid on me, just horrid – with the exceptions of Guet Apens/Attrape-Coeur and Mary Greenwell Plum, which I think are mislabeled. (I’d have called Attrape-Coeur a floriental and Plum a fruity floral.) By Kilian Liaisons Dangereuses, Miss Dior Cherie, Guerlain Parure, DSH Mirabella, Serge Lutens Chypre Rouge, YSL Champagne/Yvresse, and the original Rochas Femme (I do okay with the reformulation, however odd that fact is), all completely dreadful on me.

Tuesday, Sept. 4 – Had to take Cameron (our Camry, which typically The CEO drives) to get a state inspection sticker today. Since it’s the first business day of the month, there were looooads of people waiting, and it took for-goodness-sake-EVER. SOTD: Tom Ford Jardin Noir Ombre de Hyacinth. Nice. Not something I would fall in love with, but very nice. I know they were going for a “dark garden” marketing angle with these four (Cafe Rose, Jonquille de Nuit, and Lys Fume as well as the Hyacinth), but it seems silly to me. Ombre de Hyacinth should have been called something like Silver Shadow, in my opinion.

As it wore on, I got bored and decided to spritz a wee bit of Jacomo Silences on top. They play nicely together, but Silences is wonderful all on its own. 

(Huh, what is UP with the font fail???)

Wednesday, Sept. 5SOTD: vtg Coty L’Aimant. Hot-peach-pie fragrance for a hot afternoon! I’m going to have to water my hanging baskets pretty seriously later. Bleargh. I keep trying to figure out a pattern to update my dilapidated clothespin bag (which I made with a kitchen towel and a metal clothes hanger about twelve years ago), but I can’t. They all look stupid. Grrr. SOTE: Parfums de Rosine Rose d’Ete.

Thursday, Sept. 6 – Same weather as yesterday.  SOTD: Dita von Teese.  Which is a nice floral mix leaps and bounds better than your average celebuscent. I still haven’t tried Quelques Fleurs, which DvT has said was her signature until she started dating a man whose mother also wore QF.

Gaze’s team won again. They won ugly, with plenty of penalties for false starts and offsides, but they won decisively, 38-16. Community Chorus again as well. SOTE: the nice, quiet hay-almond-musk DSH La Fete Nouvelle. Nobody at choir complained.

Friday, Sept. 7 – After a cool morning, it got hot. Jeff and Jason worked calves (flytags, vaccinations), and Hayley-dog went with them; she came back (as usual) dripping wet. She loves to go jump in the tractor-tire waterers. SOTD: Le Temps d’une Fete, the new lighter version. I could probably bathe in it and it wouldn’t overwhelm me. I like it – but it isn’t the old stuff at all, sadsadsad. Lucky me, though: a friend was selling her unloved old bottle (50ml partial), and I SNAPPED THAT SUCKER UP. The cap is a piece of plastic crap falling apart, but oh, what’s in that bottle… sighofpurehappiness.

Saturday, Sept. 8 – Normal Saturday morning for the boys and me – laundry, housecleaning. The CEO went to see Bookworm run in an invitational cross-country race. She did well, coming in 33rd in a field of 137. She didn’t lower her personal record time, but it was extremely hot and muggy in Roanoke. I’m proud of her.

In the afternoon, we had some friends from our church small group come over and watch the air show our small airport was hosting as part of their 50th anniversary. The airport is closed to commercial flights, and only freight or private planes may fly in and out. I’m getting used to this cool mornings-hot afternoons-cool evenings pattern. It’s nice. SOTD: Cuir de Lancome.

Our county Farm Bureau annual membership meeting was this evening. We ate barbecue and baked beans and some really nice cole slaw (I think there were dill seeds in it, yum), and then brownies. Bookworm went to the marching band’s “Senior Dinner” at Olive Garden, at which, I’m told, a good third of the group was texting each other as well as giggling across the tables. Bookworm had ravioli, and she reported that PETBoy chose “some sort of shrimp thing.” (Not helpful.) SOTE: Testing Parfums d’Empire Cuir Ottoman. Nice stuff, not the skeery bitter leather that disturbs me.

Sunday, Sept. 9 – Cooler. PETBoy joined us for church. SOTD: Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur. I’ve missed my white florals…

The afternoon was gorgeous, one of those blue-and-green autumn days so clear you could see a hawk two miles up in the sky. And the cows were happy. And Gaze and Taz went to Jeff’s little girl’s 7th birthday party. She asked them Saturday when they were all up on the hill in the Front Field watching airplanes; I think she’s got a little-girl crush on Gaze, because a) he’s nice to her, and b) who wouldn’t have a crush? He’s a cute older man! Last week she rode her bike up to our house and asked if Gaze was home. She seemed terribly disappointed to learn that he was at football practice and wouldn’t be home until after suppertime.

Makayla’s a budding perfumista; last time she played in my samples she really liked Lanvin Rumeur (yes, it’s the refo, which is a nice rosy fruitchouli along the lines of Coco Mademoiselle if you ask me). I sent her a few floral samples with her birthday card.


12 thoughts on “Scent Diary, September 3-9, 2012”

  1. You are definitely not my scent twin. There are areas we overlap, but for the most part I have a hard time with white florals and I love, love, love my chypres, especially Mitsouko. For some reason I like TF Black Orchid VdF, but only have a sample of it. I saw a bottle at a discounter but didn’t have the money, now I have the money and the bottle is gone. Oh well, that just means I’ll get something else. The sweet, young SA at Neiman’s made samples of all the new Tom Fords for me. I think they’re pretty enough. But I don’t feel like they’re all that dark.
    I put celery seed in my cole slaw, so I’m going to have to try dill seed tonight. Making pulled pork with cole slaw for dinner.

    1. Heh. Evil Scent Twins it is, Miss T. Not that those can’t be valuable!! And I agree on the TF Jardin thingy, it’s not dark at all. Maybe silvery gray, but not Noir in the LEAST.

      What are your other favorite chypres? Some I can do, but usually not the fruity ones. Or the bitter greenies.

  2. I can’t do Mitsouko either, but So Pretty I like. The first time I wore it I thought it was pretty weird and put my sample away for a year or more. I just recently finished that sample off and LOVED it. My affection for black currant just grows and grows. Sadly, you can’t find it for a halfway reasonable price anymore. At best I might be able to get a mini …

    1. I’ve seen the So Pretty minis. In fact, I owned one (via ebay cheap) at one point, and then swapped it away. Can’t remember what I swapped it for, though.

  3. A few disjointed thoughts:

    1. I hadn’t seen anything on the blogs about Esteban perfumes until a few weeks ago, although it’s fully possible I missed earlier references. I’m noticing now because we just added an Esteban to our collection…
    2. Also not generally a fruity chypre fan. But is Liaisons Dangereuses a chypre?? I had no idea. I thought of it as a fruity-musky-floral.
    3. I remember Farm Bureau barbeques! Fun.

    1. I think Gaia at The Non-Blonde mentioned this chypre thingy on her blog several months ago. I was noodling around TPC looking for Chypres Other Than Mitsouko that I might try and have luck with, and ordered it. I really like it until the drydown; if you do okay with oriental balsamy stuff you might like it.

      I would not have called Liaisons Dangereuses a chypre either! However, either way I hate it, so it’s not just even a factor.

  4. None of those fruity chypres appeal to me. I did notice on Twitter today that Elisa compared DvT to Plum. What are your thoughts? I only smelled Plum in passing, so I’m curious. I like DvT.

    1. Hmm. I need to get the DvT sample back out and see how close they really are. My immediate knee-jerk reaction is, “Not very,” at least in terms of notes, but I can see that there’s a similar “feeling” to the two of them: feminine, floral, pretty. I’ll try to get a better handle on the comparison later, but my first thoughts are that Plum is more tangy fruit/white floral/modern chypre and DvT is more of a straight-up floral with a woody base, and also that the florals in DvT are noticeably more synthetic. That said, keep in mind that I am *very* familiar with Plum so I might see more differences than an average fumehead would.

  5. I went to Fragrantica and took a look at the same list. Chypre Palatin, La Belle Helene (both MDCI Parfums) and Plum are three perfumes from this group that I like (and I’m not 100% sure that my affection towards Plum is induced by you – you kept praising it for a year, if not more, before I got to try it).

    1. Haven’t tried the MDCIs – I think the only one of their bunch I’ve tested was Un Coeur en Mai, which was nice but not worth the $$$$. Only tried that one because it’s a Patricia de Nicolai, and I generally get on well with her scents.

      I would think that a favorable blog review might induce me to try something, but once it’s on my skin, it’s just me and the fragrance, and then my opinions come from the experience. (So why do I keep trying Mitsouko?? stupid.)

      1. I keep trying Mitsouko, Shalimar and No 5…

        In general, I agree with you: blog review goes only that far. But with Plum it wasn’t just a review. You kept mentioning it with a lot of affection; I remember being happy for you once you got your bottle – not available then in the US. I tried looking for a sample on multiple occasions – and nobody carried it. So by the time I actually got it I was conditioned. Of course, I wouldn’t have liked it if it was in complete disagreement with my taste or my skin. But with generally positive reaction to it, I had a suspision that your loving this perfume rub off me a little. I’m not complaining.

        1. Undina, how interesting! I had no idea…

          A comment I read in a novel (The Burden of Proof, by Scott Turow) has stayed with me: “There is usually something to other people’s pleasures.” It’s generally true that if I’m looking hard enough I can see the appeal, even if it’s not something that appeals to *me*. So glad to have been an ambassador for Plum. 🙂

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