Scent Diary, September 20-26, 2010

Monday, Sept. 20: Big stressful catching-up day, since we were gone all weekend and didn’t do any of the normal house-maintenance things.  There must be a gazillion loads of laundry…

Okay, maybe just eight or nine, but that’s still a lot of laundry.  SOTD: Mariella Burani, which is like a virtual hug from my mom.   

Tuesday, Sept. 21:  With all this laundry,  it was a spectacularly bad moment for the well to start running dirty… but that’s what it did.  The CEO’s uncle, who lives on a portion of the farm, had to replace a section of 80-year-old pipe from the older well to his house, and (unwittingly or not) shut off water access to a group of cows in a particular field.  He didn’t bother to call us, and it was sheer good luck that The CEO happened to go check on a certain cow in that field, or we wouldn’t have known they were out of water.

Know what happens to cows denied access to water for hours in 90-degree heat?  Go ahead, take a guess.  Yeah – they die!  Luckily, these were only without water for about four hours – and when we got their waterer switched over to the other well, they drank so steadily and quickly that it overburdened the second well, and our water got dirty. 

 So we’re on bottled water here for a few days, and the Laundry Monster grows by the minute.  SOTD: DK Gold.

Wednesday, Sept. 22:   Busybusybusy morning, and didn’t want any of the samples I had in my purse (Donna Karan Chaos, TDC Rose Poivree, Kenzo Winter Flowers, DSH Bat Sheba “designer duplicate,” ELd’O Vraie Blonde).  When I got home, I went straight for SL La Myrrhe, which is about as close to perfect as there is, IMHO.  Swoon.

Thursday, Sept. 23:  Again too busy for picking a scent before leaving the house.  But it’s hot again today – supposed to be in the 90s – so most of the things in my purse are too heavy.  Went for the ELd’O Vraie Blonde even though I didn’t expect to like it, since I think aldehydes and heat are made for each other.  What was worrying me about this one, sent to me by a Fumie Friend who loves the thing, was the “milky bruised peach” aspect that P:TG mentions – that combo of lactones and peach just tends to make me ill.  Notes for VB, from Fragrantica: aldehydes, white pepper, patchouli, peach, rose, suede and myrrh.  Having put it on, I must say it’s rather nice in the top and heart.  I don’t get lactones out of it until the drydown, and the patchouli’s pretty clean, so it smells mostly like peachy suede for most of the experience.  After that it gets a bit like… buttermilk.  Which makes great biscuits, but that’s the only time I really want to spend with buttermilk.  I don’t want it on my skin.

Friday, Sept. 24:  I rushed out the door in order to get Bookworm to school early to take a Spanish test she missed by being sick last week.  Ergo, no perfume except the stash-o-samples in my bag, which I was looking forward to rooting through when I got to work…

… except that when I got to work, I found an email from my sister commiserating with me over the domestic tragedy involving some high school friends of mine.  I hadn’t known – had missed the morning radio news – and was utterly shocked and saddened. 

I did not feel like wearing perfume at all, until The CEO called me and said he was done with classes for the day, and could he take me to lunch?  I said yes.  And found that I did want perfume after all, something sweet and melancholy, and in my purse was a vial of Soivohle Violets & Rainwater, which is all sweet showery violets, with an earthy drydown.   

By evening, V&R had worn off, and I spritzed some Caron Aimez-Moi (which I’ll be reviewing the first week of November, as part of a multi-blog project on violet fragrances). 

Saturday, Sept. 25:  Fed Bookworm and The CEO a good breakfast, and saw them off for Bookworm’s cross-country meet, followed by a band competition.  Cleaned house.  Wrote a little on my second novel.  Tried a sniff of L’Artisan Fleur de Narcisse, the pricey LE one, from a care package sent to me by the Queen Enabler.  Decided it would go great, as promised, with Champagne de Bois.  I don’t layer often, but I did this afternoon, and wore the combo to our county Farm Bureau annual dinner/membership meeting.

 Excellent news: Bookworm won the junior varsity race!  And the band received a Superior rating for their performance.  They won their division too, but they seem to have been the only band in it, so we’ll just concentrate on the Superior rating and be happy about that. 

Sunday, Sept. 26:  Worked with preschoolers during the 9 am church service, and then attended the 11 am service.  I like this age, but I’ll be absolutely honest and tell you that these guys wear me out.  Whew.  SOTD: Ormonde Jayne Ta’if.  After weeks of Hot and Dry, temps have cooled off, and we’re supposed to get at least two inches of rain over the next few days.  We really need it. 

Image is Perfume Bottles from carpe noctem at Flickr.


10 thoughts on “Scent Diary, September 20-26, 2010”

  1. I accidentally clicked on the link to your blog but read it since I was here anyway. I’m tired just reading about your whirlwind–I mean life!

    The only scent I’ve tried out of all of the above is CdB and it was just OK. The weather was really too warm when I sampled so I’m anxious to try it again when it gets cooler.

    Will watch for the violet blogging. That’s one of the notes I have not made peace with. Either I don’t like violets or haven’t tried the right ones so looking forward to your take on them.

    Now, off to the link I was headed to in the first place!

    1. Well, thanks for stopping by, T!

      I like CdB a lot, but I wouldn’t wear it in the summer on a dare (although I know at least a couple of people who comment regularly on NST who DO). It’s too spicy. I have found that at least for me, weather really matters. A couple of things I didn’t like at all in the “wrong” weather have become “gotta have its” in the right weather – Silences was screechy in the fall, but is now a spring/summer staple. So is Moschino Funny!

      I agree, violets are tricky. I don’t like the powdery ones at all, and they can get uncomfortably sweet. This isn’t going to be an in-depth look at violet, though, more like reviews of 9-10 violet scents.

  2. Holy Cats and Crackers! You have had a WEEK! First, I am so sorry to hear about the tragedy that has affected you and your old pals and town (you know what I’m trying to say there). This town is teenytiny and it’s my FirstSmallTown – it’s amazing how any event touches nearly everyone for miles around.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the Violets and Rainwater! You’ve spent enough time on the Posse to know that’s one of my HGs, though this time of year it’s supplanted by Cordovan Rose.

    The cows! Even gladder to know they are okay! You guys are having some HEAT – you must’ve taken all ours, since it’s now sweater weather (as in ‘heavy’ sweater). After a few days of cold rain it’s actually warmer outside than it is inside (still too early to fire up the furnace).

    Tell Uncle CEO to pay attention to what he’s doing with the water!


    1. Thanks, Miss A.

      I have worn V&R before, and found it too sweet. The drydown, though, is really growing on me. So often a violet ‘fume goes inexplicably weird in the basenotes, but V&R is nice and earthy, and although I never really get your “whump of dirt,” I do like it more than I originally thought.

      I have very little good to say about The CEO’s uncle. It’s a failing of mine, but I really struggle from time to time with following the Thumper Rule. I’m trying to restrain myself here…

      We’ve had some cool rainy weather over the last couple of days, which is a welcome respite. The grass was getting quite crunchy.

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