Scent Diary, September 10-16, 2012

This is Try #2 for Scent Diary this week; my laptop ate the first one and I accidentally emptied my “trash” folder before realizing what was in there. Grrrr. In any case, I’m recreating this from memory (and not doing so very well, either). Sorry. Afterburn Roll

Monday, Sept. 10 – Monday’s a blank at this point. Huh. Pretty sure I did grocery shopping, though. SOTD? Anybody’s guess at this point, because I can’t remember. Probably Le Temps d’une Fete because that’s what I wear when I don’t have a craving for something else. No, I was probably retesting Mitsouko parfum. Yeah, must have been Mitsy.

Tuesday, Sept. 11 – The boys helped me put the flag out before they left for school. SOTD? Again, no telling. Can’t remember stuff… OH YES. A sample of vintage Caron Bellodgia on one arm, and one more shot at L’Artisan Fleur de Narcisse (the limited edition thing that all my fumie friends who love hay just adore). Newsflash: the other sample of Bellodgia I tried must have been age-damaged, because it didn’t smell anything like this lovely carnation floral. And Fleur de Narcisse? I love narcissus. Love (real-life) hay. But this? It’s vague green and jasmine and maybe a little manure-ish. Does not smell like hay to me at all, but then most “hay” fragrances don’t smell like hay to me either. I’m done with this one.

Wednesday, Sept. 12 – Cool morning, hot afternoon again. It’s like Northern California all up in here lately. SOTD: Soivohle Green Oakmoss layered with Tauer Carillon pour un Ange, which works surprisingly well because of the earthiness in the base of CpuA. I think I’d rather have CpuA on its own, though. Not feeling so great, myself. Don’t know if this is a stomach bug or something I ate that disagreed with my digestive system, or what.

Thursday, Sept. 13 – Must have been some kind of bug. I feel better.

Gaze’s football team lost their first game of the season. The corresponding high school for the middle school they played is the same size as our county high school (and is a longtime traditional rival), but our county contains two middle schools where this locality has only one. Ergo, they have twice as a big a talent pool as each of our middle schools has. And they are insane about football. (Both my cousins went to this school, and I know. Things have been like that in this town since the 1960s.) It was ugly, 36-16. SOTAfternoon: Cristina Bertrand #3, nice white floral thingy.

Friday, Sept. 14 – Normal cleaning-up stuff that I usually do on Saturday, but we have plans for Saturday so I’m doing it today. SOTD: testing various sample thingies.

Went to the high school early to help work the home side concession stand for the band boosters. It was crazy-busy; I made something like thirty batches of popcorn in the popcorn machine. We sold out of nachos and Mountain Dew and roast beef sandwiches, and sold hot dogs half price in the fourth quarter. Burned my forearm on the heater box that keeps the hot dogs and roast beef sandwiches hot (ow ow ow!). But the football team won, 21-12, and the band performed their full show for the first time and it sounded great. And my percussion buddy TJ told me I smelled good (SOTE: Smell Bent One).

Saturday, Sept. 15 – We took a “Family Vacation Day” and went to Carowinds, an amusement park that’s not too far from home, for the day.  The weather was ridiculously hot and steamy for September, bleah.  I was really proud of Gaze and Taz, who have apparently graduated from kiddie roller coasters up to the more serious ones. They both have been nervous about coasters that take you upside down in a loop, but they rode Carolina Cyclone twice, and would have ridden it again if we hadn’t run out of time. Gaze even said it was his favorite ride at that park. They also rode my favorite coaster at Carowinds: Afterburn, which is a suspended coaster that does double loops and multiple barrel rolls, jetfighter style. I love this thing. Taz said it was “the coolest!” I’d been worried that he’d be scared, but I shouldn’t have been.

Nobody wanted to tackle the Intimidator. For someone who really loves coasters, I am a big monstrous chicken when it comes to heights, and also I really hate and despise (and sort of fear) the chain lift thingy that takes you up to the top of the first hill. I have to close my eyes and talk all the way up, just to take my mind off. Gaze doesn’t like big drops. I also get scared on big coasters that don’t have shoulder harnesses (no, I can handle old-style wooden coasters with just lap belts). The ones that only secure your thighs don’t make me feel safe. I figured that out on Apollo’s Chariot at Busch Gardens, which nearly gave me a heart attack because I felt like I was going to fall out of it, and the Intimidator at Carowinds is similar in structure but even taller, so… just no.

Bookworm will ride just about any roller coaster you throw at her, but even she nixed Intimidator. Her favorite at Carowinds is Nighthawk, which is one of those weirdo rides that sends you up the chain lift strapped in and lying on your back, and then FLIPS YOU OVER and lets you feel like you’re flying. Which is actually sort of cool, but then it takes you backwards lying down at several places, and I Do Not Like That, so the coolness of the “flying” position is overruled by the ickiness of the “backwards lying down” position, in my opinion. I will only ride it so she doesn’t have to go by herself.

The CEO enjoyed one of those really tall “chair” rides. What it does is take you up in a seat with a lap restraint, very very high (it’s a little bit higher than Intimidator), and then spin you around in a circle, and then lowers the set of swinging chairs very slowly. I rode it because I was scared of it, and the general family rule on riding new things is that you really should try something once, unless you have tried something similar that already scared you. I knew I was securely buckled in and not likely to fall out, but I couldn’t convince myself of it and kept feeling like I was going to fall. HAAATED IT. Never doing it again. CEO called it “relaxing,” which he knew would get my goat.

(It’s not like I make fun of him for not riding roller coasters. He actually consented to ride Hurler, an old-style jerky wooden coaster, last time we went to Carowinds, and hated it, and also tackled Loch Ness Monster at Busch Gardens last time we went there, and hated that too. For the record, I first rode LNM – one of the first steel coasters ever built in the US, and one of the first loop coasters into the bargain – when I was eight, and absolutely loved it. I still think it’s a terrific ride, though I admit that coaster technology has really improved since it was built, and it feels a little jerky now.)

All in all, a fun day. SOTD: Mary Greenwell Plum, which was all I had in my purse because I’d forgotten to put in any other samples or decants. I smelled wonderful.

Sunday, Sept. 16 – Cooler. We were all tired so we went to the 11 am church service, which is jam-packed full of college students, none of whom I knew! We shift to three services next week, which is a nice problem to have, but yow. Three Sunday morning services. We’ve been going to the 9am. SOTD: Soivohle Centennial. I smell yummy. And it’s sweater weather, too.

Someone posted a video of the band’s Friday performance on youtube, and it looks great! The show looks wonderful! Bookworm still hasn’t perfected the trick she’s supposed to do with a saber, but PETBoy had his pirate flag… it’s cute. First competition next Saturday.

Again, so sorry this was late… Check back for an AldeHo Dishes post on Friday!


13 thoughts on “Scent Diary, September 10-16, 2012”

  1. Have you tried Hilde Soliani’s Tutti Matti per Colorno? It’s got a hay note. I’d love to know what you thought of it. I have a sample if you want to try it.
    Glad to hear the band is doing well.

    1. No, haven’t tried that one. “Hay” thingies I’ve tried: the FdN, Santa Maria Novello Fieno, PG Bois Blond, DSH Celadon, MH Jasmin Vert, Chergui (HA! So Not Hay), and… um. Something else. I’ve heard Mastenbroek Eau de Polder is haylike.

      Oh, yeah, Lann-Ael. Not Hay. In fact, none of the ones I’ve tried are hay, except DSH La Fete Nouvelle, which is light floral-fresh cut hay – sweet musk and I love it. Smells like a summer meadow. The HS is newish, isn’t it?

      1. I think it might be newish. It’s hard to say because there are so many that are new to me but not really new. By the way, I used to love roller coasters but I think if I got on one now I’d probably need medical attention when I got off. I haven’t been to an amusement park in forever.

    1. It’s a good place. MUCH better than King’s Dominion, IMO. I like Busch Gardens very well too, but that’s a six hour drive as opposed to the three hours to Carowinds.

      1. And meant to say, I really *really* miss Lakeside, the very-small, very-local amusement park that I probably went to oh, three or four times as a kid. It shut down the summer after my senior year of high school. Had a WONDERFUL wooden roller coaster, the Shooting Star. Sigh. Gone now. Covered with a Kroger and various other retail establishments now.

      2. Kings Dominion! I thought that might be where you had gone since they have a Hurler at KD as well. I’m no fan of coasters – I didn’t even go on the Scooby Doo ride at KD until I was in 7th or 8th grade (on our middle school band trip there!) and yes, I was even scared then. But maybe I would like the ones with more harnessing – I never wanted to go on any that went upside down, but a friend says those are not as “bad” as the taller ones that don’t.

        1. KD and Carowinds were probably built around the same time; they both have those Hurlers and the double-track wooden coasters. All of which will FLAT JERK YOUR HEAD OFF. When I was younger they didn’t bother me. Now they do – headache city. MAN.

          For me, if I feel like I’m going to fall out of a ride, I’m not having fun. I do not like those steep coasters, but the upside down ones are awesome…

  2. Have to agree with you about roller coasters with just lap bars. They let you move around too much in the seat. I think it was Thunder Mountain that did my back in when we were at Disneyland. Still seeing the chiropractor regularly two weeks later.
    I agree with you on the hay scents, too. None of them smell like real hay. I’ve given up. Then again I haven’t tried DSH LFN.
    Soivohle Centennial, mmm. You did smell lovely! It’s so perfect for cooler weather!
    Enjoy your northern California-ish weather.

  3. I also distrust those roller coasters without shoulder straps! I’m fine with the irrational fear of falling – that’s from where for me the fun part comes but I do not like the rational fear (e.g. “is this lap bar going to stay in place if we’re stuck somewhere?”, “is it locked safely?”, etc.)

    1. Those old style lap bars don’t bother me – probably because the old wooden coaster that was the first I ever rode had them, and there’s just no way you’re going to fall out of the thing. But the restraints that just hold your thighs? ARGH. Just kill me now. Hate them. Too scary. If there are shoulder harnesses I never feel like I’m going to fall (and for me that’s good).

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