Scent Diary, October 29 – November 4, 2012

See? SNOW. In October. Granted, wimpy snow, but still, SNOW.

Monday, Oct. 29 – We did get some inclement weather, thanks to Hurricane Sandy: some snow (blowing, not sticking), some rain, lots of wind. I kept expecting to lose power, because we frequently do (mountains are full of trees, ya know, and trees lose limbs, and limbs fall on power lines), but it may be that we already lost all the vulnerable tree limbs during the derecho earlier in the year, or Appalachian Power Co already did the necessary maintenance on getting tree limbs away from the power lines. Electricity is out in several of the surrounding areas.Doing a “frankenfume” – a layering experiment with the loudest perfumes one owns, proposed by a friend on my Facebook perfume group – with vintage Dior Poison and the similarly-freaky Tableau de Parfums Loretta. Whoa. People can probably smell me in town, three miles away.

Working on helping Bookworm edit her college application essays. Grrrrr. She’s so exhausted – I wish all her extracurriculars would end soon. At least she got to stay home from school today.

Tuesday, Oct. 30 – Another Hurricane Sandy day, with wind and rain. I’m planning for a semi-historical novel for NaNoWriMo – set here in a nearby town, beginning in the early 1930s and continuing to follow the same family into the 60s. SOTD: vintage Bellodgia “parfum de cologne”, which is really lovely, decant sent to me by a generous friend. 

Gaze drew those abs and pecs on the breastplate.

Wednesday, Oct. 31, Halloween – Blustery. A perfect day, in fact, for vintage Lancome Magie Noire edt, which is herbal and witchy and otherworldly. Last-minute, Taz decided that he wanted to dress up in a Roman soldier costume. “I have everything I need,” he stated, pointing to his curtain-rod spear and cardboard shield. Ohhhh, no, he didn’t! But lucky for him, he had Gaze and me: we built him a “breastplate” out of cardboard, silver lame’, duct tape, and permanent marker. With a long t-shirt over some discarded leggings of Bookworm’s, a belt, and some boots, it wasn’t a bad costume, and when I added the cape (simply a rectangle of red cotton, strategically pinned), it got better. I wished I’d had time to make him a helmet – that would have improved the look dramatically.

We went to a gathering of our church’s small group, where we gave away candy as well as hot chocolate to trick-or-treaters and their parents, and where our pastor stuffed a jack-o-lantern with a kerosene-soaked roll of toilet paper and lit it, so that the pumpkin appeared to be shooting flames out the top of its head. Every single kid that walked by was awestruck: “Cooooooool!” (It was.) When we got too cold, I took Gaze home, grabbed some extra jackets for Taz and myself, and set off for our old neighborhood for Taz’s last trick-or-treat night. He got quite the haul, and we had fun.

Later in the evening, The CEO and Bookworm and I put the final touches on her Common Application and the Yale-specific supplement, and submitted it for Early Action. Whew. Now that’s done, the other ones should be easy as pie.

Thursday, Nov. 1 – Windy. Testing Clinique Simply – a melon-jasmine-musk thing, very much like Pleasures but with this weird licorice twist to it. Bleargh. It was a freebie, as far as I was concerned, in a lot containing vintage Madame Rochas parfum (and then, as it turned out, the vetiver-musk drydown of Mme Rochas was too dry for my taste).

Today starts another National Novel Writing Month. I’m already behind. Can’t get interested in what I had intended to write.

Friday, Nov. 2 – Day started out very gray and cloudy, but about 5 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. I was hoping Bookworm wouldn’t freeze, running in this weather – The CEO drove her and her two coaches to the regional cross-country meet. (One other girl from her school qualified, but it seems that Ella broke her foot somehow at the district meet, so she can’t run.) SOTD: B&BW Dark Kiss, in Bookworm’s honor.

I checked in with The CEO about ten minutes before the race, only to find out that a) Bookworm had had a violent nausea reaction to the energy gel her coach gave her (she felt sick after racing last week, but that was a good half an hour after consuming the gel, and we weren’t sure it was the gel anyway) and vomited, and b) she had a fairly serious nosebleed. Not sure what caused the nosebleed, unless it was some combination of having run in this chilly weather and dried out her nasal membranes, our having the heat on in the house, and the vomiting. In any case, the nosebleed did not fully stop until well after the race, so she ran while constantly spitting out the blood running down the back of her throat. She did not, of course, have a stellar race. She did better her time from the last race she ran on that particular course, by about twenty seconds (a considerable amount at this distance), but finished in the 20s instead of in the top 15. Bookworm, who is not built on the lines of the usual greyhoundy distance-runner body type, is habitually an outlast-er, a picker-off of tiring runners in the third mile, but she was passed in the last twenty yards by three girls she’d beaten solidly at districts. Poor baby. She felt awful the rest of the day, too.

(I find it interesting that certain body types are more suited to certain sports – particularly with female athletes. You look at the Olympic sprinters, and they tend to be tall women with rounded muscles built for power. The distance runners are medium-height and very slender, with muscles that look sinewy rather than rounded. Swimmers tend to be tall, with long arms and considerable upper-body strength. Gymnasts, of course are short and compact, and they often have pronounced musculature of thighs and shoulders. Bookworm is built like a gymnast. I’m amazed that she’s done as well as she has as a distance runner. Now, Gaze? Clearly has his father’s lean build, with long sinewy legs. Taz is developing this way as well.)

Tonight was the final home football game of the regular season, so it was Senior Night, when all senior fall sports participants were recognized, along with their parents, before the game. (When I was in high school a million years ago, they only announced football players and cheerleaders. Including the volleyball, golf, and cross-country team members and marching band members is a much better way to do this.) I didn’t cry – I suppose I had that my-baby-is-a-senior-where-did-the-time-go moment at the VBODA band assessment two weeks ago. I did cry then. SOTE: Teo Cabanel Alahine. Maybe the joy of it kept me from getting sniffly.

We lost the football game, finishing the regular season 5-5. However, because our district is so amazingly abominable in terms of football, we’re going to the playoffs, if you can believe that. GRRR. I was all ready for things to quiet down.

Saturday, Nov. 3 – Clear and into the low 50s, a nice day. Cleaned house (again), did some errands, then the boys went to a birthday party for some friends from church – they got to climb a rock wall and do a zipline. I think they had fun. SOTD: Carnal Flower Beurre Exquise. Which is indeed exquisite. Sigh of pleasure.

I got a small amount of yarn out of the attic, intending to crochet a few things. We’ll see how THAT goes. Dinner: hot dogs on the grill, chili, baked fries, and broccoli. Yum. Bookworm’s tummy is rumbly and she’s running a fever – hope she’s not getting the flu.

Sunday, Nov. 4 – Chilly and damp, it having rained last night. The CEO got up at 6am, ate breakfast, and drove to Greensboro, NC, to catch a flight to Denver, where he has a National Cattlemen’s Beef Board meeting on Monday. Poor Bookworm was dead to the world when I went to wake her up for church, so I let her sleep, but the boys and I went to services and enjoyed them. SOTD: Soivohle Centennial, beautifully warm and cozy, but in a musky chypre way instead of a blankety oriental way. I have no idea what is in this thing that gives it this texture, but it always reminds me of this deep coral angora sweater I wore in college: fuzzy, cozy, and luxuriously soft against the skin.

Bookworm was feeling a little better as the day wore on, though she took a long nap in the afternoon – really, I’m convinced that there isn’t much wrong with her that several days of adequate sleep couldn’t ameliorate. And later, she and Taz, who are so often at odds, had a lovely long conversation about the Eragon book series that he’s reading now. Gaze reads quite well, but he doesn’t enjoy fiction. (He doesn’t like cheese and he doesn’t like stories… I’d have his DNA tested, but clearly he’s got the paternal-family genetic blood disorder, so if he’s definitely The CEO’s he’s definitely also mine. Besides which, he’s got my chin. Which I got from my dad, which he got from his mother. Yep, he’s mine…)


9 thoughts on “Scent Diary, October 29 – November 4, 2012”

  1. That flaming Jack-O-Lantern is the coolest thing ever. There was a neighborhood Jack-O-Lantern contest on Halloween this year where I live. I saw a lot of conventional pumpkins and a couple of funny ones. The pumpkin that won was a bit of a lackluster effort at a witch carving. I have a feeling a flaming pumpkin would have shaken things up bit. My neighbors might not have appreciated it though. 😉

    1. It was awesome! The guy that did it said that this pumpkin was really the wrong shape – it should ideally be done with one of those pumpkins that are very long from base to stem, and the top should be cut completely off, to prevent the pumpkin getting charred. (This one was pretty blackened by the end of the evening.) Next year, I am TOTALLY DOING IT MYSELF! Gaze suggested that it would be cool to carve a dragon’s head pointing up, so that the flames would look like they were coming out of its mouth…

  2. Definitely taking notes on that flaming pumpkin, how fun is that? I got last-minute comments on “Oh mom, you were going to make a robe to go with my Skyrim mask, right?” I was? However, I’m a sucker for helping my kids do something really special for their costumes, so a late night Tuesday was worth it when my 13yo declared that he got some “aaaaawesome!!” comments at school on Wednesday.

    And Halloween is one of those times when I envy those who live in milder climes – it’s a rare Halloween when there’s no snow on the ground.


      … I don’t even know what/who Skyrim is, but you are awesome to help with the costumes! I actually like doing it, but the schedule was just nuts this year with the hectic timing on getting Bookworm’s college application in early. The year we did the Viking costumes was so much fun. I laughed a lot.

      Aw, c’mon, a flaming pumpkin would be even cooler when surrounded by snow. 😉

  3. The flaming pumpkin IS really cool. But with the huge number of under 5 trick or treaters we get and our postage stamp sized lot, I don’t think we’ll be attempting that any time soon. For safety reasons, ya know?

    Hope Bookworm is feeling better.

    Good luck and have fun with NaNoWriMo!

    1. Makes sense that it wouldn’t work for every situation. Of course, being out in the country with maybe five neighbors, we NEVER have trick-or-treaters the way we did when we lived in our old neighborhood. This pumpkin was sitting on an outdoor grill near a picnic shelter at an apartment complex, and with all the adults standing around, nobody got close enough to it to be dangerous.

      Bookworm is better today, thanks!

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