Scent Diary, October 22-28, 2012

grandma's perfume collection

Monday, Oct. 22 – Took Gaze to the doctor – he’s been getting these awful headaches and throwing up, but not in a pattern which would suggest a stomach bug. Doctor thinks perhaps migraine. We’re going to cut out nitrites (bacon!) and see if that has an effect. Poor Gaze is bummed about no bacon. SOTD: Amouage Ubar, the newer release. Several of my friends in a Facebook perfume-head group raaaaave over vintage Ubar, and I think it’s lovely but it doesn’t really make me swoon. I actually prefer the rerelease, which is strongly floral where the older one was more woody. That’s me, the Floral Gal.

Tuesday, Oct. 23 – A surprisingly warm day, in the middle 70s today. Cleaned up the sewing room, which was quite a mess – I’m very untidy when I sew – and Bookworm’s room, which I would normally leave to her to do, but she’s sooo busy. The child is barely getting six hours of sleep a night. SOTD: Cuir de Lancome. Love the stuff, especially in fall.

Wednesday, Oct. 24 – Not feeling so great today. Cleaned out fridge, finished cleaning out Bookworm’s closet, wrote some, planned a little for the new novel I’m going to start next week when NaNoWriMo begins. SOTD: testing various things, none of which are really pleasing me.

Thursday, Oct. 25 – Windy and cloudy. SOTD: Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur, lovely creamy-plummy tuberose. Sometimes I put it away for awhile, and then I appreciate it all over again when I get it back out. Choir practice went fairly well, but our director was commenting that we’d be farther ahead if people hadn’t been skipping rehearsals. I’m guilty of that, but hey, my kid was playing football on Thursday nights, and I wasn’t going to miss seeing him on the field. Season’s over now, so I will probably not miss any more rehearsals unless I’m sick.

Friday, Oct. 26 – Lovely day, cloudy but warm. SOTD: Coty Chypre, with a dab of DSH Chypre down my arms. Went to watch Bookworm’s last cross-country race of the regular season – it was the district meet, which is held on a very hilly and difficult course. She finished 12th and qualified for the regional meet – congrats to her! She wore herself out and couldn’t get up for a good twenty minutes afterward (she thinks she had a reaction to the energy gels the coach had given the runners), so we skipped the football game. The band was not going to perform their show, in any case, just play in the stands, so she came home and did some homework.

Taz spent half an hour telling me about Adolf Hitler’s medical problems over dinner. (That kid… the things that interest him often baffle me.) Then he offered me a shoulder massage.

Saturday, Oct. 27 – Cloudy. Chillier than it has been. SOTD: Organza Indecence. We cleaned up the house in the morning, and Bookworm finished her physics homework, and The CEO was at Open House for the Ag Tech program. After lunch, Bookworm and I went with the marching band to a competition, which was held at the high school which was my high school’s traditional rival. Funny to think that the last time I was on the Lord Botetourt football field was twenty-seven years ago…

The show went fairly well – not as clean in terms of marching as it was last week, but I thought the music was better. Bookworm didn’t agree; she and her friend Ben insisted that they kept thinking the show was going to fall apart at any second. Their director wasn’t pleased with it either, but it certainly didn’t look that awful to me, up in the stands. Admittedly, the color guard didn’t have a good day, but the rest was decent. There were five bands in our class, but I only saw our performance and the one of the band scheduled right after us. They were pretty good, but the theme wasn’t all that exciting.

(Odd how these marching show themes seem to go in cycles! We’ve seen three baseball- themed shows, several rock/pop themes, some military-themed shows, and shows focusing on the Broadway musical “Wicked.” Blues Brothers seems to be a perennial favorite, too, probably because to carry it off you need good brass and an irreverent attitude. The other theme we’ve seen a lot of lately – and I’m excluding the zombie show we saw last month – is dream-related. Dreams, Dreamland, Dreamscapes, Dreamzzz… yep. There are two other pirate shows we’ve seen this season, too; luckily, our music, and therefore the way the director has chosen to accent it, is quite different.)

The results: our band finished third in General Effect and Music; second in Percussion and Overall Scoring, first in Marching and Drum Major. (I did squeeee a lot over that one! Of course I did.) Got home late, exhausted.

Sunday, Oct. 28 – Chilly and cloudy again. Forecast is calling for the “Frankenstorm” all up and down the East Coast; because a hurricane is involved, we will likely get some rain and some high winds, which will tend to cause most of the surrounding area to lose electric power since much of the power lines run through wooded, mountainous land. Since we have a well, I’m concerned about our losing power for several days – if we don’t have electricity, we don’t have water either.

SOTD: Amouage Memoir Woman. It’s The CEO’s birthday, so we’re doing a nice family dinner for him this evening.

Halloween’s coming up, and Taz, whose last year trick-or-treating it will be, wants a Roman soldier costume. As far as I know, you can’t buy those, at least not last-minute, so apparently it will be Craft Mom to the rescue! Off to Google “roman soldier costume”…


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  1. Oh, I hope it’s not migraines. My husband and Mom both get migraines and they are just no fun. Everyone’s triggers are different and I’m sure you’ll read about all of them – it’s often fragrance for my husband, so that is no fun for me. Cutting out bacon would make me sad as I love it, though we usually just eat it on the weekends. Good luck with figuring out what works!

    1. I hope not, too. We did cut out bacon for him, but he’s having another one this afternoon – or at least he’s having one of those headache-nausea combo things, poor baby. He’s lying up in his room with the lights off… these seem to come on in the afternoon.

  2. Poor Gaze – I had the same experience around the age of 14 and was diagnosed with migraines and short-sightedness. The migraines reduced in frequency and severity once I got specs to wear; knowing what migraine medicine to take at the first signs of trouble was a great comfort, too.

    Gaze may well have been checked regularly, of course, but if he hasn’t had an eye test recently (or ever, as was the case for me at the time!) maybe arrange one?

    The Migraines didn’t last, thankfully, as I seemed to grow out of them and now I only get Visual Migraines on odd occasions.

    Best of luck to you finding the cause but his plight rang a bell so I thought I’d comment in case it helps.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. Gaze wears glasses and gets regular eye exams. His prescription was changed slightly in August, and we ordered new glasses, but after we got them he said that the new frames hurt so he’s been wearing the old ones. His pediatric opthalmologist did say at his last appointment that the changes were so slight that we wouldn’t necessarily need to get new glasses right away, but now I’m wondering whether the glasses might be a factor. We’d ordered different frames for the new prescription last week and they just came in yesterday afternoon; we haven’t picked them up yet. I also notice that he gets these headaches in the afternoon, usually on days when he’s been watching TV, so that might be a factor as well.

      Glad your migraines have left you behind! They can make one really miserable.

  3. Roman Soldier costume! I love it. So there is an official age-cutoff for costumes in the Mals household? I guess my last year was sixth grade or so, but it seems like kids these days go longer. I might’ve gone longer than that, but seems like peer pressure partially kicked in – it became uncool. My grad school advisor was surprised to learn that her middle school daughter and friends wanted to go, so it seems like these days, or maybe just around here, older kids want to go too.

    1. Our rule of thumb has always been that the Halloween you’re 12 years old is your last. I think Bookworm’s last costume was a Hogwarts student; Gaze’s was a Viking (oh LORD that year was so funny – there’s a photo on here somewhere of Gaze and Taz in their costumes, which I spent about a week putting together). Wait, I’ll find that pic:


  4. SO sorry to hear about Chaz’s migraines. They are truly awful and I sympathize and empathize.

    Hope you fared well following superstorm Sandy. We’re thankful and counting our blessings this morning as our trees are intact (we have 100 foot tall ones *very* close to the house) and we didn’t lose power. Big storms are pretty stressful for us. We’re also on a well here and we usually lose power during these weather events – sometimes for a week or so and it’s a total bummer. Loss of running water is the worst part of it!

    I have the neighbor’s adorable children coming by for Halloween tomorrow and I’ll actually break out the witch hat and whatnot for the occasion, even though I’m definitely too old for that sort of thing, since I’m a kid at heart. 😉

    1. I hope we can figure out what triggers the headaches. It may have something to do with watching TV – or maybe not.

      We got some blowing snow and very high winds, but still have power, thank goodness. We have the same water issue (if we don’t have electricity, we don’t have water), which is really awful.

      We live so far out of the way that we never have trick-or-treaters. 🙁 However, tomorrow night we’re planning to meet with our church small group near a local apartment complex and hand out candy there, so that should be fun.

  5. aww- hope Gaze feels better, poor kid. hope you are able to figure out the cause.

    And love the bit about Taz telling you about Hitler’s medical problems and then offering you a shoulder so cute!

    I am going to attempt nano this year too (for the very first time). I am not sure if that is a good idea given the massive amounts of work on my plate this month not to mention other family stuff. but I have had this story idea for waaay too long and have let work and the internet get in the way for too long. So want to get to it otherwise I will never write it. I am glad to have great company (in you!)..

    1. Yeah, Taz is his own weird & wonderful little person.

      Good luck with NaNoWriMo! I always think it’s a good idea to get down what you keep meaning to but don’t think you have time to write. Look me up over there – I use Mals86 there too – so we can be writing buddies and encourage each other.

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