Scent Diary, Oct. 31-Nov.6, 2011

Monday, Oct.31, Halloween: Hectic, hectic day! Did errands, went grocery shopping, helped move a group of cows into the barn lot (they never want to go into the barn lot, much the same way as the cat hates to go to the vet). Aargh. SOTD: Tableau de Parfums Miriam. I do love it. Every time I wear it, I remember to pray for PETBoy, which is a good thing.

Took Viking Taz trick-or-treating, wearing Tabac Aurea to go with the woodsmoke in the air. He came home with a huuuuge bucket of candy, which meant that I snagged a few pieces to share with his sister and brother. Nobody needs that much candy. Sorry to say, I didn’t get a good picture of him…

Tuesday, Nov. 1: NaNoWriMo started today. I had meant to stay up late and do some writing after midnight, but I didn’t. Too sleepy. Wordcount for the day: 1841. SOTD: PdN Vanille Tonka. Took Gaze to an open-house meeting at the local Boy Scouts’ hangout – after a couple of disastrous, leaderless years in Cub Scouts (following a couple of really good, fun years), he’s ready to Scout again.

Wednesday, Nov. 2: Good NaNoWriMo day – wordcount up to 3204, for a cumulative total of 5045. I am actually being a “rebel” because I’m working on a piece I started over the summer, but that does not mean I can’t get at least 50,000 words written this month. Did some laundry. SOTD: Jacomo Silences. Gorgeous stuff.

The CEO left this evening to go to Richmond for the Virginia Farm Bureau resolutions meeting. He’ll be back tomorrow night.

Thursday, Nov. 3: Another decent NaNoWriMo wordcount day: daily total 2250, cumulative total 7295. SOTD: L’Arte di Gucci, because The CEO is not nearly as enthusiastic about it as I am. It had largely worn off when he got home (aided by my taking a late shower after community choir practice).

Friday, Nov. 4: Got called to help chaperone the marching band at what’s supposed to be the last football game of the season, at the traditional rival school’s field. Went to a NaNo Write-In at Radford University, met some cool people, wrote 1785 words today for a cumulative total of 9080. Went by my late grandmother’s place to pick out a few dishes, as the town house is being cleaned out for its new owners. Threw some pork chops in the oven for the boys before I left, then sat with my buddy TJ on the band bus. SOTD: Mariella Burani. Three spritzes may have been too much, because I kept hearing people say, “Do you smell baby powder?”

We lost the game, which I expected, but it turns out that because of the number of points our team scored, we’re in the district playoffs and will be playing again next week. Seems wrong to have a 1-win, 9-loss team in the playoffs to me. Don’t you think? The other school’s band show was interrupted by a streaker in tighty-whities, but that was the only exciting part of the evening. Ah, well – Bookworm’s bestie Grace, who was drum major last year and graduated, made it to the game, so it was nice to see her. And PETBoy seemed to be enjoying the game, but right before it was over, another band alumnus stopped by and mentioned a death in his family, and I think that prompted some emotion. Bookworm said the ride home was fraught; she wasn’t sitting with him, because there’s a band rule that when it gets dark, there’s no boy-girl seating. She and another friend were able to offer some comfort, but that’s hard to do on a bus.


Photo from last week's marching band competition, by Nicole Ward. I think Kalep was trying to be funny... pretty sure he was... almost sure.
Saturday, Nov. 5: Gorgeous, if windy, weather today. We did some cleaning, and The CEO took advantage of the sunshine to do a bit more campaigning for School Board; thank goodness the election is on Tuesday. I actually managed to have some quiet, relaxed conversation with Bookworm, who’s been so busy lately that I hardly ever see her. I’ve been missing her, so it was lovely. Then she went out for the rest of the day with PETBoy, for a visit to his mother’s grave, and then dinner-and-a-movie with some of his family members. (Outback Steak House and Tower Heist; she said the food was much better than the movie.) Mowed the grass for what may be the last time this fall, after ripping out the dead zinnias and morning glory vine. For some strange reason, the blue salvia still looks really good, so I left it in place.

SOTD: L’Artisan Havana Vanille. Yum. Sometimes it seems too sweet to me, and sometimes not. Today it’s great. My attention span for NaNoWriMo was terrible, though, and I only scored 992 words, for a cumulative total of 10,072 – still ahead of schedule, but just barely.

Sunday, Nov. 6: Early church again. SOTD: Mary Greenwell Plum – so nice. The kids’ report cards came home this week, with very good grades in general. (Taz’s handwriting grade is pretty bad, but I expected that.) NaNoWriMo daily total was 1748, for a cumulative total of 11,820.

SOTBedtime: Shalimar Light.


6 thoughts on “Scent Diary, Oct. 31-Nov.6, 2011”

  1. That’s so funny about your blue salvia – mine is doing the same thing. Even after the early snow we had! So I left them in place a little longer.

    Good for you and your writing efforts – you’re kicking butt!

    1. Thanks, V! I was surprised the salvia wasn’t dead. I’m sure it will eventually succumb, since we’ve been having hard frosts every morning, but for now it still looks nice.

  2. You’re more than 1/5th of the way to NaNoWriMo glory! Congrats!

    Must dig out my Vanille Tonka decant. For some reason I reach for my other PdNs before that one. It deserves more attention.

    1. Vanille Tonka is so… FUN. I think I don’t take it seriously – but gosh, I hope I don’t run out, because it’s “automatic happy” for me. Will probably buy a 1-ouncer at some point, because my decant is low.

  3. You made me laugh with the, “Do you smell baby powder?” That is far better than my experience at work with Ninfeo Mio. “Do you smell cat pee?” was the quote I heard a couple times. Blessedly, I have just a tiny sample, and still have not been brave enough to try it again. Boxwood is a tricky note.

    Congrats on the NaNoWriMo progress! That is fantastic. Keep writing.

    Weird thought: I forgot to put on perfume today. Slap dab, clean forgot. I thought about it at the end of the work day, sniffing my wrist, and realized I’d put on nothing. I may go hunting for Ninfeo Mio, just for laughs tonight. Be well.

    1. Cat pee! You know, I happen to love the smell of boxwood. And it doesn’t smell like cat pee to me at all. (I did enter a recently-mulched area with some type of low, ground-cover bushes the other day, and it DID smell like cat pee. Weird. Because mulch has its own smell, which I generally like in a keep-it-outside kind of way, but this place smelled of mulch and cat pee…)

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