Scent Diary, Oct. 25-31, 2010

Brief Note:  A Week of Violets kicks off Monday, Nov. 1 – check here at noon Eastern Daylight Time for the first review of the week.

Monday, Oct. 25: Rain.  Rainrainrain.  We needed it, but I must say that I was juuust a wee bit miffed that it started to pour only after I got to work, and so missed out on hauling the Lancome Climat out.  I don’t know why, but I like Climat in the rain.  The samples I had in my purse were thoroughly overmatched by the weather, so I waited until I got home to be scented.

And by then it had stopped raining.  SOTE: Shalimar Light.

Tuesday, Oct. 26: Another warm day – where is our fall weather? I miss it.  Also, I’m still mowing the grass every two weeks.  (This pleases The CEO because it means the grass in the pastures is still growing, and this puts off the time when he’ll have to start feeding hay.)  SOTD: Champagne de Bois, which the grocery clerk liked so much she asked where she could get some.

Took the boys to pick out new glasses, since they haven’t had new ones for two years, and Taz’ lenses are so scratched he can barely see out of them.  Gaze’s glasses are still in good shape, and I’ll keep his current pair as a backup since his prescription didn’t change very much.  I think The CEO is getting to need glasses as well – not surprising, since he’s heading into his mid-40s, when many people’s eyes begin to change.

Wednesday, Oct. 27: Rained again this morning.  Sunny again this afternoon.  Weird violets today – I have CBIHP M4 Room With a View on one wrist and Stephen Jones for Comme des Garcons on the other.  In contrast to my previous explorations of these, I’m liking RWaV much better and SJ much, much less… this is very strange.  Must retest on another day.

Thursday, Oct. 28Happy Birthday to The CEO!  Smooches.  Cake and presents after supper…

Another warmish day today, in the 70s, and I’m wearing the girly-wirly Annick Goutal La Violette while finishing up my review of it for the Week of Violets.

Thursday, Oct. 29: Chillier today, highs in the mid-50s.  Well, this is more like it!  I’ve been waiiiiting for this kind of weather.  SOTD: Penhaligon’s Violetta, while finishing up my review for Week of Violets.  These reviews were already mostly-written, but I wanted to re-wear La Violette and Violetta to see if I had missed anything significant. 

I notice that Eddie Van, my minivan, smells like Champagne de Bois from where I spritzed it the other morning.  Yum

SOTA: That Slut Tocade.  I’ve been missing her, and her rosy, smoky vanilla is just right wafted about on this chilly wind.  I mowed about half the yard before it got too chilly… and then I got brave, and dabbed some Rochas Femme (new) on the back of my left hand, and Houbigant Apercu on the back of my right.  Femme is pretty freaky – definitely cumin and crushed peaches for a good hour, and then it’s got a deliciously warm drydown.  I’m thinking now of Balenciaga Rumba.  Apercu, as I expected, is a dry restrained chypre, and although it’s very nice, it’s not comfortable for me.  But then, I’m not an automatic chypre fan; generally chypres have to be very, VERY floral before I can appreciate them.

Friday, Oct. 20:  We had frost last night!  My begonias are (finally) done for, but miraculously the salvia is still fine.  SOTD: Cuir de Lancome.  This is smokier than it was last time I wore it – is my bottle deteriorating? or is it my nose?  I can’t believe how tired I am, and how much stuff I have to do before November starts…

Saturday, Oct. 21: The cousins – Curiosity and Primrose – are visiting this weekend along with their mom, The CEO’s sister, and the boys are all excited.  Bookworm’s gone; the marching band left this morning for a band competition and then were going to head on to an amusement park and stay until the park closed at 1 am before heading home… we’ll have to go to the high school to pick her up around 3 am early Sunday morning.  (Grrr.)  SOTD: Smell Bent One.

As late as Thursday, Taz was insisting that he wanted to be a knight for Halloween.  He had an old cheapie knight costume I bought several years ago – helmet, breastplate, and sword – of which only the breastplate survives, so I was planning to make him a new helmet and sworn out of a gallon milk jug and craft foam, and a shield out of aluminum pizza pans.  Instead, today he insisted that he wanted to be a Viking instead.  GRRR.

Gaze was planning to dress as a cowboy for Halloween, since we had most of that costume just lying around, except for a hat.  We couldn’t find the old cowboy hat, and it was in such badly worn shape the last time I saw it, I’m sure I had thrown it away.  So I picked up the only one I could find – and of course, it’s too small for him!   I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised: this was the kid who made no progress down the birth canal, and when he was finally born by C-section, my OB-GYN took one look at him and said, “No wonder! Look at the head on this kid!”  His head is, literally, bigger than mine.  And then we realized he’d outgrown the set of cowboy boots too… so that was out the window.

SO.  I therefore spent the entire weekend making Viking costumes.  Horned helmets (supplies: milk jugs, newspaper, masking tape, duct tape, brown paper bags, elastic, fake fur), armor straps and wristbands (more duct tape), and furry capes (faux fur, ribbons and my sewing machine).  Long shirts made good tunics over sweatpants, and the black work boots we already had completed the clothing.  While I was fiddling around trying to make shields, it finally occurred to me that the lids from my big canning pots have handles!  They were great, with some colored tape for decoration, as shields.  Taz had an old “pirate” sword, and Gaze took an old bent curtain rod with a fleur-de-lis finial for a spear. 

Sunday, Oct. 31:  The CEO graciously got out of bed to go pick up Bookworm when she called us at 3:17 a.m.  Sigh.  SOTD: Mauboussin.  Boy, this is a nice fragrance.  I notice that I was using the dregs of my mini bottle, so I’m officially out.  I’m still puzzled as to how I managed to spend so many years thinking I hated Oriental scents, when so many of my current favorites are of this genre… oh, yeah.  Opium, that’s how.

Halloween is officially being celebrated in our town tomorrow night, purportedly because the merchants who participate in the Treat Trail wanted to move the date to a business day.  Crazy, I think – why wouldn’t they just host the Treat Trail on the next business day after Halloween?  Anyway, here’s a picture of Taz (at left) and Gaze as a pair of adorably stern Vikings:

Top image is from Parfumgott at Flickr.  Bottom photo taken by The CEO.


13 thoughts on “Scent Diary, Oct. 25-31, 2010”

  1. Happy Hallow’s Eve to you and yours my dear!

    Your a good mama Mals, a good one<3
    I love the lil' stories of your life, I love your "Grrrrs"!

    I think that in another life, another town we would've been friends. I like to think so.:)
    Livvie was a "elegant witch" and I did her make-up but she refused to trick or treat, only wanted to go to the church carnival and up and down 1st St. to get candy from the shop-owners…Made it easy on me at least! 😉 The other babes were off having teen and tween fun with their friends.

    Try to get some rest , I can feel another sickness coming on for me. Uhoh. I hate feeling run-down and besides not being able to smell =TORTURE!

    Can I just say how much I am loving vtg. Emeraude honey! It is soo perfect. I have a bottle on it's way to me from evilbay as I type, I hope it's as lovely as the version Miss Kitty sent me-hers was the vtg. cologne spray which was rich and creamy, exquisite! I'm not looking forward to smelling wonky stuff but live and learn, here's to hoping it's great. And on that note , I hope your week is too!


    1. Hope your Halloween was nice, Tamara!

      Looks like I’ll be taking my boys trick-or-treating this evening. The CEO has classes until 6:15, so he’ll be too late getting home. Grrr… I’m starting to think that I won’t be able to do NaNoWriMo, I’m so far behind on family/home stuff.

      Vtg Emeraude is Da Bomb! I actually wound up deciding to wear it this week… It’s so plush and creamy. Your bottle will *probably* be fine; I notice that Orientals tend to survive the years more or less intact, probably because they’re so heavy on the basenotes. Hope it’s as good as what Miss Kitty sent you!

    1. Thanks, FO – well, I usually don’t mind making stuff. It satisfies some creative muscle that doesn’t get much use… but I was annoyed because I have SO MUCH STUFF TO DO BEFORE NANOWRIMO, and I didn’t get any of it done. Argh.

      But yes, they are darling, and seeing them in their costumes made up for a lot of the anxiety of Not Getting Things Done.

  2. How cute do they look in those costumes!

    I laughed at your Opium comment. Me, too. It turned me off orientals for years. Back in the day I worked with someone who wore it, and you could literally smell her all the way down the office hallway. I’ve got to give Mauboussin a try – it seems like something I’d like.

    1. Thanks, A! Taz looks slightly pouty in this pic – his normal modus operandi is hopping around, brandishing his sword and looking fierce (although it’s tougher to look fierce when you’re missing a couple of important teeth!).

      Mauboussin is really great: fruit compote-spicy-vanilla-woods. Cheap at the discounters’, too. But Opium? I will probably Hate It Unto Death.

  3. Ohhhh yes. The dreaded Opium, Cinnabar, Coco, Obsession. I’m with you. But I love Angel, Coco Mademoiselle, Mauboussin, and countless other orientals. Not sure what it is about those dreaded four scents, but they are awful to my nose.

    1. Yeah, Karin – the Four Scents of the Apocalypse. Urgh, hate all of those. For a long time I thought it was the tolu balsam, but then I tried Vamp a NY, and that has tolu – and I love Vamp… maybe it’s tolu+patchouli. Or PERU balsam. I dunno. But there is something in all four of those – not to mention Youth Dew and Tabu – that just killllllls me.

      Other orientals, though, I really like/love: Mauboussin, Emeraude, Hanae Mori, Chaos, Bal a Versailles, LM Minuit Enchantee, Shalimar Light, Natori… I don’t like Angel at all, but that’s for a different reason than the Apocalypse – I hate that big fat fougere in the middle of all that cough syrup-cotton candy stuff!

      Coco Mlle is awful on me, but lovely on my sister, on whom it is simply a nice woody floral. (How did she get so lucky?)

      1. How could I forget Youth Dew – ACK!!!!! Most awful. Tabu as well! I think it’s the sweet amber note in these that turns me off, but as you mention with tolu balsam, I could be wrong, too.

        Hey, if you want some Mauboussin, let me know. It’s actually in my swap pile…or I could decant some for you. 🙂 Just ordered their Histoire d’Eau unsniffed. Have you tried it? At $18 for the bottle, I figured, why not?

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