Scent Diary, Nov. 12-18, 2012

my perfume collection -?????? ????? Monday, Nov. 12 – Veterans’ Day. This holiday always makes me think of The CEO’s dad, Bill, who was in the hospital recovering from a heart attack on this date six or seven years ago. When a nurse asked him if he knew what day it was, he said “Armistice Day,” causing her to question his mental capacity. An older nurse happened to be walking by to hear him say it, and she had to explain to the younger one that Bill was right.

SOTD: Organza Indecence, nice spicy-woody-vanilla for this fall day.

Tuesday, Nov. 13 – The orphan calves, Jacob and Esau, are doing pretty well on sweet feed and the remaining grass in their enclosure. (No, they’re not twins. They just arrived at the same time and Taz named them.) SOTD: testing incensey stuff. It’s very not-me. Dinner was good, though: Chicken Saltimbocca with garlic spinach and cheese rolls.

Wednesday, Nov. 14 – A nicer day today. I’m getting very frustrated with the paint selections from Sherwin-Williams – I’ve tried three different colors on the walls now, and I hate two of them. “Bagel” looks like liquid foundation makeup; “Blonde” looks muddy. The other one, “Ivoire,” is too pale and yellowy. Nothing seems right. Guess I’ll go to Lowes and see if their selection is more amenable.

SOTD: Chanel 31 Rue Cambon, which to me is more of a floral amber than anything else, so pretty and smooth and elegant. Funny: I like this thing, I wear it, but when the decant’s gone I don’t think I’ll replace it.

Picked Bookworm up from school and took her to Roanoke to have her interview with a Yale alum. I think it went okay; she was pretty relaxed when she came out of the interview after about an hour. Not sure whether it will make a huge difference to her application or not. I think these interviews are simply designed to check whether the applicant a) has any genuine interest in the school, and b) is actually the person represented by his or her application, not a fraudster who’s managed to scrape A’s but doesn’t deserve them.

Thursday, Nov. 15 – Frost. 26F when I went to take the boys to school. Brrr. I opened up my L’Occitane shopping bag to get the candle out of it, and found a huge handful of scent strips. I put them on my desk and glanced through them, and now my entire bedroom smells like Coco Mademoiselle, that screechy-floral-over-clean-patchouli base, although there’s not a single sample of Coco Mlle in the bunch. Gah. An entire generation of people is going to think that “perfume” means that smell. Well, either that one or liquefied Froot Loops. It’s disheartening.

Went to Taz’s parent-teacher conference this afternoon. I usually like to go to at least the first one of the year, just to see how things are going in terms of behavior and socialization; grades have not been an issue, so far. His teachers tell me that he’s doing well academically and participates well in class discussions. The social studies teacher related a class incident for me that she thought was funny: the class was supposed to create their own countries and give them constitutions, and while the teacher was answering questions for a small group of students, another group, led by Taz, had already declared war on each other and was in the process of gathering allies. Yep.

SOTA: Eau d’Italie Sienne l’Hiver. I’m not usually a big fan of Duchaufour creations – and I really despised Paestum Rose – but this is nice. It might be the suggestion of the name, but Sienne l’Hiver really does smell cold, like fresh winter air. I like it. It’s not doing what I wanted, which would be to smell strange and engaging and magical in a “this can’t be perfume!” sort of way, but it’s really nice.

More paint samples: “Pony Tail” looks too much like adobe. “Antique,” which I like because it’s very neutral and makes me think of fancy hotel lobbies, is more like taupe than beige, and The CEO hates it. Grr.

Friday, Nov. 16 – Frost again. Looks like Indian summer is truly over. The boys and I got haircuts this morning, since school is out for parent-teacher conferences, and then The CEO went to get his cut. SOTD: Le Temps d’une Fete. Yet more paint samples: “Pekin” is a lovely creamy color, but it’s too bright. “Vanilla Brandy” might be the right one; it’s warmer than “Antique” but about the same intensity.

After dinner, we went to the playoff football game – we were playing our traditional Most Hated Rival Ever, and The CEO and Gaze wanted to see the game. I expected we would lose ugly, so I went to see the band. As it turned out, the band director was gone to a conference along with the middle school director who assists him with the marching band, so the band did not perform their show but instead played stands tunes, in warmups rather than uniform. (The warmups were new this year, matching jacket and pants in school colors, embroidered with school initials and insignia on one shoulder, and first name and section on the other shoulder. They look nice.) I kept missing important plays on the field because I was watching the band instead. With Mr. Butler gone, things were strange. Joseph was sick, so we only had three bass drums; the trumpets were too cold to dance to cadence; the saxophones were doing funky arm-waving dances (I suppose if your instrument is hanging from a neckstrap, you can manage that sort of thing). Katelyn, the front ensemble percussion section leader, was doing all kinds of crazy stuff with her cymbals. Some of the drumline guys were tapping on the aluminum bleachers instead of the sides of their drums.

SOTE: SSS Tabac Aurea.. In any case, our football team, which was 6 and 5 heading into this playoff game, put up a valiant defensive effort against the 10-0 undefeated rival, but fell short 17-14. It was close. I was amazed that we played this dominant team so well. I am, however, glad to see the close of marching season for Bookworm’s benefit. She’s pretty tired.

But: last game. Last chance to hear Seven Nation Army as directed by Bookworm (no, that’s not us in the YouTube video). Last chance to hear Jai-Ho as directed by PETBoy. Last chance to hear Hey Baby featuring those intrepid tubas Kalep and Dakota… sigh. It’s been a very good season.

Saturday, Nov. 17 – Still tired. Not as cold this morning, though. We did the usual house cleaning, and then The CEO and I took off in the afternoon for a matinee showing of “Skyfall” and dinner out. I let him chose my SOTD, from the following scents, all of which he’s mentioned liking in the past: Cuir de Lancome, TF Black Orchid Voile de Fleur, Amouage Memoir Woman, and Mary Greenwell Plum. (I knew better than to throw my Silences into the mix; he generally doesn’t like the green florals I love so much.) His definitive pick was Cuir de Lancome: “That one is so much better than all the other ones.” Huh. I mean, I think CdL is truly wonderful, but generally he’s a big white floral fan, so I was surprised. Huh.

(Thanks to Jarvis Chen for this image!)

Skyfall” is terrific, by the way. I was originally disconcerted by the idea of Daniel Craig as Bond, as Craig is so – well, blond. And short (-ish). And older. My concept of James Bond is based on the Ian Fleming books, which are really well-written, especially for escapist fiction. In the books, Bond is tall and dark, with blue eyes and a “rather cruel” mouth. He’s got absolutely no conscience when it comes to women, and they merely serve as a pleasant pastime, when they’re not a means to a career-related end. For someone who claims to live austerely, he’s certainly rather addicted to his pleasures (gambling, fast cars, women, alcohol, and adrenaline rushes), which distract him from his considerable inner turmoil relating not only to his career but to his personal history. This should be a cliché, but somehow in the books it manages not to be, largely because Bond’s philosophy seems to be something like, “The world sucks, and nobody gets out alive, so there isn’t any point lingering on the unpleasant parts. Enjoy what you can, live as much as possible, for tomorrow we die. Somebody’s got to do the dirty work – it might as well be me.” My old favorite Bond was always Sean Connery (though, to be honest, Pierce Brosnan was the one who looked most like my mental image of Bond) – but Craig’s my new favorite, because he picks up on the tension in Bond’s character and lets it leak out.

Also, Judi Dench as M is wonderful and always has been. Sigh.

Sunday, Nov. 18 – Slept badly last night; our neighbor is weaning calves again and they bawled ALL NIGHT. Grrrr. SOTD: Deneuve EdT, two spritzes of which lasted a good eight hours. Phenomenal longevity for an EdT on my skin, by the way – they sure don’t make ’em like they used to!

Bookworm finally got a day free of homework, so that she could hang out with PETBoy, for the first time outside of school/band activities in about a month. Taz and Gaze went outside to play a little basketball, and then Gaze went for a run. We cooked burgers on the grill and watched part of “Dumb and Dumber,” one of The CEO’s favorite guilty pleasures.


4 thoughts on “Scent Diary, Nov. 12-18, 2012”

  1. I want to go see Skyfall. My husband doesn’t really care for movies, and Bond is one of his least favorite genres, so I will probably have to wait until it’s on DVD.

    The first Bond I remember really being aware of was Pierce Brosnan… I have watched all the old Bond movies with my dad – my mom got him the complete collection on DVD a few years ago – and I actually really love the Roger Moore years. Yes, they’re campy now, but I love that about them. Just classics, IMO.

    I really LOVED Casino Royale and Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Bond, and was disappointed by Quantum of Solace… excited that Skyfall picks the momentum back up.

    1. Quantum of Solace was a huuuuge disappointment for me. Loved Casino Royale, except that it is SO violent. Skyfall is less so: more story, less blood-and-guts. Still plenty of bullets – and I loved that the Aston Martin with Gatling guns showed up (oops, minor detail reveal…)!

      I think my dad’s fave was Roger Moore. “Silliness, gadgets, and beautiful girls – what’s not to love?”

  2. So we watched Quantum of Solace in order to see Skyfall in the correct order, or anyway, that’s what the hub wanted. Couldn’t figure out what was going on nohow. Nope, still got no clue. Of all the Bonds, you’re right, only Sean Connery really seemed believable though not the JB book version. They should have used Christopher Lee back in the day.
    Also what up with men liking leather perfumes so much? Chypres…no, aldehydic florals…nice-ish, Orientals…what? White Florals…oh OK and leathers…Yes!

  3. I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I love your Scent Diary posts. I do.

    I’m jealous that your guy has _multiple_ perfumes that he likes. Himself likes essentially none. He will sometimes express approval of something with vanilla, but that doesn’t mean that he prefers it to no perfume, he just prefers it to any perfume without vanilla.

    OK, I need to see the new Bond. Sean Connery is my favorite Bond actor, but he always seemed too likable.

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