Scent Diary, May 21-27, 2012

Guerlain, by any other name...
Monday, May 21: Warm and humid today; The CEO was in the hayfield fluffing and baling, but it rained really hard for about fifteen minutes this afternoon, so that put an end to the baling. I wrote and did the grocery shopping. SOTD: La Prairie Life Threads Platinum, which is hideous for two hours and then something like the faded drydown of Deneuve. It’s nicer the longer you have it on, but I don’t know why you wouldn’t just hunt up some Miss Dior instead, even the current version.

Tuesday, May 22: Supposed to be raining this afternoon, but the morning is lovely. SOTD: Jour Ensoleille. The rain held off long enough for the guys to get most of the hay that was mowed on Friday baled, all except for maybe 10-15 bales. I took lunch over to The CEO, and while I was waiting for him to finish raking a windrow, I just looked over the field. The sun was hot on my head, and the hay smelled good, and I could hear insects and birdsong and diesel motors on the far side of the field. There were all kinds of birds around the field – crows, robins, two male bluebirds (and if there is anything at all more beautiful than that streak of electric blue through the air when they fly, I’d like to know what it is).

In the afternoon, I went to the Band Open House, to do paperwork and hear the “please volunteer with boosters” spiel and pay fees for Band Camp. PETBoy’s sister has decided to join the color guard this year (she plays alto sax, and got all the way through band camp last year before deciding that no, she didn’t really want to be spending that much time in her brother’s company), so that was exciting news. In not-so-exciting news, we discovered that they only make drum major gloves in S-M-L-XL sizes, and Bookworm needs an XS. She put on PETBoy’s size L gloves, and they literally flew off her hands on the downbeat. Funny. SOTE: Sweet Redemption. I didn’t want to skeer the other band parents by smelling like barnyard flowers.

Wednesday, May 23: Rain. SOTMorning: vintage Muse de Coty. This is one of the few vintage Cotys that hasn’t been worth smelling, which is extremely disappointing for me personally since I like the name so much. (Of course I would.) I will do a full review soon.

Hey, we have chipmunks living under the porch! Chipmunks are adorable.

Thursday, May 24: Another rainy/sunny day, highs in the low 80s. SOTMorning: nuthin’. SOTEvening: DSH La Fete Nouvelle, yummy stuff.

Friday, May 25: Hot. The CEO was in the hayfield again today. I mowed the grass. SOTD: DSH Chypre, gorgeous labdanum-y mossy stuff. I like to wear either Chypre or Arpege, or Crown Bouquet, when I’m mowing, and I’m not quite sure why, but now I associate those scents with cut grass.

When Taz got home from school, he immediately went outside with his shield he made from a cardboard box and some duct tape, and his old-curtain rod spear, and the old-curtain-rod-and-cardboard-covered-with-aluminum-foil axe he had for his Viking Halloween costume. He spent an hour and a half vanquishing invisible enemies, and then Gaze came out and shot him several times with his Nerf gun, so then we had Nerf wars.


Gaze is closest to the near sideline, wearing blue shorts and #80 (he’ll be 81 during the season). The Blue Team beat the White Team, 42 to 20. Guess we won’t be seeing all that much defense…

Saturday, May 26: Housecleaning. Beautiful and hot, in the low 90s. Gaze’s middle school football team had their spring scrimmage game for the parents today, so we sat in the hot sun and watched 32 middle-schoolers run around in jerseys for an hour and a half. No pads, no tackling. They wore flags instead. Gaze is not the shortest kid on the field, but he’s one of the shorter ones. (Funny how at that age, some of the boys have gotten their growth spurt and some haven’t, so that the sizes vary so widely.) We had sunscreen on, but Bookworm and I got some very mild burns anyway. Ate hamburgers and hot dogs at the post-game tailgate picnic. SOTM: L’eau de Chloe. Which was nice in the heat, but as it wore I became tired of that acerbic clean patchouli.

The CEO went back to the hayfield, and we headed on to our family get-together for fried chicken, salads, watermelon, and cake. Yum. And my first cousin’s little boys, six-year-old twins, entertained us all by running around with their plastic pirate swords. SOTAfternoon: Le Temps d’une Fete.

Sunday, May 27: Gorgeous day. Sang at church today; SOTD: Mary Greenwell Plum.

PETBoy came over after lunch, and he and Bookworm headed off for the first real date they’ve had since prom: visiting his mom’s grave, dinner out, and seeing “The Avengers” at the theater. (Bookworm said it was pretty good, though not her usual sort of movie. She also claimed I would not enjoy it, except for the sight of Thor’s biceps.) Before she left, though, I anointed her with the very-pretty Jo Malone Peony and Moss, from my sample. PETBoy approved. I took a nap.

The rest of us ate rib steaks for dinner and watched “The Return of the Jedi.” Delicious. SOTE: L’Arte di Gucci, just because I could.


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    1. I usually love reviewing those old Cotys, but this one is tough. I can’t get a mental handle on it, and I can’t even get any help from notes lists, because there aren’t any, because it was discontinued so long ago!

    1. Thanks very much. I started writing Scent Diary just for me, to keep track of things over time, but people seem to like reading them.

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