Scent Diary, May 14-20, 2012

think pink !

Monday, May 14: Rain. Rain, rain, buckets and buckets of rain. It let up at some point in the afternoon, but it’s extraordinarily wet outside. Gaze’s football practice was canceled today. SOTD: Amoureuse, yum. My peonies are getting battered by rain…

Did the grocery shopping, went to the band boosters meeting. I hear that the marching band show this coming year will be a pirate theme – and that Bookworm and PETBoy will have some sort of good-pirate-drum major/bad-pirate-drum major battle going on. I still haven’t figured out who’s the good one and who’s the bad one, but the band director is just dying to figure out some way to affix a plank to the big drum major podium so that Bad Drum Major can make Good Drum Major walk it (and land on a mat, I guess).

Oh. Bookworm just told me that the show will end with her “killing” PETBoy with a collapsing sword and directing the finale with one foot atop his “dead” body. So I suppose she’s Good Drum Major. Which makes sense because despite his sweet-to-the-bone personality, PETBoy is considerably bigger than Bookworm, and I hardly think it would play well to have a nearly-6′-tall “good drum major” stabbing the weensy 5′-tall “bad drum major” to end the show.

I. Cannot. WAIT. To see this show. CANNOT. WAIT.

Tuesday, May 15: It was supposed to rain again today, but didn’t. The sky feels heavy, somehow. It smells like black locust blossoms outside (honey-spiced lilies), so SOTD is Amoureuse again. Delicious.

Despite the heavy feeling in the atmosphere, it’s pretty loud at our place today: the neighbors’ goats are bawling, the other neighbor’s bull is bellowing back and forth across the road with ours, and somebody’s trimming low-hanging branches with an electric chainsaw. Also, there are small planes taking off from the nearby private airport (usually these are little personal two- or four-seater prop planes… but today a small passenger jet as well). And my pentatonic-scale-tuned windchimes were ringing as well. And birds. Male birds are fighting over territory and females and squawking and singing and flapping around: robins, mockingbirds, and I think I saw a starling or two. The goldfinches have passed through already, zipping through the air like they’re cutting scallops into it. The bluebirds, too, have checked out the bluebird houses, found them lacking, and moved on.

Wednesday, May 16: Beautiful day! Warm and sunny, temperatures in the low 80s F. The CEO and I went to get annuals to plant near the front walkway: blue salvia, red New Guinea impatiens, coral double impatiens, and orange marigolds. I also bought two heliotrope plants. I’m not crazy, to be honest, about the little purple blooms (yeah, yeah, so sue me, I don’t like purple), but they smell fabulous! Sweet and fruity and doughy… I know people call heliotrope “cherry pie,” but it’s almost yeasty to my nose, more like a jam doughnut. SOTD: Tom Ford Black Violet. Which I should just hate, but instead find sort of addictive.

Bookworm couldn’t get band into her jam-packed schedule this semester so she wasn’t playing, and she had her English Lit AP exam to study for, so we didn’t go to the high school’s spring band concert last night. It’s probably a good thing, because the concert band, the jazz band, and the percussion ensemble all played several pieces each, and it lasted nearly three hours. Here’s a nice snapshot of PETBoy playing a jazz band solo for you, though:

Thursday, May 17: Another beautiful day, a lot like yesterday. I planted the annuals in the front yard; The CEO planted two rows of corn and all the other vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers) in the garden. SOTD: Si Lolita. I still think it’s a little thin for an oriental floral, but I’m thinking it might have possibilities for summer. I like the pepper in it. Guess I’ll at least use up what’s left in my mini. My lawnmower has been repaired with a new tierod, so I was able to mow today as well.

We also got good news from the body shop: The CEO’s car has been repaired after its fender-bender. Cameron has a brand-new bumper, and he’s also had the dent in his trunk (CEO vs. Dumpster two years ago, guess who won) banged out and repainted, plus the doggy scratches on the door buffed out, so he looks like a whole new vehicle. Of course, this is all $1800 later… sigh.

And I went to the Governor’s School awards banquet with Bookworm while The CEO headed off to another School Board meeting. GS is almost over for the year – she only has one more exam left, and that’s tomorrow. Most kids are actually done with their classes there, but since she had her History AP exam on the day she was supposed to take her PreCalculus exam, she’s making it up Friday. I hope hope hope that it goes well, and she can actually get some SLEEP after GS finishes out the semester.

Oh, and it rained buckets this evening as we were coming home from the banquet! Thank goodness I had finished mowing.

Friday, May 18: Yet another gorgeous (but boring) day. SOTD: Le Labo Aldehyde 44, yum. Gathered up a bunch of stuff to take to Goodwill. CEO mulched the front walk flower bed, and I swept and mopped the floor.

Bookworm’s 4 x 800m relay team did not exactly cover itself with glory today at the District meet, and they will not qualify for Regionals. The CEO was checking out the Virginia MileStat website, which keeps track of high school running events, today, and found that they’ve already predicted seedings for the State meet. He was particularly struck by the fact that in the 800m, the 1600m, and the 3200m (all of Bookworm’s usual races), five of the top six are all from our district. And they’re not even the same runners in each race. I tell you, our district is totally killer for distance runners.

Saturday, May 19: Housecleaning. As usual. Gaze to football practice and Bookworm to Day 2 of the district meet. She’s probably not going to run today, unless the team needs her to run a leg of the 4 x 400m relay for the points. We have laundry hanging on the clothesline (yay, it’s finally warm and non-rainy enough to use it), and the SOTD is DSH La Fete Nouvelle, a lovely soft skin scent with almond and hay and clover notes as well as a creamy musk. I have a small roll-on, and I’m thinking I need to put it into a spray bottle – it’s beautiful but doesn’t radiate much. OTOH, it’s oil format instead of EdP so maybe spraying isn’t really an option. The Dudes of the House went to a minor league baseball game this afternoon.

Bookworm ran the 4 x 100m relay because everybody else was either injured or maxed out on events, and it wasn’t pretty (yeah, stick a distance runner in a sprint relay and see how great that is). More La Fete Nouvelle all day.

Sunday, May 20: Gorgeous weather!! Church, then Breakfast for Lunch: sausage, berries, French toast. SOTD: By Kilian Sweet Redemption, which I do love. My favorite orange blossom scent… and that’s saying something, in that before it came along I didn’t even like orange blossom in fragrance. (It often goes unpleasantly soapy on me.) The OB in Elie Saab Le Parfum is really nice, but it zips by so briefly. And then there’s that screechy heart-note patchouli in the drydown, so I don’t care much for the scent overall. And the OB in L’Artisan’s Seville a l’Aube, inspired by a real-life experience of Denyse Beaulieu’s, composed by Bertrand Duchaufour and described in The Perfume Lover, is quite lovely as well. There is enough Duchaufourade in the base to push the scent toward dank-and-musty on my skin, but the first couple of hours is all Virtual Orange Tree with Beeswax, and it’s gorgeous.

The neighbor’s goats got out into our yard, and we put them back. Watered the hanging baskets, did laundry. The CEO, Gaze, Bookworm and PETBoy went to another Salem Red Sox game this afternoon, and Taz stayed home with me. I worked on “Bright as Day,” and he shot his Nerf gun and watched part of “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King,” skipping all the mushy scenes.


9 thoughts on “Scent Diary, May 14-20, 2012”

  1. Wow, a 3-hour band concert is kind of overkill in my opinion (and this is coming from a former high school band nerd).

    I’m really interested in Aldehyde 44. Theoretically, I could try it, if we ever get up to Dallas…

    1. Yeeeaahh, it went kinda long. Jazz band played three pieces, percussion ensemble played four, the two really-great mallet players each played a solo, the full band played five… I suppose it was more like 2 hours 40 minutes, but they seem to always go long at the spring concert. Crazy.

      I like A44, and if it were priced reasonably I’d probably own a bottle. I don’t. I have a 5ml decant and it’s fun to wear, and it actually lasts a long time. But Le Labo ticks me off, so No Bottle.

  2. My son’s band concert was last Thursday night. Hubby was working, daughter didn’t want to go because of homework and it’s a good thing she didn’t. He had to be there at 6 so I just stayed. It started at 7 with jazz band (with a professional trumpet player guesting), and then percussion. Orchestra and concert band didn’t go on till after 8 (10 minute intermission!). We didn’t get home till 9:45 and he still had an extra credit chem experiment which was an ongoing 4 day thing to work on!

    Band’s theme this year will be a jungle one which I’m not too excited about. Yours sound much better, but they did a pirate theme in the past.

    The DSH sounds like something I would enjoy, but I’ve never tried any of her scents.

    1. Yeah, we took Gaze and Taz and their grandmother last year, and Taz finally conked out in his seat at about 9 pm, which is his usual bedtime. Arggh.

      A jungle show might be fun, you never know!

      I really like a number of DSH scents, but her website is SUCH a candy shop that it’s hard to know where to start. My favorites tend to be the florals because, well, I’m a floral gal: Oeillets Rouges is THE best carnation scent I’ve ever smelled in a nine-month period of sniffing every carnation-centric scent I could get my mitts on (though I admit the one bit of vtg Bellodgia I smelled must have gone off, and Malmaison came close). Rose Vert is gorgeous as well. A lot of chypre fans really loved Vert pout Madame and Pandora, and I think they’re spectacular though not really me.

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