Scent Diary: March 24-30, 2010

Quickie Scent Diary post today, but probably no other new posts until next Monday.  I wish all who celebrate it a joyous, meaningful Easter!

Wednesday, Mar. 24:  Benjamin the ailing calf did not make it.  We still don’t know why.

Chilly this morning, warmed up later.  Tested Panthere de Cartier from a swap.  Rather nice for some time, a complex tuberose concoction that reminds me a bit of Ysatis in the early stages, but eventually develops the dreaded tolu balsam.   Had to put on a bit of something really tuberose-y to kill the tolu (Beyond Love).

Thursday, Mar. 25:  Ever have one of those days where everything went right?  No fireworks or ticker-tape parades, but no snags, either major or minor?  I call that a Pretty Good Day, and I should appreciate them more.  SOTD: Crown Perfumery Crown Bouquet.  Which I bought unsniffed, and which I absolutely adore.

Friday, Mar. 26:  More green stuff today – tested Gucci Envy and CdG Series 1 Leaves: Lily.  I’m disappointed in both of them: cold, metallic florals with all the sensual allure of an embittered spinster librarian.  I think it’s too much of the wrong kind of muguet.  I love me some Diorissimo, but more and more I realize that Diorissimo is not your average lily of the valley scent. 

Saturday, Mar. 27:  I feel terrible – spring allergies, I guess.  It’s chilly out, but sunny, and The CEO hung a couple of loads of clothes out on the line.  Bookworm left the house at 7am for the first outdoor track meet of the season (indoor track finished up about three weeks ago), spent all day in the sun, ran one 800-meter race as part of a relay and one on her own.  Despite applying sunscreen at least twice, she came home sunburned at 6pm.  Sunshine is tough on strawberry blondes…

SOTD: tested a sample of AG Eau de Camille.  Very nice, but cologne-ish, which is just not my thing, so I don’t need any.  Went to bed early in Shalimar Light, for comfort.

Sunday, Mar. 28: My mother’s birthday.  I thought briefly of wearing No. 5 parfum in her honor, but wound up in a huuuuge hurry to leave the house with birthday cake and presents and cards – we were going straight to my parents’ from church, and realized just in time that the schedule of services would be different for both Palm Sunday and Easter so we’d have to leave an hour earlier than usual.  Eek.  So the SOTD was TFBO Voile de Fleur, which was easily grabbable and worked fine.  It’s the friendliest white floral I own. 

Monday, Mar. 29: My nephew’s birthday, which we celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese’s after Mom’s party yesterday.  I got to work this morning and realized I had no scent on (like the rest of the Western world, I hate Mondays and usually hit the snooze button at least once), so went digging around in my purse to see what samples were in there. 

I was slightly shocked to find that I have the following on hand: a 10ml decant of vtg Chamade pdt and a sample of vtg edt, my treasured 8ml decant of Apres l’Ondee, a sample of vtg Prince Matchabelli Wind Song, that frighteningly robust, glitter-nailed, Wonderbra-wearing sample of Bond #9 Broadway Nite, which I should get out of my good leather purse before it contaminates the interior for the next 60 years, and samples of Chant d’Aromes, Reverie au Jardin, Ferre by Gianfranco Ferre, AG Matin d’Orage, Il Profumo Gardenia Royal, Gres Folie Douce, JHaG Midnight Oud, Clarins Par Amour, and two tester-version samples from SSS: Bouquet Blanche and the new version of Encens Tranquille, which has been reworked and released (TODAY!) as Incense Pure.  (IP is really nice stuff, if not really my style – if you like incense + woods + labdanum, you should smell it.  Laurie sells samples at a very reasonable rate at the SSS website.)

Picked Par Amour, a nice quiet woody rose – a sort of budget version of Amouage Lyric – for no better reasons than it’s chilly today and I’m wearing my tomato-red sweater.  And my little bit o’ Parfum Sacre extrait from a split showed up today, after Par Amour wore off, so I had to put some of that on… Mmm.  Very, very lovely.  A bit more pepper and incense than the edp.  How good is it, though, when you put on a scent and say to yourself, “Boy, I just love this stuff!”?

Tuesday, Mar. 30: This has been a pleasant week in terms of wearing What I Like… It’s supposed to get up to 60 F today.  I’m skeptical, but the sun just peeked through the clouds so maybe it will happen after all.  SOTD: PdN Le Temps d’une Fete.  I love this smell, but the simpering name was a terrible idea, and all the de Nicolai big bottles look so dumb, I just want to go beg Patricia de Nicolai to let me work for her, just so I can work on her packaging and marketing.   Beg her, I tell you!  I do like the small, squarish 1-oz bottles – they feel satisfyingly heavy in the hand; they have slightly sloping tops so that they’re not entirely rectilinear.  But the big bottles: ugh.  Here’s a link to Dane’s review of LTdF at Pere de Pierre, so you can see the bottle, and read his take on one of my very, very favorite Happiness in a (really ugly) Bottle scents.

I’m currently working up a Fragrance Throwdown post on Le Temps vs. Chamade, so look for that one in the coming week.

The photo is of part of my collection.  From L to R, Parfums de Rosine Rose d’Ete, Guerlain Shalimar Light, Mariella Burani, Guerlain Terracotta Voile d’Ete, YSL Paris Pont des Amours, Balmain Jolie Madame edt, and Bath and Body Works Velvet Tuberose.


9 thoughts on “Scent Diary: March 24-30, 2010”

  1. I was happy to see your posting in my round-up this a.m.– Sorry to hear about Benjamin– my condolences.

    Always love your Throwdowns, so I look forward to that. Have a wonderful Easter celebration!

  2. Sorry to hear about poor Benjamin. It sounds like you all worked very hard to keep him going.

    I love lily of the valley, but not all are created equal. Some can get really cloying (i.e Caswell-Massey, Crabtree & Evelyn). I do think Diorissimo is great, and I only know the current formulation, not the original.

    I’ve heard that Kenzo’s original Parfum d’Ete was a LOV scent – have you tried that one, and is it?

    1. What a bummer about Ben… I did feel better to see Beth, one of the three we were bottle feeding last fall, grazing happily in the field today.

      The old Kenzo PdE is full of a very nice LotV – I own a bottle. It’s got enough other stuff in it that it doesn’t smell like laundry detergent, and you can still find it on ebay from time to time. (I like the new one, too, but for different reasons.) Here’s a link to the info at, which is helpful in distinguishing the two:

      Old version:

      New one:

  3. “…cold, metallic florals with all the sensual allure of an embittered spinster librarian.” Oh, man. Now I have to smell Gucci Envy. I would love to see an ad campaign that appeals to this demographic!

    1. It’s funny – if you’ve SEEN those ads, it appears as though Envy makes cute shirtless young guys into prey for hungry, grasping young women…

      But I thought of cleaning products. 🙂

      Too bad they don’t advertise to embittered spinsters – that would certainly be something.

  4. Aw.. I was pulling for poor Benjamin and am sorry to hear that he didn’t make it. Intellectually, I know that it’s part of farm life, but I would think that it would be very difficult to lose an animal that way and not even know why.

    You are really, really making me want to buy that Crown Bouquet unsniffed – even though I have plenty of pretty florals alreadly.

    I love some muguet scents – as long as the don’t turn funereal. I really have to track down some vintage Diorissimo, but my current favorite is DelRae’s Debut. I also like VC&A Muguet Blanc, but since I already had Debut, I haven’t jumped on that one.

    I just got some DK Gold – although I guess it’s a different kind of lily and not really LOTV, but I love it. It’s funny, I got it on eBay when the seller threw it free in with my Guerlain Meteorites – and I like it about a million times better than the Guerlain. Apparently, I don’t like violet since this is about the 10th one that I’ve tried and I haven’t liked any of them.

    1. C, it is hard to lose one, especially one we’ve named. We never name anything we’re not personally caring for (there’s just no way to name 240 cows and then a calf for each one, each YEAR). But yeah, once you’ve named an animal, you’re emotionally invested. This has been a rough year for cow and calf death, partly because of unusual cold and wet, and partly because of accidents (broken legs and lightning).

      I haven’t tried Debut. I like Amoureuse very much, but BdP was just awwwwful on me. Gold is really pretty, I think – an easygoing floral.

      And violet is difficult, I think – it tends to go either powdery, which I don’t like, or too sweet, which makes me feel about seven years old. The two I like: AG La Violette and Penhaligon’s Violetta. Haven’t tried SSS’ violets, or CBIHP’s either, though.

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