Scent Diary, Mar. 26- April 1, 2012

Monday, Mar. 26: This painting deal is just killing me – I keep going over the wall to make sure I didn’t miss any spots, and just when I think I’m done, I find another one… Grr. SOTD: Diorissimo. Beautiful.

Tuesday, Mar. 27: More painting. Finished the long wall, took all the tape down, put the outlet covers and light switch plates back, moved the furniture back. Still have to put up the pictures and the curtain rods and curtains… SOTD: Vanille Tonka, which is out of place in this lovely weather. (Except, if you love something can it really be out of place?)

Wednesday, Mar. 28: The painting is making my wrist ache terribly, so I’m going to take a break before starting that fourth wall. I mowed part of the yard, which took for eeeeevvveerrrrrrr because the grass was so thick and tall that it kept clogging up the lawnmower. Sigh. But the redbuds are absolutely beautiful, and it was fascinating to watch the bumblebees buzzing around the blooms as I mowed (very, very carefully) near the trees. SOTD: DSH Chypre, followed by Le Temps D’une Fete at bedtime.

Thursday, Mar. 29: Finally decanted some things I needed to have done on Monday, or even earlier. Sigh. Prepared for a trip to NoVa, to spend the night with my sister- and brother-in-law before the Virginia Geography Bee. My nephew Curiosity is competing, and he and Gaze are determined to beat each other. Finished mowing the grass, straightened up the living room somewhat (I still haven’t gotten the curtain rods back up, nor the framed pictures)… packed clothes. Pampered poor sick baby Taz a little. SOTD: Muse de Coty.

It was a relatively easy drive. I picked up my mother-in-law B at 3:10, we picked up Gaze at 3:20, we ate fast food for dinner at 6:30, we were walking in the front door at 8:32. Could have been much, much worse.

Friday, Mar. 30: Gaze and Curiosity headed off to their separate competition groups at 10:30, and parents and grandparents hung out in the food court or walked around Shenandoah University (formerly Shenandoah Conservatory of Music, where my own stricter-than-strict piano teacher, Mrs. Elma Swain, attended college). SOTD: Mary Greenwell Plum.

Both Gaze and Curiosity did well, but didn’t advance to the final round. (Details postedhere.)

Saturday, Mar. 31: Changed the décor on the hall table – put away the pink Depression glass and set out spring favorites like the real nest with the faux robin’s eggs in it (they’re wooden, I painted them myself) and the silk tulips and irises. Polished furniture and dusted, did normal Saturday cleaning. Worked on prom dress.

In the evening, The CEO and I went to a dinner at Virginia Tech honoring currently graduating students and past winners of “Man/Woman of the Year.” (He was MotY 1989.) Lovely food, interesting dinner conversation. I wore Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere. The lady sitting next to me, Woman of the Year 1975, directs a charitable foundation that grants money to educational programs. She was wearing just a dab of Angel, and she smelled lovely. (I swear, I must be the patchouli-magnifier of all time.) I mentioned it to her, and she said that she usually chooses one scent and wears it for several years before finding another one. She used to wear Diorissimo, but it doesn’t smell the same to her these days.

Bookworm returned from her track meet at 11 pm; her team had placed second in the meet. She had not run in the Distance Medley relay (one team member runs a 400m, one an 800m, one a 1200m, and the last a 1600m) because the 1600m girl had pulled a hamstring earlier in the meet, and the relay team had to scratch. That’s bad news for the team – Ella’s fast. I think the rest of Bookworm’s events went well, and she wasn’t complaining of her feet, so perhaps she’s close to a full recovery.

Sunday, Apr. 1: The CEO went off to the M/WotY brunch thingy today while I took the kids to church (in jeans and Ferre 20). Good service today, but not a palm in sight… I usually love our contemporary-style services, but on holidays I think I really miss the usual Protestant trappings of palm branches or potted Easter lilies or poinsettias.

My parents and The CEO’s mom came over for a birthday dinner honoring my mother in the evening. My brown-sugar pound cake languished in the pan too long (while I worked on the dress), and stuck to the pan very badly. We named the resulting crumbly mess the Rocky Gap cake. It looked awful but tasted fine, especially with peaches and ice cream, yum.

Watched the final episode of America’s Worst Cooks on Food Network… now what am I going to watch on Sunday nights?? SOTE: Chamade. Such a strange fragrance: from cold silvery green to warm floral-vanilla yellow, it travels quite a distance from top to bottom.




10 thoughts on “Scent Diary, Mar. 26- April 1, 2012”

  1. This is exactly how I feel now that Top Chef is over. My Wednesdays are so empty. Congrats to Gaze and Curiosity on making it so far!!!

    1. They did great!

      I’ve never watched Top Chef. I got annoyed with Chopped (WTH am I going to learn from watching chefs make stuff from bizarre ingredients? Who cooks like that?), and they’ve moved Good Eats around so I can’t find it, and I LOVE Iron Chef America (the Japanese one was absolutely hilarious) but couldn’t make any of that stuff in a bazillion years. Sigh.

  2. My first cake baking attempt in 20 years was similarly challenged in the texture department. It tasted lusciously lemony and deliciously caramelly though…have I done a good enough selling job? I repositioned it as a sort of novel citrus take on brownies – the art is all in the branding, I reckon.

    1. You know, I usually do well with pound cake. I did try a recipe new to me, which was probably a mistake – but I think the unforgiveable act was to not turn it out of the pan after about fifteen minutes.

      Your lemon-caramel cake sounds delicious, though.

  3. Man/Woman of the Year sounds like an impressive honor!

    I’m with you on the contemporary services – I’m currently not attending church at all, but the last place I attended regularly was very contemporary and I liked aspects of it, but I couldn’t really get with the lack of palm fronds and the like. I’m not a high church person by any means, but I do find comfort in those seasonal church traditions. Also, I just feel weird wearing jeans to church. Like my mom and grandmother are going to materialize from the ether and start scolding me.

    Chamade + brown sugar pound cake sounds like a wonderful combination. (not that I’ve actually tried Chamade, it just fits with what I know of the fragrance.)

    1. Yeah, CEO is all that and a bag o’chips. Fulbright Scholar, too.

      Most of the time I don’t miss the floral arrangements and the choir robes… but on Easter? Pleez can’t we have just a few lilies out? Sigh. We actually don’t have a church BUILDING yet – we usually meet at a local high school auditorium, or at a research center attached to the university and open to public gatherings (via rental).

      You must, you really must try Chamade. It is a classic, and not yet ruined.

    1. Dionne, Been there (fortunately without the vaulted ceilings). The secret I found is patience and pacing, to avoid tiredness and frustration. The hardest part for me was the bland antique white/cream we had to use because we were trying to sell the house. We’re still in the same house five years later now, and I’m trying to work up the energy to repaint rooms in colors I prefer, since it’s unlikely we’ll be moving anytime soon. Good luck to you!

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