Scent Diary, Mar. 19-25, 2012

Monday, March 19: Warm, today, in the upper 70sF! We had a thundershower in the morning (Hayley-dog crouched under the desk looking panicked), and then by afternoon it was warm and sunny and breezy. SOTD: Deneuve parfum. This stuff is gorgeous.

Tuesday, Mar. 20: SOTD: Penhaligon’s Violetta. More rain-followed-by-sunshine today. Worked on the practice prom dress – and I think I’m just about ready to start cutting out the real thing.

Wednesday, Mar. 21: Paint prep, which I hate. Grrrr. CEO helped me move the ridiculously heavy piano into the middle of the room with all the other furniture, and I taped off most of the room. SOTD: Amoureuse, which is so gorgeous. Went to Lowe’s and bought three gallons of paint as well as the usual accoutrements (rollers, more tape, etc.).

Posted that rant I was talking about in last week’s Scent Diary. Wow, a big ol’ fireball of comments… thanks, everybody, for commenting.

Went to pick up Gaze from track practice at the middle school, and just after he got into the car and I headed for the stop sign where we turn right onto the main road, my van died. Just – died. No warning, no nuthin, just ded enjun. After several minutes it started again, but that was scary. CEO thinks I have some bad gasoline in the fuel line or something.

Thursday, Mar. 22: Sunshine. PAINTPAINTPAINT. I’m working on the short wall with the arch in it as well as the short front wall with two windows, and I think it’s going to look really good. The deep green paint does set off the wide mouldings. SOTD: Silences.

Van died on me again on the way to get Gaze from practice; this time I didn’t even make it to the school! I just barely had time to get it over to the side of the road after it died going up the hill. B, my mother-in-law, came to get me, and by then Gaze had had time to walk the quarter-mile from the school down to where the van was stranded. The van started again right before she got there, so I asked her to follow me home. Had to take Bookworm’s Ranger to chorus practice in the evening. I do not think it is an issue of “bad gas” at this point.

Friday, Mar. 23: I took the boys to school while The CEO drove my van to the garage. Of course it died on him, sitting in the middle of the crossover of the four-lane, of course with no warning… but he got it to the shop a few minutes after I’d gotten there, and then the two of us headed off (in his car) to do a financial planning session with the guy who’s been administering some investments we have. It was an interesting meeting. SOTD:Mary Greenwell Plum.

On the way home, by the side of the interstate we saw a little brick building with the following signs plastered on its side: GUNRUNNERSUSA.COM         JESUS IS LORD        We Buy Guns.

I seen it with my own eyes. And Terry down at the auto shop fixed my van, so it was ready when we drove by on the way home. (Crankshaft and camshaft position sensor replacement parts, $89.45. Labor, $91.47. Safety, priceless.)

Saturday, Mar. 24: PAINTPAINTPAINT again, the long wall this time. The CEO took Bookworm to Wake Forest for a college tour, which apparently they both enjoyed. She tells me that Wake Forest is now on her shortlist – but honestly, they’re going to have to pony up some serious scholarship cashola to get her, particularly in comparison to UVa and William and Mary, two Virginia public universities with excellent reputations and much lower tuition rates. Not that I’m ruling out serious scholarship cashola for her: she is an excellent, well-rounded student, currently first of 347 in (unofficial) class ranking and wif mad skilz concerning standardized tests. Her PSAT combined scores were awe.some. (Do I brag much? I wouldn’t mention it at all to people in this area, because that really would be bragging. I figure you guys don’t even know her last name…)

No SOTD today. Too busy. I did get the wall painted, but it was so dark by the time it finished that I couldn’t go back over it and touch up the spots. And then we had a hailstorm, and there was a flurry of “Quick, get the cars in the shop!” and “Quick, sweep up the hail that came in when we opened the door to go out!” I cooked frozen pizzas for dinner and we watched The Blind Side. I should have ironed, but I was too tired.

Sunday, Mar. 25: Moar rane. It stayed so dark all day that again I couldn’t do any touchup work on the walls. SOTMorning: Violetta. In the afternoon, I went to get a roast out of the upright freezer in the laundry room and found its door not closed because the insulation strip had come loose… which meant huge buildup of frost inside and the items near the front thawed out. EEP. Minor disaster. However, I managed to clear enough space in the other freezer, the one we got stuck with inherited when my grandmother Nell moved out of her big farmhouse and into her townhouse several years ago, for most of the food. I did save all the tomatoes, corn and peaches that I had put up a couple of summers ago, and all of the steaks and roasts. A few bags went over to B’s freezer too, but we lost about 25 pounds of stuff – mostly soup bones and liver, things I don’t really cook much and push to the back of the freezer anyway, and some hamburger that had been at the front.

We had steak for dinner, of course. We need to work through some of this meat… SOTE: Le Temps d’une Fete. I needed something happy after the stress.


5 thoughts on “Scent Diary, Mar. 19-25, 2012”

  1. I read your comment, and thought of a crazy saying that goes around in these here parts: “Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition.” Wow, what a tough week you’ve had. Get that vehicle checked out, soonest. You have so many depending on you, and you cannot afford to be stranded.

    Tonight has been rough for me, as well. My computer is dead, blue screen of death error. My teammate at work tendered her two week notice, and my other teammate has been weepily upset for the past three weeks. Whew! I hadn’t put on a SOTE, but I need a comforting dose of the juice that keeps Mals going, so I’m putting on Mary Greenwell Plum. That will make something lovely in an otherwise really yucky day. (Is yucky a real word, or a childhood thought ? 🙂

    I’m still impressed by all you get done! From your thought provoking post here in your blog, to running your household and ranch, to starting a painting project, you attack it all with admirable verve. Go Mals! And go, Bookworm! I’m so glad to hear about her triumphs. Clearly, she works so hard; I wish you the best as you guide her steps. She will do well, wherever she goes. Remind her as she visits these schools, that she’s interviewing them, and trying to find the best place to learn and grow (that won’t beggar her family). May God give you wisdom.

    Okay. I babbled far too long. Thanks for the scent diary, and for inspiration. I’m off to find my Plum. Be well.

    1. It was certainly a WEEK, lemme tellya. But the van is fixed, and most of the food was saved, and the painting project is going well. Whew.

      Sounds like your week might be just as hectic… so sorry about your ‘puter – it’s frustrating to start from scratch. I hope the coworker situations will resolve themselves soon.

      And thanks for the reminder for Bookworm to hold herself as a valuable commodity. We’re fairly certain that she will get more out of a smaller school, and perhaps one that isn’t so focused on hard science and research as Virginia Tech, but we are extremely lucky that there are other very good schools in the state, and I’m sure we can find one that will suit her academic/social/personal needs as well as our college-investment account…

      Enjoy that Plum!

  2. We came very close to one another last week! I was in my hometown in NC from the 23-26. I grew up about 45 minutes from the western edge of Winston-Salem. I have a bunch of family that went to Wake and two of my closest friends also went there for college. Nice place, eh? I’ll offer some encouragement in that my friends both got huge scholarships there, so there’s definitely hope! (And we all come from a small rural high school, soooo…)

    1. Yay! I know Wake is a good school and a very attractive one, and they’re certainly on Bookworm’s shortlist, if the money works out right. We do have an “education investment” fund, which right now would carry one kid through four years minimum, but we have THREE kids… so we can’t blow it all on just one… Grr. (MAN. I mean, $22K+ per year? IN-state? And that’s cheap compared to some other places.) We’ll hope for scholarship. C’mon, chant it with me: scholarship scholarship scholarship.

      1. scholarship scholarship scholarship! Virginia is lucky to have so many outstanding state schools though. Here in Texas there are really not enough to go around (I work in higher ed). It’s a sorry state of affairs for young Texans. If I myself had it to all do over again, I think I would look a lot more closely at William & Mary… my best friend (who went to Wake for undergrad) went to grad school there and I was SO impressed with it on my visits to see her. I nixed applying to William & Mary right before senior year and I’m not sure why.

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