Scent Diary, Mar. 10-17, 2014

Early spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains. (This, technically, is North Carolina, but of course the mountain range stretches up through Virginia into West Virginia, like a long backbone.)
Early spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains. (This, technically, is North Carolina, but of course the mountain range stretches up through Virginia into West Virginia, like a long backbone.)

Monday, Mar. 10 – After a spate of nasty weather, outside has turned the corner for spring. Seems to have, anyway. Temperatures have been in the 50s and 60s since Saturday, and my spring bulbs have started to push up leaves.  SOTD: Guerlain Chamade, vintage EdT. The topnotes are a bit off on this one and the aldehydes are nailpolishy, but then they burn off to reveal galbanum and then jasmine-narcissus-rose, followed by that powdery mimosa and vanilla. I’ve always thought it a very romantic fragrance, in that it turns from crisp and green to flowers and then to that melting, creamy drydown, the epitome of gradual surrender.

SOTE: Ferre 20, which I bought in Rome four years ago, when we went to Malta and then spent a few days in the Eternal City before coming home. It was glorious. I still like this scent, though I don’t know that I would buy it now – I might rather save up for my very own bottle of Iris Poudre which I adore.  On the other hand, wearing it reminds me of the trip, which I enjoyed very much. This scent is in a similar vein to Iris Poudre, though it’s fruitier and perhaps muskier; it doesn’t have that fluffy benzoin thing I love so much in IP. I think the musk used is the one that has the blackberry overtones, as in L’Artisan Mure et Musc, because the fruitiness persists into the drydown.

We’ve had the current track coach staying with us until he finds an apartment in the area. Sirak (“Coach O”) has a long unpronounceable surname and parents who came to the US from Eritrea before he was born.  He was assistant until last fall, when the former head coach moved on to a job at a larger high school near his hometown. He served as co-head coach for cross-country, and then was not selected to coach indoor track, so he moved to NC for a different non-coaching job. I won’t go into it, but the indoor track season was Not A Success (!), and Sirek was invited back to coach outdoor track. He agreed, but since he didn’t have a car or a local apartment, he’s staying with us in the meantime. I really like him.

Tuesday, Feb. 11 – Another lovely day, temperatures in the 70s. Retesting Arquiste Flor Y Canto and Amouage Beloved Woman. Planning for some roses for the yard… sigh. I want some David Austin ones. Good Bible study this evening; I was almost late because I had to go pick up first Taz from chess club after school, and Gaze from track, where they had a “mini-meet,” an in-team competition for racing spots. He only ran the mile and was disappointed in his time, 5:50; in the fall he ran the FIRST mile of a cross-country meet (usually it’s approximately a 5K, approximately 3.1 miles) in 5:23.  But he placed behind the three guys he was expecting to follow, so he just needs to pick it up a little.

SOTE: Ferre 20 again, such a pretty soft thing.

Wednesday, Feb. 12 – Temperatures high in the 60s again today, but cloudy. Wearing Aspen for Women. Up close it’s actually sort of horrible, and I can tell it’s deteriorating badly, but the waft two inches above my wrist is still very nice, a fresh-breezy, piney woody floral. 

Testing Houbigant Oranger en Fleurs – on first sniff, it’s reminding me of something I wore when I was younger. Like, MUCH younger.  Don’t know what.

Thursday, Feb. 13 – SNOW this morning. No school. By 11:30 everything was completely clear, so I don’t know what the closing was for… anyway, we built a nice fire. SOTD: Caron Or et Noir. I was leery, because, you know, Caron.  Eep. On the other hand, I love Parfum Sacre, acknowledged to have been inspired by Or et Noir. The similarity between the two is only noticeable to me well into the drydown. The topnotes are rather… um. Shrieky? This is a horridly sour rose for the first ten minutes, and then it calms down, and by half an hour in, it’s wearable. Lovely incense/benzoin stuff.  I just don’t think I can handle the topnotes.

HEY I figured out what Oranger en Fleurs is reminding me of: Diane von Furstenberg Tatiana, the vintage parfum.  That’s spicier, less soft, more lily and less orange blossom, but similar. (Funny, a LOT of things seem to remind me of Tatiana – probably because it’s a reference “mixed white floral” scent for me personally, and that’s certainly a well-represented genre. But possibly also because while it might not have been wildly innovative, it certainly smelled lovely. I think it’s still in production but smells nothing like its original self.)

Friday, Feb. 14 – Bookworm came home! She’s been at an Ultimate Frisbee tournament on the Georgia coast this week, and some friends drove her here on their way to Washington, DC. I fed them dinner and hugged my girl a lot. So happy to see her.  SOTD: Parfums d’Empire Osmanthus Interdite. So pretty; apricotty osmanthus and lots of rose.

Saturday, Feb. 15 – Absolutely gorgeous weather today. GORGEOUS. Upper 60s, breezy.  SOTD:  The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter. The CEO and Bookworm went to the high school to help administer the Western Division MACC tournament today. Gaze is on the Social Studies team, the Western Division regular-season champs.  (Bookworm was captain of the Science team two years running. She misses it.) As it turned out, the Social Studies team did not win the tournament but will advance to the Super MACC tournament against the Eastern Division regular-season and tournament champions next weekend.

Afterwards, Grey – a friend of both Gaze’s and Bookworm’s from Cross-Country/Track/Band/MACC – came over and brought his AirSoft rifles. He and Gaze wore camo and went skulking around in the woods shooting at each other, and Bookworm observed, in bright orange tee-shirt. The CEO and Sirak went out on the farm and plotted out a possible cross-country course for the coming fall. Gaze and Grey went out and ran the thing. Their verdict was: tough course. Can’t do it if it rains, it’s way too muddy. Lots of steep uphills, and the downhills are more gentle, the way it’s laid out.  By their approximation, however, there are two other courses on their regular meet rotation that are more of a pain to run, so they approve.

SOTE: Cuir de Lancome.  Grey stayed for dinner and told terrible, really funny science jokes. He’ll be attending Virginia Tech in the fall, in their well-regarded College of Engineering, but would like to do Air Force ROTC as he’s particularly interested in military applications… he has yet to talk his parents into allowing that.  I myself would not worry overmuch about the safety of my child as an Air Force engineer, as those people rarely spend time at the front, even on deployment.  They are (and this is rather horrible to say, but it happens to be true) too valuable to be wasted there.  I would worry about a kid in the Marines, or even in the Army, far more than one in the AF.

Watched a rented copy of “The Great Gatsby.” Interesting film version… like everybody else my age, I studied the book in 11th grade English class, and although I absolutely despise every character in it (yes, even Nick), the writing is just so lovely. Certain phrasings stick in the mind forever.  “And so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” I’m not sure it’s true, but it is beautiful. And depressing. And I hate that I love the sound of that sentence.

Sunday, Feb. 16 – Church today; SOTD was Amouage Lyric Woman. I go through spells of craving Lyric – its sweet translucent rose, its vanilla- and benzoin-infused incense, its dry woods. There is that strange almost mango-y thing in the topnotes, but I like that part too.  Lyric always strikes me as being very meditative, quiet and calm without being too austere.

Bookworm has a friend who lives in her dorm at Yale who, although he lives in Wisconsin, has been visiting his sister at Virginia Tech this week. They’d planned to go hiking at The Cascades (a nice wooded hiking trail up a mountain to a waterfall/small lake), but the weather turned nasty again today with rain and sleet, so instead he came over and played Trivial Pursuit with us all afternoon and then had dinner.

So nice to hear Taz playing his trumpet this evening too. He’s really making progress.  SOTE: Cuir de Lancome.  Such pretty stuff.

And Monday is St. Patrick’s Day.  Let the green smells abound.


4 thoughts on “Scent Diary, Mar. 10-17, 2014”

  1. Love your scent diaries! Only a perfumista would wear a perfume that’s gone a bit off, and evaluate it from different distances, different times of its development an report back. I love that. I still love Chamade, though I wear modern extrait. I saw someone tell you on one of the blogs that Siovohle has a sale until 3/22 (no affiliation, promise!), and thought of you and Musette as I ordered my tiny bottle of Centennial. It will be mine 😉

    Glad to hear you and you family are well. Hope to hear more about your writing. I still want to know the rest of the story with the characters you shared so long ago! Be well.

    1. Chamade is wonderful! I have a tiny bit of the extrait and it is gorgeous… I don’t mind waiting out 10 iffy minutes. It’s such a morpher, though.

      Someone told me about that SOivohle sale! I bought another 11ml bottle of Centennial. So happy about that.

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