Scent Diary, June 6-12, 2011

Our road, June 2011

Monday, June 6: Took Bookworm to the Community College to do a placement test for the Governor’s School, then we bought groceries. SOTMorning: Annick Goutal Rose Splendide, which is really pretty but doesn’t last all that long, i.e., a standard floral Goutal.

SOTAfternoon: By Kilian Beyond Love. All tuberose, all the time. Yummy. Bookworm and I helped The CEO moved another bunch of cows from the Front Field into the Meadow Field, in preparation for moving them into the barn lot tomorrow. This bunch was less insane than the one the day before – or maybe moving them one field at a time, one day at a time, is easier.

The Gator ran out of gas on the way back home, and we had to push it off the gravel road and hoof it back home, maybe three quarters of a mile. Not awful, but the shoes I was wearing were not really up to the gravel; I think I felt every rock under my feet. SOTEvening, after a shower: Diptyque Do Son. I have tested this before; I didn’t like it. Maybe that will change today, although I’m not expecting anything.

Tuesday, June 7: Hotter than yesterday. Cleaned out the area under the master bathroom sink (holy cow, I have enough skincare products, sunscreen, haircare, and toothbrushes to stock a pharmacy). SOTMorning: Do Son again. Still not impressed.

Went to water the hanging baskets and discovered two just-hatched birds – squirmy, blind, dandelion-fuzzed – in one of them. I don’t know where the mama bird was; I hope she’s taking care of those two. I did have to either water the plant or let it die (and therefore deprive the baby birds of shelter), so I watered very very carefully, around the nest, but the nest still got a bit damp. I hope I didn’t do any permanent damage to the birdies. I had known there was a nest with eggs in that hanging basket, but since I never saw the mama bird flying in or out of the basket, I figured the eggs were sterile. Clearly they weren’t.

SOTAfternoon: Silences. Crisp and green and cool… and I’m actually starting to miss the boys, who have been at “Camp Nana” – my mother’s house – since Saturday evening. Mowed at least a third of the yard before it rained.

Wednesday, June 8: Hot again, in the low 90s. SOTD: Do Son yet again, while I write a review. I keep trying to like it, and it goes through phases of “nice,” but on the whole I think it’s a waste of my time. Finished mowing.

Thursday, June 9: (Gasp! It just occurred to me, I missed my nephew Curiosity’s birthday! Arrgh.) SOTD: testing vintage Guy Laroche Fidji, which starts out as an absolutely gorgeous sweet green floral with carnation. After a while it gets a bit soapy, and it very much has an old-fashioned feel about it, and not in a “retro-chic” sort of way. I sometimes don’t mind an old-fashioned fragrance, but the longer I have Fidji on, the more I think its day has passed – unlike older, no-longer-in-fashion fragrances that still somehow seem fresh (Apres l’Ondee comes to mind here).

My dad brought the boys back home today. I was starting to miss them, but I was definitely not missing the sibling arguments.

Hot and humid again today, in the low 90s. It poured this evening, just about the time that The CEO was walking into the house, having baled everything that had been mowed. (Yay! Perfect timing.)

Friday, June 10: I really should have done this before now, but I have been arranging the summer schedules. Gaze and Taz are going to a one-week summer camp for rising 5th, 6th, and 7th graders at the Governor’s School for Science and Technology in this area – the same magnet school where Bookworm will be taking science and math classes in the fall. They also need some intermediate swimming lessons. Then Bookworm has marching band responsibilities and cross-country practices off and on all summer, and in August she’s got to have behind-the-wheel driving instruction, and she’s trying to arrange a part-time internship with our congressman too. Aargh! SOTMorning: DSH Perfumes’ version of Norell. I’m not a big fan: it opens green and formidable and Proper Perfume-y, and then turns into a white floral, but there must be a ton of orange blossom in there, because from then on, it is SOAP SOAP SOAP. Bleargh. (Could also be a carnation note, too; sometimes carnation does that on me unless it’s the absolute. It’s hardly ever the absolute, too: carnation absolute is pricey. The cheapest I found any sample was $12 for a 2ml vial. Ouch.)

Baby robins in nest, from

The baby birds in the hanging basket, of which there are now four, appear to be thriving: they’re bigger, squirmier, livelier. We’ll be watching them. Also, I’ve now seen the mother bird flying into the basket, so she must be feeding them.  I think she’s a robin, but since she’s mostly a brownish-gray color it’s hard to tell for sure.

Went to my late grandmother’s house, to see my parents and pick up some things that Taz left at their house on Wednesday. Nell’s townhouse will be going on the market soon, so Mom and Dad and Aunt Becky and Uncle Mike, were there today putting away miscellaneous stuff and getting the house ready for viewing. SOTAfternoon, from a purse sample on the way: Guerlain Elixirs Charnels Floral Romantique. Smells nice. I do really like it, it’s a more skin-scent, creamy version of Idylle, not groundbreaking but (as I said) it simply smells nice. Too bad it’s so ridiculously expensive. Bookworm drove there and back. She’s getting better.

Saturday, June 11: Got up early, took Bookworm to a local park where the high school track teams were hosting a 5K run as a fundraiser. Cleaned house. For the SOTD, I broke out that bottle of Moschino Funny! that I bought at deep discount at the end of last summer, having drained three sample vials and realized that I kept thinking about the fragrance. It’s one of those things that works like cologne for me, and it’s terrific.

In the afternoon, Bookworm headed off to the lake with a group of band friends (the gathering hosted by Charlie’s parents), and The CEO wheedled my help with moving some hay bales from the field behind the Presbyterian church manse to the bale lot. So I got to drive the ancient Ford one-ton known as the Brown Truck. It’s in crappy shape, and probably older than I am (that is, it hit Antique Vehicle Status about 20 years ago), but it’s in better condition than the last farm truck I drove anywhere. That was the old green truck, and the first thing I said when I got into the thing was, “Honey? Honey, where are the floorboards?” Rusted out. Just prop your feet on the sides there, anywhere they’ll fit, he said. So the second thing I said was, “Well, where’s the seat?” He shrugged. It’s mostly gone. The frame’s there. And the third thing I wanted to know was, “How can I scoot the non-seat up closer so I can shift gears without sliding out of the non-seat and becoming horizontal in it?” (I am a shortish person with short legs.) You can’t scoot it, he said scornfully. It’s not made to move, it’s a bench seat. Aarrgh.

But it went well today, no troubles. Except that I didn’t return the truck to its usual parking space when we returned to the shop lot near the house: I, er… am reverse-directionally-challenged. That is, I will go to lengths to avoid having to back up into a narrowly-defined area. I never, ever, back into parking spaces, even if that means I have to wait longer to get out of a crowded lot. I ‘m always more comfortable backing from a narrow space into a wide one, particularly in a long vehicle like a farm truck, or my trusty Eddie Van.

SOTEvening: Parfumerie Generale Hyperessence Matale. Smells sort of like vegetation, sort of like cologne, and sort of like soap. It’s the Hyperessence of Meh, actually.

Sunday, June 12: Hot and muggy. SOTMorning: Hanae Mori Haute Couture, which I think of as a fizzy pink lemonade sort of fragrance, and the only jasmine-heavy scent I like. However, Bookworm scrunched up her nose and called it “sickly sweet” this morning, and Gaze said it “smelled like Nana’s house – you know, not bad, but not really a perfume.” Holy moly. They probably think I stink fully half the time they’re awake…

JHaG purse bullet pack, from

SOTAfternoon: Juliet Has a Gun Citizen Queen, in the oil formulation for the purse bullet. Dee of Beauty on the Outside was kind enough to send a purse bullet refill my way (thanks, Dee!), and wanted to know what I thought of it, given that I find the EdP pretty sexy. What can I say? It’s CQ, only with better staying power and a little more oomph. (No licentious remarks, please.) Oils typically have less sillage than alcohol preparations, but this one is wafty enough for me; I’m not a big-sillage fan. Yummy stuff, and I think the oil may be weighted toward the leather and musk, away from the aldehydes and violet of the EdP. It’s all good.


8 thoughts on “Scent Diary, June 6-12, 2011”

  1. Lovely honey. I always say it but yes I do so enjoy reading your scent-weeks.
    And DARN IT, I KNEW I was supposed to send you the CQ decant.
    I’m very sorry and will get that out to you asap.
    I’ve never tried the purse bullet kind but oils aren’t really muh thang.
    And you know sillage IS. 😉


    1. Thanks for saying so – my life often feels pretty dull to me…

      No rush on the CQ, babe. The oil is different; more of a snuggle thing, maybe. It lasted a long time – but you know I love me my aldehydes, and there isn’t much of that in the oil.

  2. I’ve been testing a lot of perfumes lately that seem like wastes of time to me. They’re basically fine but I just don’t love them. Which makes them such a chore to review.

    Have you tried Safari? It’s got Big 80s Sillage so I’m not sure it’s quite your thing, but it’s also got tons of galbanum and a drydown that reminds me of the sunny citrusy jasmine of Haute Couture. (It’s also a steal.)

    1. Yeah, I am running into a lot of “Fine but I don’t love it” fragrances. I think my tastes are actually narrowing, or maybe it’s that I’ve already encountered the quintessential whatever already… the things I’m testing are not all new, either.

      Safari is pretty neat – I bought a mini parfum a couple of summers ago, and liked it, but it got too sweet in the drydown for me. I wonder if the edp would be better? I thought it would be hard to find. Hmm.

  3. Well, Mals, if you ever tire of that FIdji, let me know! I know of a good and very loving home for it…;)

    It really bugs me in a big way when you keep trying to like something and it’s just not happening. LIke Elisa says – those are a chore to review!

    Always a treat to find another Silences acolyte! I couldn’t live without it!

    1. It’s a 1ml sample of Fidji… if you want it, you can have it! (I know how you feel – I keep trying to rescue all the vintage Emeraude I can find, especially the pdt.)

      Silences is amaaaaazing. It kept me cool all last summer, and I love it.

  4. I hate backing up too, especially my husband’s pick-up. Although HE was the one who hit someone while backing up last week. It was our next-door neighbor too. This makes the second neighbor we’ve has a fender-bender with. Fortunately we’re all still friends.

    1. Good thing you’re already on good terms with the neighbors!

      The funny thing is that although I managed to put dents in the rear bumpers of my 1995 Saturn and the 1997 Voyager van (well, okay, I blame preggo brain for the van dent – I just forgot what was parked behind me), I had NOTHING TO DO with the dents that currently decorate the back of Eddie Van and Cameron… The CEO was driving Eddie on vacation, and had not realized juuuust how long that van is, and backed it into a stone pillar. And everybody thinks *I* did it! And then The CEO had trouble with his Camry in a snowy parking lot, so there’s a dent in that back bumper too. I swear, I swear I didn’t do it.

      I know you don’t believe me. Nobody does. 🙂

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