Scent Diary, June 18-24, 2012

Boring week, probably not going to get the chance to even post this until much later next week… trip coming up. Also, this was a sketchy week since my mental processes were taken up with getting things done before we left.

Monday, June 18: Mowed the lawn this morning, and trimmed some low-hanging branches on one of the redbud trees. Grocery shopping with my boys. The CEO went and picked up our new gas grill at the Home Depot, but since it might rain today we’re going to skip setting it up on the deck right now. SOTD: Cartier Trezieme Heure, the 13th, “fantasy” hour. Which is strange and kind of fun, and if I were made of money I’d buy some.

Tuesday, June 19: Day was a blur. SOTD: Uhhhhh… Oh yes. L’Eau de Chloe. Planned the trip, did all the Mapquest directions. Stopped the paper and the mail, asked my mother-in-law to feed the pets.

Wednesday, June 20: SOTD: Parfums de Nicolai Kiss Me Tender. Running-around sort of day.

Thursday, June 21: Wrote some, did some straightening up and laundry. SOTD: Mona di Orio Jabu.

Friday, June 22: Cloudy, rain-showery. The CEO is worried about his hay. I won’t be able to hang out any laundry on the clothesline (no worries, my dryer works fine.) SOTD: Diptyque Eau Rose.

Saturday, June 23: Weather gorrrgeous. No SOTD – I got busy cleaning and ferrying Gaze to football practice and The CEO to various hayfields, and then helped the boys pack for a week at “Camp Nana.” Cooked steaks on the grill (yum). Packed for our trip, too. Did several loads of Bookworm’s laundry after she got back from Girls’ State.

Sunday, June 24: Lovely weather for a drive… We took off on The Big College Tour this morning, just The CEO, Bookworm and me. SOTD: Le Temps d’une Fete, which I love all to little teeny pieces. Needed it… there was unforeseen road work on I-81 in Pennsylvania, and travel was very slow up I-95 near New York City (the GPS we borrowed from my parents sent us that way, which we weren’t expecting since the Mapquest directions said to go a different way… $18.30 in tolls and 11 hours after we left home, we were only in Connecticut, so we bagged the plans to drive to Massachusetts and rearranged the tour schedule. We’ll be hitting Yale first, and then driving to MA to do Wellesley and Harvard on Tuesday.


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