Scent Diary, July 9-15, 2012

Monday, July 9: The CEO took off this morning on his trip around Virginia, checking in with his Ag Tech students that are doing internships for credit. He’ll be gone all week. Right after he left, having packed his things in the ancient green suitcase with failing zippers, his new suitcase arrived. (DANG the timing.) Along with the suitcase, the UPS guy delivered my copy of Alyssa Harad’s new book, Coming to my Senses: a Story of Perfume, Pleasure, and an Unlikely Bride. I spent the morning reading it. It’s lovely. I’ll review soon. I was moved to go put on a bit of my vintage Balmain Jolie Madame extrait – I actually have four tiny bottles of this stuff, and each bottle smells different. This particular one has lost some of its green notes and is very leathery. As time goes on, you pick up a nice white floral note along with the leather.

It’s a little cooler than yesterday. I wrote most of the afternoon, and then had a busy evening: took Gaze to football practice, went to the band boosters meeting, skipped out of that to go to the visitation service for my mother’s cousin Wylie who died last Friday, picked up Gaze, and grabbed pizzas on the way home. SOTE: Cuir de Lancome, on top of the dregs of Jolie Madame. Excellent.

Tuesday, July 10 – I woke to rain outside, and rejoiced. It had been about a week and a half since we’d had any, and the grass was beginning to be crunchy. After a few hours the rain turned into a mist, and I went to Wylie’s funeral in a gentle cloud of Deneuve.

We weeded the flower bed near the front walk, and the boys flew their foam airplanes and played in the rock pile, and we ate ham for dinner. Then they watched “Puss in Boots” and went off to bed. Things are boring and quiet here with two family members gone.

I was craving something dark and dangerous when I went to bed myself, so I dabbed on some SSS Tabac Aurea. Mmmmm.

Wednesday, July 11 – It’s cloudy out, and has rained/misted/ sprinkled/rained all day. We did laundry and weeded some more. SOTD: Tableau de Parfums Loretta, which I am finally getting a handle on. It’s weird, not exactly pretty, and sort of addictive.

Thursday, July 12 – Got up early and drove to Cullowhee, NC (about four and a half hours’ drive) to pick up Bookworm and PETBoy from drum major camp. I think she had a great time, but he didn’t enjoy the social aspects as much as she did. Oh well – they both seem to have learned a lot. It rained on me most of the way there, and most of the way home. SOTD: Le Temps d’une Fete. I also took a small vial of Carnal Flower with me so I could just sniff it in the van. Yum. Carnal Flower is, in a word, beautiful. You could throw a whole boatload of adjectives at CF, all of them appropriate, but I don’t think the aggregate of adjectives would convey as much as that single word, beautiful. Because it is.

The dog missed us. Even though she was only alone for about twelve hours, she was ecstatic when we got home.

Friday, July 13 – Rainy in the morning, tapering off around noon. SOTD: Isabey Gardenia, which I do not love. It’s orange-blossom-soapy, with an edge of cold cream, and while it is rather pretty, it seems flat and insipid. Perhaps especially so since I spent yesterday sniffing Carnal Flower, which is all cold and breathtaking green-and-white.

Saturday, July 14 – House-cleaning as usual. Rained in the morning, then cleared up, then rained again – hard – in the late afternoon. I ran errands: took the recycling to the town center, picked up some suit pants I had requested to be altered for The CEO and dropped off Bookworm’s dresses at the dry cleaners’, returned books to the library, chose a new cell phone for The CEO at the US Cellular store and had it activated, returned a grill cover to Home Depot and looked for a piece of plumbing pipe of a certain type, which they didn’t have, so I went on to Target and bought Drano, an inflating needle for sports balls, milk, page protectors, and a few other things, and THEN went by Lowe’s to get the plumbing pipe.

(You know your life is boring when you feel like you have to enumerate all your errands.)

SOTD: Neil Morris Parfum d’Ida. Nice, but mostly what I’m getting out of it is aldehydes and musk. Must retest. I think there’s supposed to be more to it. I’m fairly sure of it.

Nice garlic-herb chicken for dinner, as well as spaghetti and green beans. Yummy. PETBoy and Bookworm went to see a movie and have dinner, and then they played Keep-Away with her brothers until I became Meanie Mommy and sent everyone under the age of 17 to bed at 9:45 pm.

Sunday, July 15 – another hot-and-muggy day. Wore one of my sample sprays of By Kilian Rose Oud to church today, and it hung around for a long time into the afternoon. Gorgeous rose-woody-vanilla thing… it completely spoiled Tocade for me. There’s an ashy-smoky-raspy element to Tocade that has really begun to distress me.

Then the kids from Bright Futures Atlanta came by for their annual farm visit and hayride, and the three gallons of lemonade went too fast, so then I made a gallon of limeade, one of raspberry Crystal Light, and a two-quart pitcher of cherry-limeade Crystal Light, and even the mostly-full gallon pitcher of tea was drunk up as well.

But I think everybody had a good time. The neighbors’ goats were a big hit, and so was the enormous black snake we found crawling in the yard (we’ve lived here ten years and I’ve never seen one in the yard before). As always, the kids want to pet the cows. Most of the cows don’t like that; they’re herd animals and they will shy away from people, just on the off-chance that we might be predators.  The kids liked jumping on the big hay bales, too.



8 thoughts on “Scent Diary, July 9-15, 2012”

  1. I love Killian Rose Oud, although I opted for the Incense Oud in the travel when I decided to purchase one. I think I need to retry Carnal Flower. It was so expansive that I felt like it was wearing me, instead of the other way around, the first and only time I tried it. Maybe I need to spray it on a blotter and live with it like that for a while.
    I don’t think your life is boring. Raising a family as well as you do is never boring. I almost always try to get my DH to do the hardware, Home Depot errands though. I dislike it when he’s away on business and I end up needing to do those errands.

    1. Rose Oud is so pretty! (I didn’t like Incense Oud at all, though to be fair I often have trouble with certain kinds of incense.)

      I SWEAR I THINK WHITE FLORALS SINK IN ON ME. I don’t find Carnal Flower too big. A lot of people do.

  2. 103 here today – no perfume till bedtime when I stay in air-conditioning for the night.
    Love the picture of Bookworm – mainly because she doesn’t have short-shorts on! Took my 13 year old daughter to clarinet sectionals and she was the only girl not wearing shorts up to her butt. Took my 16 year old to flute sectionals (driver’s test next week – don’t know if I’m happy or terrified!). He is the only boy this year – surrounded by girls in short-shorts.

    1. Ugh, 103. I try to stay in the cool, but I know we haven’t had weather as hot here as it’s been elsewhere in the US.

      Bookworm does own shortER shorts than that pair, but they’re mostly the athletic type that she runs in. She’s modest. Even if I bought her short shorts, she’d look at them in disgust and shove them right back at me: “I’M NOT WEARING THOSE, MOM.”

      Good luck to your son with the driver’s test,and I’ll send up a little prayer for your nerves, too! (Want me to add a postscript about the girls in his flute section? 🙂 )

  3. My daughter is modest too. I’m kind of proud she’s an independent, not-easily swayed girl.
    My son has not even been on a date yet but he has said he would wait till he got his license. I know he has a crush on one of the girls in his section and she seems nice so we’ll see what happens!

    1. Oh, those band relationships… I kept telling Bookworm not to date a drummer (okay, I wasn’t *completely* serious, but my experience is that THOSE GUYS ARE CRAZY Y’ALL – I swear they’ve all got testosterone poisoning). I suggested she look a little harder at one particular fellow sax player/fellow track kid, but she insisted that he was too much like another annoying younger brother. And when the Pretty-Eyed Trumpet Boy showed up, well, I was happy. Couldn’t have hand-picked a nicer boy for her to date (not even Sax Runner boy, who is certainly nice enough).

  4. I love your scent diaries, and the window into your life. Not boring, crazy busy. Dunno how you keep all those people fed, clothed, at their various activities AND write, blog, sew, maintain your own identity!!! Go Mals!

    I love Carnal Flower, too. It is beautiful. Stunning. Huge. It amazes me that it can be so heady, and yet green and crystalline, but still very THICK. Amazing. I love the camphoraceous note up top, which must be a natural aspect of tuberose.

    It’s part of Loretta as well. I finally sprayed it on skin. It has more of that camphor that I love, than it did on paper. It still has a whole lotta grape-like smell, terribly sweet, atop murky green patchouli. It is an interesting fragrance. I see why you needed several wearings to review it. It’s different from anything I’ve smelled. It is massive. I’d put it up against Ubar and be curious which’d win the cage match. It does remind me of Dior’s Poison, but it is darker, and more complex (more noir, more goth?) than Poison ever conceived. It fascinated me for hours. It certainly wore me! I’m not sure how I feel about it. I don’t think it’s for me. . .but I’m not ready to hand over my decant just yet. Thanks for nudging me to try it 😀

    1. Carnal Flower is so wonderful!

      And yes, that camphor note is a naturally-occurring part of tuberose and also of patchouli… so I see why someone thought to put them together. Actually, I tried one of the Abdes el-Salaam ( scents that was a tuberose-patchouli (what was it? Night Blossom? Something like that, anyway), but mostly patch. Bleargh.

      Loretta is pretty huge. I bet it would kick Ubar’s butt… I just wouldn’t want to wear that throwdown. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed Ubar, largely because it reminds me of so many other things. Back to Loretta, though: it may be one of the most deliberately-weird things I’ve ever smelled. Not deliberately-weird-disgusting, but weird in a sort of modern art way. Strange, but it makes you think.

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