Scent Diary, July 21-27, 2014

Monday, July 21 – Beautiful cool weather today. The CEO left on his usual summer trip to visit the places of business where his students are interning and marching band pre-camp (for rookies and section leaders) started today, so Gaze is at the high school. It’s just me and Taz in the house. I’m writing; he’s goofing off (Taz in his natural state, actually). We turned off the AC a couple of days ago because the weather was so cool, and it’s stayed off. It gets warm in the evenings; the thermometer in our bedroom says 78F in the house and 72 outside, but that’s still below my “I’m dying, turn on the AC!” threshold.

summer wildflowers, from Wikimedia Commons
summer wildflowers, from Wikimedia Commons

SOTD: Tested Tom Ford Shanghai Lily and rather enjoyed it, except for about ten minutes when it was cuminy BO. It spent a lot of time smelling something like a lightweight DK Black Cashmere, though, so I forgive it. It’s not worth Private Blend prices, if you ask me, but then I’m notoriously cheap.

My MIL left on Saturday to go to a conference for Bible teachers; she goes every summer. She’s going to go visit her daughter E in Northern Virginia, spend the rest of the week with E and K and her other grandchildren, Curiosity and Primrose. While she’s gone, I’m doing the evening feedings for her cat, a sleekly self-centered (ooh, aren’t they ALL?) feline named Fidel Catstro. He’s largely white, but has some gray markings, including a mustache on his face.  SOTE: testing Lush The Smell of Weather Turning. Wow: freakfest. At least for the first hour, after which it becomes actually wearable and comfortingly soft. Lots of tonka, I think.

Tuesday, July 22 – The day started off cool again, and I decided not to hang laundry out. Popped it in the dryer instead. SOTM: Magnolia Grandiflora Michel. This does not smell like magnolia. It’s got the lemony blossom, it has the creaminess, but it is so soapy that I am not enjoying it. “Soapy” on my skin (it was much better on paper) usually indicates orange blossom. I had high hopes, but I suppose now I shall have to test the new Frederic Malle Eau de Magnolia.

SOTA: Jacomo Silences PdT, a cool breeze on a day that is becoming uncomfortably warm and humid. Took the boys to the fair since this was the day when from 2-3pm there was no admission fee, and unlimited-rides wristbands were $3 off. Poor Gaze, who pushed himself yesterday by attending marching band pre-camp from 8-5 and then went to cross-country practice (without food!) from 6-7:40, said he did not feel like riding rides, so Taz went by himself. Gaze had the afternoon off from band, because the brass sections worked yesterday and the woodwinds are practicing today. We took a turn through the livestock barns (I like goats), checked on the results of the photography contest, and went home to have ice cream.

The CEO’s color landscape took first in the adult division. His black-and-white Yosemite pic was second in B&W landscape, and his picture of elks fighting in Yellowstone was also second in Animals. Gaze’s B&W landscape did not place in the high school division, but his color landscape was first, and his picture of buffaloes fighting second in Animals. His photo of fireworks was also second in Special Effects. Taz only entered one picture, a photo of a small Canadian town beneath a towering mountain, but it won first in color landscape in the middle school division. I think everyone was pleased.

goatsAbout twenty minutes after we got home, we found our neighbor’s goats in our yard, nibbling grass. I don’t mind them eating the grass down (my lawnmower needs a new battery, actually) but I’m afraid they might wander down the road onto the highway and get run over, or get lost, so we put them back into their field. I repeat, goats are cute. SOTE: Leonard de Leonard. Don’t know why, but I was craving this green-floral-chypre. There’s marigold in it, I think, and I sometimes get the itch for that bitter, aromatic floral note.

Wednesday, July 23 – Humid, hot day today. Taz and I did laundry and went through the clothes in his dresser, discarding the ones that are too small. He’s grown recently. SOTD: Byredo Flowerhead. I’ve been working on a review. We put the goats back into their pasture.

Thursday, July 24 – Gaze has been at band pre-camp all week; he says his trombone section only has one rookie, who is doing very very well. There are only five members of the section anyway: Gaze and Jeremy are sophomores who have each marched one year. James and Lakin are freshmen, and Alex is an 8th grader, but James and Alex marched last year so Lakin’s the only rookie. SOTD: Flowerhead again.

We put the goats back into their pasture and blocked the gate at the bottom six inches with two boards. That’s where the young goats have been getting out; goats can squeeze through incredibly small spaces. The CEO got home this evening. SOTE: Shalimar Light. For some reason I was craving it.

Friday, July 25 – Went to meet the possible doggie adoptee this evening; drove 55 miles to meet her. I am unsure that this is The One. She is larger than we had expected, and her foster mom was unable to confirm that she is indeed housebroken, as she’s been living outside for the past 8 months. A nice dog, but we don’t think that she’s the right one for us. SOTD: Ferre 20. I like aldehydes.

Saturday, July 26 – The usual Saturday cleaning deal. Dull. Replaced my lawnmower battery, which is a totally tedious task that involves acid and electric battery chargers.  SOTD: various samples.

Drumline at band camp. Photo by Stacey Utt.
Drumline at band camp. Photo by Stacey Utt.

Sunday, July 27 – Church at the lake again. We got rained on. Er, poured on. SOTD: Penhaligon’s Amaranthine, yummy banana-ylang thing with cream. I know some people have trouble with the so-called animalic angle of “Amaranthigh” (which, inexplicably, has been discontinued!!), but it’s perfectly proper on me.

Band camp started this afternoon. More on that soon, as I’m quite sure you’re aware.


4 thoughts on “Scent Diary, July 21-27, 2014”

  1. Hi there,
    I’ve never tried Shalimar Light, how does it differ from the original?
    BTW I loved that FlowerHead is meant to evoke the bridal floral head dress of Indian brides. I adore that smell and always make try to my way to the flower wallahs and buy a small string when in India and stick my face in it for the next while, lost.
    Portia xx

    1. Hmm… Shalimar Light (and that’s what I call the Blue Juice, the 2nd/JPG version as opposed to the Straw-Colored Juice, the first version by Mathilde Laurent, and yes, I’ve tried both of them 🙂 ) is waaaaay discontinued, scarce as hens’ teeth, so really there’s no point my even bringing it up… but anyway, here’s a link to the review:

      And the short version: missing the tar-vanilla part of the base in Shalimar. Less sexual. Lighter weight. More comforting (to me, anyway).

      I have no experience with India or Indian brides, unfortunately, but those headdresses, they LOOK SO LUSH and colorful and joyous, like an explosion of happiness.

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