Scent Diary, July 2-8, 2012

Monday, July 2: HOT. Huge huge thunderstorm last night, all crashy-boomy-windy, and a bunch of people lost power due to it. Between the people that lost power after Friday’s windstorm and the ones that lost it after the thunderstorm last night, there are about 23,000 homes without electricity in our county alone – and there were twelve surrounding counties involved in the power outage! I cannot imagine why we still have power, when we usually lose it after every storm that causes tree limbs to fall… but we still have it. We were very glad to be able to find a place for my MIL’s refrigerated and frozen items, and to host her during the day so she could keep cool as well.

SOTD: Chanel No. 19 modern edt. I have just about used up this small 4ml sample bottle I bought on ebay. (It was labeled “vintage,” and the color in the photo made it look like the old yellowish green stuff; I was surprised when the bottle showed up and the juice was bright green.) Thank goodness I still have a decent supply of really-vintage, but I have to say that even the new is good.

Tuesday, July 3: HOT. I feel the need for scented chilling, even though we’ve got this nice A/C in the house: Jacomo Silences, parfum de toilette, awesome stuff. Cool as satin ribbons.

Wednesday, July 4: Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! SOTD: Juicy Couture parfum, pretty watermelon-and-white-floral scent. Had a nice buffet lunch with my extended family (and PETBoy), and then the kids watched Star Wars for the umpteenth time, and then I grilled some bone-in chicken breasts with a wood smoker box full of mesquite chips. They were delicious.

Lemme tell ya: I LOVE THAT GRILL. I cannot believe it took me this long to insist to The CEO that it was well past time to retire my grandfather’s ancient charcoal grill, rusting on the deck because The CEO didn’t have the patience or the time to nurse coals along for me. I cannot believe I didn’t know how wonderful a gas grill is…

SOTE: Cartier Le Treizieme Heure, nice smokehouse-vanilla thing. Should not be my sort of scent at all, but I dig it. Might need a weensy decant. We saw two sets of fireworks this evening, and practically had to pour Taz into bed because we got home so late.

Thursday, July 5: It kept threatening to rain, and then never did. I don’t know why. Wrote some. Did some laundry. Taught Gaze how to run the lawnmower and then went back behind him to catch the spots he missed. Forgot to wear perfume until bedtime. (I KNOW! Should I have my DNA tested to make sure the alien pod people haven’t replaced me?) The CEO’s GPS system arrived today, and I’m looking forward to introducing the boys to the joys of making the Garmin Lady say “Recalculating”…


This is not exactly the photo I saw on Yahoo, but it shows what I’m talking about.

Saw a current photo of Fiona Apple on Yahoo and was completely shocked at how drawn she looks. I know she’s struggled with anorexia/bulimia (I understand that this is a common problem for girls who are sexually assaulted around the age of puberty, which is terribly sad), but her face looks fifty when her actual age is 35.

SOBedtime: Mona di Orio Jabu. Second time I’ve worn it, and holy cow, it’s fairly… um… raunchy. Big, flowers-having-sex sort of thing. Funny enough, I like Bal a Versailles for also fitting that description, but this scent I find uncomfortable. (Why’d I wear it twice, then? I was just checking.)

Friday, July 6: Hot again. Hot hot hot. There are still thousands of people in our area who don’t have electricity. Usually we’re the ones who lose power. The CEO’s mom, who lives about 2 miles away, lost hers from last Friday until Monday night. And his uncle, who lives even closer, lost his power Sunday night and hasn’t gotten it back. Weird.

We did laundry. I did some errands. Bookworm started packing up her things for drum major camp. And I tried out the new GPS – and was disappointed to hear that the Garmin Lady no longer says “Recalculating.” (Our GPS is a newer model than the one my parents have.) She just gives you amended directions.

SOTD: PG Tonkamande. I like it.

Saturday, July 7: Weather muggy again. We cleaned the house, and then left late afternoon for a baseball game en famille + PETBoy. SOTD: Juicy Couture parfum, mostly because I couldn’t be bothered to get the bottle of Mary Greenwell Plum out in the timeframe I had post-shower and pre-departure. Baseball game was boring; we left in the 8th inning with the Salem Red Sox down 8-2 to the Frederick Keys (the Orioles farm team). Also, the promotion of the day was “Awful Night”: the giveaway for a “mini-mini bat” was for a toothpick, all the usual crowd games were rigged weird and nobody won anything, and the specialty grill item was a burger between two Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts. Awful. Really. I expect that’s at least one reason the Sox played so, um, awful tonight.

SOBedtime: PdN Vanille Tonka. I’m about to kill this decant – the first niche thing I ever bought – so I suppose I’d better get a small bottle this coming fall.

Sunday, July 8: I think it’s a little cooler today. Took Bookworm to the high school early, before church, so she could leave with PETBoy for camp. The band director will drive them to camp, and then I go fetch them on Thursday. I put on LeLong pour Femme, such a pretty satiny thing, and dispensed hugs.

Taz sat next to me at church (since he finished 5th grade, he’s too old for the children’s service) and drew a picture of a heavy tank. And then he hugged on me for a long time while we were singing. It was funny and sweet.

Cooked lemon-dill salmon on the grill, along with glazed pineapple and baked potatoes. (I partially cooked the potatoes in the microwave, then split them in half longways. I brushed them with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper before grilling them, and they turned out sort of like really big fries. Yum.) I LOVE THAT GRILL. Did I say that before? I’ll say it again.


10 thoughts on “Scent Diary, July 2-8, 2012”

  1. Mmmm, barbecue. I should really do it more often.

    As far as GPS’s go, my first encounter with one was driving into Montana with some friends for a quilting retreat, and after a while the woman’s voice started to get very annoying, and we’d get sassy with her when she’d give us wrong directions.

    That all changed when we discovered you could change the voice’s gender and accent. The Australian male sounded a lot like Hugh Jackman, and oooh, did that every make the drive more pleasant. He’d tell us to turn up ahead, and we’d coo, “You bet, baby. Whatever you say.”

    1. Hmm. I went through the whole menu and didn’t find an option for changing the voice settings… but then it’s not a very fancy GPS. We had a lot of fun picking on the GPS voice last week on the College Tour trip, using my parents’ GPS, so I was a bit disappointed to not hear “recalculating.”

      Now, if they’ve got a Scottish guy, that would be awesome.

  2. While I still think burgers especially taste better on a charcoal grill, give me a gas grill any day of the week! We had a charcoal grill for ages, but only bothered to use it when we had people over for cookouts. When cooking for just me and the husband, it’s just not worth the time, effort or $$ to start up charcoal for a few pieces of chicken or sausage. Now that we have the gas grill, we use it several times a week. It’s especially handy now that it’s hot. We don’t have AC, so using the oven is pretty much out of the question.

    Glad you didn’t lose power. Many of my friends back in the DMV lost power and were out for up to a week! In that kind of heat, I just can’t imagine.

    1. Oh, definitely things do taste better on the charcoal grill. BUT. That was the reason that The CEO kept protesting the purchase of a gas one. Would he set up charcoal in it while I did the rest of the meal? NOoooooooooo. He would not. And we did not get charcoal-grilled meat then, so I don’t miss it much now. I mean, if he is going to make me do alllll the tasks associated with grilling because he doesn’t like the act of grilling, he doesn’t get to choose what kind of grill we have.

      He did finally give in with good grace.

  3. Like Julie, I prefer the taste of food grilled with charcoal, but I do understand the appeal of the gas grill. My mom got a mini gas grill (sits on an outdoor table) last summer and LOVES it, they use it all the time. She also has a stovetop smoker which makes amazing ribs.

    I have 20 ml or so of Vanille Tonka in a 30 ml bottle. I like it but I hardly ever wear it, so if you ever want to swap it for something or just buy it off me, let me know!

    1. Yep. I admit that charcoal-grilled tastes better. But it’s such a huge pain in the BUTT, and it takes so much TIME, and it’s so messy to clean UP… gas is so much more convenient.

      I will remember your VT in the fall, and if you’ve still got it and are still not appreciating its delightful lime-carnation-Captain Morgan’s goodness then, I might want it!

  4. I too was shocked when I saw a video for Fiona Apple’s new CD. I just kept staring at her – sh used to be so pretty!

    Gas grills are easier – and supposedly less carcinogenic.

    1. She was really lovely. And she does have good bones and is still attractive, but in the sort of way that, say, Lauren Bacall is still a lovely woman. If Fiona were actually 45, we’d say she looks good. The cheekbones and the facial structure and the eyes are beautiful, but the face overall looks so much older than her actual age…

      The gas grill is so easy to use! And I love the little smoker box with wood chips!

  5. Glad that you are loving your new gas grill. I gave up on charcoal years ago. The DH asked for a gas grill one Father’s Day, but other than lighting it, he does not do any of the work involved. Let’s face it, it’s cooking and my DH does not cook. He even asks a million questions when reheating food in the microwave. It’s OK though, he has plenty of other talents. I guess I’m lucky, because he will graciously clean up the messy grates after I’m done cooking.
    Sorry you got a new bottle of No.19 when expecting the vintage. I’ve gotten a new that was listed as vintage and a watered down extrait. Sigh. I really want to stock up, but my batting average on ebay is not that great. I also got a bottle of Silences that was listed as the older PdT, but when it arrived it was the newer EdP in the newer packaging. Sigh. Guess I’d better learn to love the new stuff.
    Hope your hot weather abates somewhat and the rest of your summer is pleasantly warm.

    1. I love that all you have to do with the gas grill is light it and then clean it afterward. No filling it, poking it, nursing it.

      That little bottle of modern 19 was one of my first ebay purchases, about four years ago. And I had been letting it languish in favor of using the big truly-vintage bottle, but it was nice to take on our trip. My ebay track record is probably better than average; I usually find that buying stuff used from people who don’t sell a lot of vintage perfume is a good bet. USUALLY. This was one of the rare times it didn’t work out – and like I say, it still smells good and the price wasn’t that bad.

      I have only smelled Silences EdP once, and thought it was very nice, though not as mossy as the PdT.

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